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Journal nimblebrain's Journal: Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation 1

I've seen a few journal entries around that echo the strange problem that, for some people, has been plaguing the moderation point allocation system. I, too, was one of those who meta-moderated like crazy, and got moderation points like barf from a baby :)

It has been weeks, weeks since I've had any moderation points at all. It was no particular change in behavior on my part. One always wonders what one has done to offend the algorithmic gods - did I make a counter wrap around? If I had only been a better person, would the electronic dice roll favorably for me and my kin? When I left mod points unused, did the Motherboard Witch of the North Bridge think me ungrateful?

Of course, it's unlikely to be stochastic - as a software developer, I often encounter the Ghosts of Malformed Instructions myself, but everything ends up having a reason. I should have managed to slap my forehead completely flat with the flat-palm-against-cranium gesture that accompanies the fruits of such expeditions of exploration.

So what happened, I wonder, to deny some of us the Treasures of Mod Point?


UPDATE: Looks like it's been fixed - yay! I didn't catch a mention of what managed to fix it.

P.S. Yes, Reciprocity, 4 is quite rude. 132 makes an even bolder statement ;)

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Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation

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