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Journal nimblebrain's Journal: Kontinuing to Kompile

Well, I'm back at it again. The "internal floating point error" trying to compile khtml looks like just a bug in that version of g++. After upgrading (well, after forcibly installing... so many programs depended on the earlier stdlib stuff... even after resolving all the other RPM dependencies. I guess I'll find out whether that choice comes back to bite me) to a relatively new gcc, that module compiled just fine.

It couldn't find things to link to in pretty short order, though. I found a thread on that topic pretty fast (trying to do a ./configure complained about Qt >= 3.2 cannot find library qt-mt... or some such similar - adding the usual --with-qt-dir and even adding the --with-qt-includes, etc. did not help). Well, what was the problem?

Ah, symlink information changed between gcc-2 and gcc-3. So, I need to recompile all dependent libraries (or downgrade to a gcc-2, which I'm not willing to do at this point as I want to avoid yon floating point error and the other extern error). Well, I guess we'll find out any latent bugs in more recent gcc, now, will we not... *sigh*

It was a little awkward to figure out how to get Konstruct to rebuild from scratch, but I figure a make clean in the kde/ and libs/ directory should do it. It's re-getting (doh!) and recompiling things merrily in the background as I write this using w3m, the amazing text browser (can't quite imagine doing this on the command line if Windows screwed up :).

I will tell of my further adventures later :)

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Kontinuing to Kompile

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