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Comment Adjust using the PCI index. (Score 4, Insightful) 374

This makes sense if you adjust for inflation using the PCI index instead of the CPI. Using the PCI, the average household income in today's dollars of a family from the mid 1950s is close to $250k a year. This means that if you are making $50k a year today, you are only actually making about 1/5th of what your forebears did. This is why you can't afford college, this is why you have no retirment savings, this is why you and your spouse have to work, and this is why you live pay check to pay check.

We're basically getting paid slave wages, and the masters in charge have created a system of laws to prevent us from ever taking up arms to rise up... we're fucked. Watch the movie "In Time" if you want to get a glimpse into the world you've been born into, when watching the movie just replace their plot concept of "Time credits" with money and it all makes sense.

Comment Old = expensive. (Score 2) 188

It's not because your obsolete, it's because you're too expensive. When I was young I was lucky to get $40k, now I can command six figures. It's because I have experience. If you want more professional programmers then pony up the cash for experienced professionals... you get what you pay for and there is no free lunch.

If you are a senior professional, the important thing to remember is don't price yourself out of the market. For me, salary is usually the last thing I think about during the job hunt, I'm more interested in finding a role doing something that I enjoy and something that can benefit from my experience. As long as pay is within two standard deviations from the national average I'll seriously consider the offer. Also pay isn't everything, I prefer companies with a good benefits package and ones that are stable with a proven track record.

Comment Negative feedback cycle, clomid (Score 2) 138

All I can say is duh at the results of the study. Most doctors, who are not endocrinologists, don't understand that the the androgen cycle is a negative feedback loop. That means that if you are a heathy adult on TRT your body will compensate for the extra testosterone in your body by producing less testosterone in your gonads. Any endocrinologist worth their salt knows this. This is why you never take TRT if you are trying to have children, because TRT can make you sterile by halting testosterone production in the gonads. You need to take clomid instead of TRT if you want to get around this negative feedback cycle.

Comment Re:megavitamins (Score 1) 90

Perhaps you should have provided some concrete details yourself, then.

He is right about the antioxidants. Research NRF2, from what I recall it is a negative feedback loop. The more Endogenous antioxidants you take the less exogenous antioxidants you make. This is bad because the bodies naturally produced antioxidants are better, in particular glutathione. Rather than taking endrogenous antioxidants, I recommend taking the prodrugs that your body needs to produce exogenous antioxidants. i.g. Acetylcysteine and Calcitriol (glutathione catalyst).

Comment Re:'Schizophrenia' is a normal reaction... (Score 1) 90

Schizophrenia is a hardware problem (though it can be triggered emotionally and/or with misc. drugs).

In humans, the line between hardware and software is indelible. Or, you might just say that it's squishy and permeable.

It would be better to think of the brain in terms of a FPGA because there is no higher ordered operating system software that is running on the hardware.

Comment Pro-shareholder agenda is what's wrong. (Score -1, Flamebait) 182

"pro-shareholder agenda"

That phrase just described everything that is wrong with corporate America. Trying to make a buck on the backs of others will not lead us to a sustainable future. The for-profit corporations need to prioritize the interests of the public at large rather then the shareholders desires to get rich. We really need to find a way to decouple shareholders profit agenda from the decision making process of executive leadership. Also we need to cap executive salaries somehow, it seems that many of these executives are literally addicted to money and this addition is causing them to make choices that harm society.

Comment 50 billion devices by 2020. (Score 1) 328

Comically applaud? Buddy there are currently 10 billion devices connected to the Internet, contrast that with a merger 500 million people who speak English. By 2020 it's estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. I comically applaud you for wasting your time trying to master a 2nd way to communicate with people. You're ignoring the root problem... all people can't know all languages, so if effective communication is truly the goal then what you really need to do is kill off these secondary languages and standardize on just a few of them.

Comment No pro equipment. (Score 1) 328

When you make a product that people don't want what do you expect? If Apple would listen to their professional customers and build products that they want then you would not be seeing this. The professionals are the group that drove adoption of the consumer products, don't forget that. As a IT specialist, people ask me all the time what to get and they usually get what I tell them to, so be cognizant of the consequence of pissing of your professional users because they are the group of people recommending your products to others. Word of mouth advertising is worth it's weight in gold.

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