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Comment Re: why slashdot silent trump massacre constituti (Score 1, Offtopic) 171

You're making my point. Since you (and hopefully others) would suffer emotionally should you kill me, then the conditions are not met.

Mine is a relativist philosophy of the value of life. The value only obtains in relationship to others. Absent any such relationship(s) the timing of the end of that life is of no consequence.

Consequently, I recommend that you move out of your mom's basement and make some friends.

Comment Re: why slashdot silent trump massacre constitutio (Score 0, Offtopic) 171

That is nonsense. No person has any value other than through its relationships with others. A fetus unwanted that will not be missed has no value.

The only damage done by anyone's death is measured by the loss of those left behind. The dead person has no regrets, and suffers no loss by his death.

And do not raise the specter of the pain of dying, for that only argues in favor of an improved process.

Example: A solitary person living in the wilderness struck from behind by a space rock that obliterates his head in an instant, suffers no pain, no regret, and leaves neither behind for anyone else. There is no loss to anyone.

Argue if you must that the mother must suffer from the decision, but that only means that the mother is the only one that should decide.

Comment Re:Not a chance in hell (Score 1) 381

That is just stupid. It is a lot like saying everyone who has ever picked up a soda can and turned it in for a nickle qualifies as having a job. A 'job' in any rational economic sense is a work for pay opportunity that is open ended in duration. A single plant construction is an event, and represents temporary work.

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