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Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 1) 252

I don't know about OpenELEC's setup, but...

Your first two points are erroneous.
You can have a readonly filesystem and still store user/pwd and congfigs.
Since we're talking about embedded devices here, the flashrom with the OS is readonly (you can simply tie the WE# pin to Vcc and that flash is not writable *ever*. Config and other variable data can be stored in serial eeprom memory. Now obviously this gets into very constrained options. Assuming a 2048byte eeprom you have very little to work with, but it does allow the filesystem to be RO while allowing updateable configs.


Comment Re:lower infosec budgets will INCREASE hacking dam (Score 1) 183

you're kidding, right?
$200K is a drop in the bucket of possible spend on security.

Stateful firewalls can cost more than that if you need to support a decent number of users at wire rate.
Add mail filters and the need for beefier servers to handle the crypto overhead compared to what you could have used without crypto...

My previous employer spent *at least* $200k/mo on security in IT.
Of course they were protecting IP that led to $34Bn profit on $55Bn gross...


Comment Re:My proposed '$12/year photo storage plan': (Score 1) 49

Or you don't subscribe to anything that fails the "too good to be true" test...

Seriously, I use cloud storage for what I want high availability for. I pay $2/mo to google and I get 100 gigs. That's a good deal for me, and a money making (even if only barely) price for them.

Sure I have TB of storage and such at home, but I make off-line backups and store them in a deposit box at my bank. I don't presume that TB of on-line space with good fault tolerance will be accessible to me for multiple reasons, one of which is cost.

As to the Amazon offering: I wonder how many people used TIF files of simple pictures and loaded data into the file?
or the ZIP/JPG trick?


Comment Re:maaaan (Score 1) 382

    Classified or not doesn't matter. The legal requirement is that all State business be handled on government owned infrastructure.

So, by that measure, even if the server in question was entirely non-sensitive information (note that this is different than unclassified, which can still be sensitive and just hasn't yet been subjected to the classification process), it *still* was a violation of the law.

Comment Re:sue first (Score 5, Interesting) 209

The agreement in question was that I agreed to binding arbitration; the moment they said sue they lost that.

As to the rest of the story, since people asked...

I had a *sizable* life of loan deal with them at 2.99%. (about $30K, rolled a car loan, student loan, etc. into it).
When the banking crisis hit no one wanted to carry these low interest loans with long payoffs, and no one would buy them from the lenders either. Since the agreement was for "Life of loan" they were stuck on the interest rate, but the loophole they found was that the minimum payment was not locked in.
They jacked the minimum payment with only 15 days notice by 250%. Naturally I (and many others) was unable to pay so the account went delinquent. Now that the account was past due they could jack the interest to 29.99% APR. That is $750/mo in interest up from $75/month. I should mention that the day I received the increase notice I tried calling and saying to close my account and that I did not agree to the new terms, I was informed that option was not being made available in this case.

As the account slipped further and further behind I tried an idea based on the common practice of companies like this sending out a check "cash this to enroll in our credit monitoring service" or whatnot.

I drafted a repayment agreement at 0.000% (I did borrow the money, I should pay it back, but by their actions I decided they forfeit being able to earn any money from me) and wrote a check for the first payment.

I looked up their business office (*not* payment office) and mailed the letter and check (both referencing the other and acceptance of terms by cashing check) attention: Account Manager.

They cashed the check, so when I got my next bill showing the payment was made, but the terms not modified I called to inform them of the billing error. Hilarity ensued.

It took nearly a week of back and forth, but finally they threatened to sue me and I replied with my dare.

A brief silence was followed with "please hold on a moment" and a very unhappy but authoritative sounding person basically accepting my offer (they countered that they wanted the balance paid in 5 years, I was offering 6... since they agreed to the 0% interest I agreed to the 12 month acceleration).


Comment Re:sue first (Score 4, Informative) 209

That's how I resolved my dispute with Chase bank when they did some seriously underhanded sh!t.
I told them that they were trying to get blood from a turnip as I would rather burn my money and go insolvent.
They threatened to sue me, and I replied with: "Please do, I dare you to find a jury that will take your side on this".

After that my interest rate was 0.00000% till my balance was paid.

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