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Comment Re:Why isn't Linux a viable desktop OS? (Score 1) 167

Why is Linux's share of the desktop market so abysmally low

Application support. Lack of professional desktop applications, lack of unified development tool kits, lack of a unified desktop experience, and lack of ease of use in administering said applications. If you have to resort to a terminal to install or manage an application you have failed badly at easy of use. Desktop applications should be statically compiled objects like they are on the Mac. You double click on it and it just runs, you throw it in the trash can to delete it. The fact that the Linux crowed still doesn't get this is yet another reason why Linux desktop market share is so low.

My personal opinion is that the community took a wrong turn when it standardized around GTK, QT was, and still is, clearly superior.

Comment RHEL is too static to keep pace with kernel devel. (Score 1) 167

I have found that RHEL is too stagnate / static to keep pace with the rate at which the kernel is now developed. The 3.10 kernel is four years old at this point and the fact that RHEL7 will be in production support until 2024 is disheartening because the enterprise industry will be a decade behind the latest kernel developments and updates from associated projects. Compared to other vendors Linux offerings, when I use RHEL I get the same feelings I got when I was force to use AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. I hated administrating those products because they were stuck with defaults like ksh from a decade ago.

My question is, would Red Hat ever consider releasing a Linux distribution with a shorter development cycle and with more aggressive tracking of upstream projects? I see a place for a distribution that is somewhere in between RHEL and Fedora. Perhaps you could morph or fork CentOS into the upstream development for RHEL? For example: Upstream --> Fedora (Bleeding Edge) --> CentOS (Next Release of RHEL) --> RHEL. This would give system engineers and architects a greater range of products to choose from and it could help stabilize RHEL even more then it already is.

In short, the Linux kernel is the largest and the fastest moving software project in the world, so what changes are you going to make to keep up with it?

Comment Re: Tell mom's to drink their milk. (Score 1) 216

Because the amount of vitamin D available in food sources is piss poor in general. The effective natural way to get it is to go on the sun. This has orders of magnitude more effect than diet.

Not only is it piss poor, the vitamin D2 supplemented in food sources can't be converted into the active metabolite of vitamin D3. D2 is for bones, D3 is for the brain.

Comment And schizophrenia. (Score 5, Interesting) 216

Don't forget schizophrenia too. Vitamin D3 deficiency (Calcitriol) is why black mothers who give birth in winter months have a significantly high percentage of having a child that develops schizophrenia. D3 has a strong catalytic effect on glutathione production in the brain (PMID 10428085), and without adequate glutathione the body will not have a way to control reactive oxygen species. This oxidative stress then irrevocably damages the brain during fetal development and you end up with a wide range of problems down the road like Autism and mental health problems.

Also don't forget that the half-life for the active metabolite of vitamin D is on the order of 21 days. That means it takes about 5 months to reach steady state. One of the best advice I can recommend is that all pregnant women take at least 2,000 IU of D3 per day, with a 21 day 4,000 I.U. loading dose.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 468

Incidentally, Friedman also supported the most reasonable solution to the problem we'll be facing - a universal basic income.

And exactly where does this *magic* money come from to pay out all this Universal Basic Income?

If hardly anyone is working where does this magic money come from?

Corporations, you can start by taxing them more. Perhaps we could go as far as banning for-profit corporations, all companies could be public-benefit corporations.

Comment Re:Why is this guy still talking (Score 5, Insightful) 468

It may seem like common sense, but it's flat-out wrong. If you study history, you will see that similar concerns were raised about the printing press, the industrial revolution, electricity, etc. And yet, somehow we still keep coming up with new jobs that begin to exist because of the increases in technology.

Right, because none of those things could flip a burger as well as a human could. However, now we have machines that can do things better then any human can. My job is to automate you out of a job, and if I do my job right then you are obsolete unless you can educate yourself to do something more complex. However, the cost of education is on the rise, so most will not be able to afford to educate themselves. We have a catch 22.

The solution to this problem is free education and a basic income. We should start with a grant for 60 credit hours of community college and a basic income at 60% the federal poverty level.

Comment Re:2016: Year of the Linux Desktop (Score 1) 205

If the software in question isn't terribly performance intensive, that isn't a very compelling reason any more. You've plenty of virtualization options at your disposal, some ridiculously easy to set up (Virtualbox).

Why would I want to run Linux if I'm just going to run a Windows VM on it?

Why would I want to run anything in a VM when I can run it all natively on a Mac?

Comment Re:We are entering into a major recession. (Score 1) 232

Furthermore, to back up the previous statement here is the Fed's graph for the Velocity of M2 Money Stock. Velocity measures the rate at which money changes hands, so if it's low that means everyone is hoarding any money they might have. Looking at the graph you will see that we are at the lowest it has ever been in the 60 years they've been charting this metric...


Anecdotally, I have a family member who is a small business owner, and she has stated to me this is the worst year she has ever seen in the 15 years she has been doing business.

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