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Comment Re:Sounds like they already answered this (Score 1) 355

Given the fact that society has not changed one bit regardless of the increasing risk, I'd say it's more a problem of you not understanding human behavior.

I'm not talking about society, I'm talking about the people your company is hiring to write the supposedly secure software that your company presumably sells. The way I see it, if you can't trust your developers to keep their lap tops encrypted (after telling them they are required to do so), to not lose their lap tops, to not pirate software, and to back up their work regularly on the network SCM server, you shouldn't be trusting them do any work for you at all. To put it bluntly, your company seems to be hiring incompetent and irresponsible children. Frankly, if I knew where you worked, I would avoid having anything to do with any software that comes from your company because your employees appear to be fundamentally incompetent at their jobs.

I expect more from the people who work for me, and I get that from them because I expect them to act like adults and I can and do fire people who can't meet minimum standards.

Comment Information wants to be free (Score 5, Insightful) 55

Well, your information, not ours.

FTFA (and a major WTF)

All of the documents would have been uploaded by their owners, but they may not have realized that each document could be made public, which is's default uploading setting, compared to files created or edited with Word and Excel Online, which are private until set otherwise.

Comment Re:Underwhelming announcemnt (Score 1) 149

Grrr. Edit less Slashdot...

Which isn't such a bad idea. Lots of T-38's still flying. New engines, new airframe and avionics and perhaps that plane could be have a viable market in and of itself.

If nothing else, it'll be fun to fly.

But the company really needs to get rid of the Microsoft level marketing... Boom? As in 'earth shattering ka-boom'? I think not.

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