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Journal nimblebrain's Journal: Got engaged!

On December 23rd, in an interesting twist, my girlfriend of three years proposed to me.

I said yes :)

She gave me, as an engagement gift, a watermelon tourmaline, which is a gemstone I have loved ever since I had the Golden Guide to Rocks & Minerals as a child. Not only because it's pretty, but because of the wonderfully nerdy properties of pyroelectricity (develops a charge in response to heating) and piezoelectricity (develops a charge in response to pressure/rubbing).

No date set yet; we're going to sort out living arrangements and then see how poor we are, but we're looking at venues that mean something to the both of us. Top contenders are the Calgary Zoo (the conservatory is beautiful, and we've been taking our Master Gardener course there) and the Calgary Science Center (my sweetie is a science teacher, which makes that also appropriate).

Speaking of living arrangements, if anyone has any advice on what hardware (short of another computer) can be set up to let two computers run through a cable broadband connection (yes, we're allowed to do that :), it would be much appreciated!

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Got engaged!

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