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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 468

What is relevant is the total production/supply of goods and services divided by the total population.

As production goes up faster than population growth, then the average standard of living goes up, regardless of who or what is generating the production.

Equitable distribution is the challenge, not imagining how to accelerate productivity - that is taking care of itself.

Comment Re:Too much to express here, but (Score 1) 468

You are absolutely correct. As one trained in economics, business, and sociology (and math and physics) the shape of the future society will be in a response to a post-scarcity world. It is up to all of us to shed the puritanical viewpoint of 'productivity = self worth' and embrace the future.

Will it resemble socialism? Absolutely. Is that bad? Only if it is perverted to serve the cause of dictators .

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 917

First off, the resources on earth that have been utilized are trivial. Second, most non energy resources are recyclable. Third, energy resources in the not distant future will dwarf what we can utilize. Fourth, the Universe is unimaginably large and full of stuff - same is operationally true if you just limit yourself to this solar system.

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