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Comment Re:Heads-up Texas Holdem (Score 1) 156

You have never done any game development, it's obvious.

The step from single-player game to multiplayer game is not a simple upgrade, it's a complete shift in everything. It requires a completely different approach, not a refined version of the same approach.

In any non-trivial multiplayer game, the interactions between all the players matter, and the complexity of those is subject to combinatorial explosion. Poker being a relatively low-interaction game will not make this as bad as some others, but beating one person and beating a table of people is not the same system with a little more cycles, it quite possibly requires a different approach altogether.

It will be interesting to see the jump happen, but it is a jump, not a step.

AI beating humans at a game is merely a beta test. The real application will feed unending greed, which will never die.

Greed is a game.

Comment Re:I was in the room for the first surgery with R2 (Score 1) 51

Fine and good. Now, let's look at outcomes before we get all wound up about it. The DaVinci experience should lead one to perhaps hit the pause button. Hundreds of these nice, expensive machines were sold. At least in the US, Medicare allows an additional payment for robotic surgery (wonder why?). Yes, DaVinci is supposed to be tracking outcomes and costs but it has been very, very slow at publishing them. The earlier studies didn't show much of an improvement.

There are lots of shiny new tech inventions in medicine that seem cool, ground breaking even and turn out to be not terribly useful.

It may well turn out for the better, but it is anything but clear that this is the case. And you wonder why medical costs are what they are.

Comment Re:Unutterable bollocks (Score 1) 51

Thank you. This points out the problem with PR releases (and Slashdot 'editors' and the entire 'journalism' echo chamber. TFA will get picked up by Reuters, Google, Yahoo (well, that was last year) and Bingo. It will filter to thousands of blog sites, get picked up by the search engines again and echo back and forth. Pretty soon somebody is going to actually believe it.

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