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Comment samsung vs. apple (Score 1) 142

Is only like under 10 percent of the market. for messaging app standpoint, those phones DO NOT MATTER AT ALL.

what matters is that majority of the people are buying non-iphones and using messaging apps available on android - this _forces_ iphone users to use another messaging platform as there really isn't a choice. if they don't want their messaging platform to die next year they have to port it over to android. there is no question about it. it's that they either port it over or users will gradually move to something else. it might already be too late for them - in asia it certainly is already a lost game for apple, since everyone, including _all_ apple users, are already tied to some other messaging platforms that _are_ multi platform. ..oh and a far majority if iphones sold is also previous generation iphones. something that western living people seem to totally forget or be unaware of, which makes apples sw cycles even more ridiculously short. I mean, you could buy brand new iphone5s just a few months ago. not refurbished, but brand new. that was the highest selling iphone model at the time, simply due to it's cost(about 240 bucks). it will be obsoleted in os updates maybe later the same fucking year they were still churning them out. that's ridiculous.

Comment Re:Something seems rotten here (Score 1) 23

for old timers they would need to be rich old timers because..

well. "for nothing more than the cost of film and developing" was quite significant.

basically what they did was rip screeners and put them on their google docs. probably a few of those ended up getting copied to wider net.

why warner would care is that those screeners were never meant to be opened by or even watched by anyone else than the recipient personally.

Comment in asia nobody uses iMessaging. (Score 1) 142

they all use whatsapp, facebook messenger, line, snapchat or something else.

what would Apple get out of it? well for one, it would make imessaging a relevant messaging platform.

you see, if Apple users cannot message with non Apple users then the Apple users will also use line, whatsapp, fb messenger or whatever else - and if you're an apple user in a market where most users cannot afford apple products then you either message with nobody or you adapt and use some other app(it's really of no bother to them anyways to use some other app).

basically, if they don't port it over it will become irrelevant even to apple users - or rather it is already an irrelevant piece of software. nobody cares about it, globally.

you cannot vendor lock in with a messaging app at this day and age. it's more like a vendor LOCK OUT.

if you fell for that explanation to buy an iphone for your kid then you got bamboooozled by your kid, sorry. you just wasted approximately 400 bucks, depending on which model you bought. the kid would have been just fine to message with his friends on any other smartphone platform.

like, seriously, you think this is 2001 and you were shopping a blackberry? come on.

Comment To protect yourself (Score 1) 158

You must *assume* carriers aren't honest. You don't know everyone who has access to the data that profiles you. You don't know their intentions, their contacts, their back-room deals. Do you really *want* to know? Do you think it would make a bit of difference?

Use strong encryption wherever you can. Encrypt your phone storage. Use anonymous VPNs and Tor. Be vigilant. Do whatever defensive measures you can do to protect yourself and the privacy of you and those you care about. Laws are meant to be broken. They're broken much more often than technological defenses are.

Comment Re:Developer machine (Score 1) 505

The ironic thing is Macs are pushed as productivity machines for professionals. That is one of the reasons they are supposed to fetch a premium price is because they aren't just "home" machines for the masses.

Macs are for professionals ... just not your sort of profession!

My local Apple afficionado tells me that Apple users have better things to do with their time than play games, watch movies or, apparently, pretty much anything that normal people do.

Comment Re:In our vision of the "new" connected world: (Score 1) 505

You never turn off your devices. You will be constantly be consuming monetized content.

Including the surf noise it plays while you're sleeping.

Someone who wants to turn it off must, obviously, be deviant and need intervention.

Some time in the future, watching old episodes of "The IT Crowd" with my kid.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again? You do know how to work a button?"

and my kid asks
"What does he mean 'turn it off and on again?'"
"Well in the old days people used to be allowed to turn their computers off."
"What do you mean? Why would you do that?"
"Because sometimes computers would go wrong and it might fix them."
"Sssshhh daddy, we don't want anyone to hear you say anything bad about computers."

shades of 'Paranoia!'

Comment Re:8% (Score 4, Insightful) 104

it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that and not have anyone tell them that their ideas were stupid

I have no doubt that plenty of people have told them exactly that. It would not surprise me to learn that they fired anyone who did so, though.

If Twitter were an engineering-driven company, they wouldn't be lousy with SJWs.


Comment Re:8% (Score 5, Informative) 104

sales people.
"important bloggers".
"influential people".

you have to look at twitters history from inception to today.

first off it was hacked together on pretty shitty codebase, which made scaling the service EXTREMELY expensive. they've since moved to different codebase that for some reason seems to be just as expensive to run. even back in the day when similar sized irc networks(to what size twitter was back then) were ran for _pennies_ twitters network was 100x more expensive to run. it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that and not have anyone tell them that their ideas were stupid and that they could have saved a lot of money.

basically, twitter _technical_design_ from day 1 was such that it could not scale to be profitable - which is kind of amazing since there were off the shelf products even back then that would have done it way, wayyy cheaper and with way, way more features.

actually part of twitters early rise was tied solely to american telcos way of screwing over it's customers. namely that you buy text messages as a package _and_ that incoming messages are part of said package, which let twitter send you info kind of free (for them anyways).

I think another thing that happened was that they hired 2000 sales people without thinking what they were going to ask those 2000 sales people actually sell (and if they had something to sell why the fuck they would need sales people to sell it anyways).

another big fuckup from twitter was that they missed their sales window - being unable to scale to profitability would not have been such a problem if they had sold out to ms or someone else 5 years ago, though even then it might have been hard to get a sum out to pay the previous investors - what happened between 5 years and today? well everybody knows already that twitter is just.. twitter. it's not the next facebook - it's the next myspace - and even dimmer buyers know that twitters tech is worth shit ALL NOTHING. for example, if their tech would scale at pennies then all the limits about message lengths and content, client apps and all that would be understandable - but it has all the downsides of a highly optimized system without any cost benefits of such a system.

and well.. another reason to the high headcounts is simply this: the more people work under you the more money you will get paid (out of the investors money). it was just a way to pump out the cash from the sinking ship. ...or to put more simply: it began as a fucking one liner message wall script for bloggers by bloggers who never bothered to learn anything else because blogs. it was just links to blogs with couple of comment lines. made with _blog_ technology. by people who for some reason ignored _all_ cheap off the shelf scalable methods to achieve the same fucking thing when they made it. and it got popular enough that said bloghipsters could manage to get enough funding to run it for a decade burning money all the way(and pocketing a lot of it in the process).

Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 1) 345

oh but the way to get router manufacturers implement the technical fix is the legislative way.

because, the article is about how they aren't doing it otherwise..

or how about this for a technical and legislative both fix.. mandate transparent http proxies on all connections and make half the protocols unusable and everything insecure!

Comment Re:Who needs them anyway (Score 1) 325

I stopped wearing a wristwatch 10+ years ago. It was annoying to wear while using a laptop.

There's clock on my phone, computer, car, radio, egg timer.. I don't see the point in carrying extra one on my wrist.

Smartwatches seem even more pointless to me, redundant and limited functionality and horrible battery life.

This is what kills the wristwatch for me.

Even when I had a wristwatch, half the time I kept it in my pocket because having something strapped to my wrist is just too bloody annoying.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 5, Insightful) 325

Yup. When the Apple watch came out, I took my Rolex purchased in the 70s to a jeweler for cleaning and refurbishment which cost 2x what an Apple watch would have cost. I gave it to my son as a graduation gift. The current value on that watch was 5x what I paid for it. Might be a wash with changes to the value of a dollar, but that item will still have value in 2-3 years when the Apple watch would have been dropped into a bin as junk. The HP-01 watch from the 70's was a better product than the Apple watch, by the way I also had an HP-01 back then. Kind of sorry I didn't keep it. I wonder if an Apple watch buyer will every feel the same way after 40 years?

Also, when Apple decide they don't care about the Apple watch any more and shut down the servers that enable it to work, it could well stop functioning altogether; many pieces of modern tech are like this. If their servers are offline they just don't work any more. This isn't going to happen with your Rolex.

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