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Comment No idea if it holds true for the general public. (Score 1) 156

What is the rate of heart disease in all of the astronaut core? You can't draw solid conclusions from a sample size of seven individuals that were carefully selected based on their traits. Honestly, you have no idea if this holds true for the general public, it could just be that the people who are qualified and selected to be astronauts have a higher incidence of heart disease.

Comment Firth amendment doesn't apply to biometrics (Score 1) 232

This is consistent with previous interpretations of the law, and the reasoning is the fifth amendment only applies to the information that is stored in your brain. The fifth amendment is the only protection you have that prevents the government from being able to compel you to divulge your passwords. The important thing to take away from this is that all authentication systems that rely on biometric information can be lawfully circumvented with a court order. The only authentication system that is protected under the fifth amendment is a token stored in your mind.

Comment Re: median vs average (Score 1) 622

I just paid cash for it. In fact I've never had to borrow money to buy a car, even in the days when my income was shit.

Assuming the stock market is doing well, you are actually loosing money by not financing it. That money could have been invested in the stock market earring 10% compound interest. Assuming you could get an auto loan for 4%, you could have been netting a 6% return on your money. This of course all depends on if the market is bullish and where it is in the credit cycle. The last thing you want to do is invest all that money in the market when it's going down. Right now the market is about to crash, cash out all your investments and squire the money away under your mattress or in a credit union. The banks will fail.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

You got screwed on the brake job. Even if you wear down the rotors it only costs about $50 in parts to replace each rotor and it takes no additional time to replace a rotor then it does to replace the brake pads. Break pads are also usually less then $50 in parts cost. This is a do it yourself kind of maintenance, all you need is a jack stand and basic tools like a ratchet and sockets, spanners, breaker bar, baling wire or string, and if you want to get fancy a torque wrench. It should only take about an hour to replace all four sets.

Comment Re:Why the upset? (Score 2) 693

I'm not sure Parliament is ready to abandon any pretext of "democracy" by completely ignoring this referendum.

The reality is that only 3.8% more people want to exit the EU than people that want to stay in the EU. When making decisions you have to factor in the opportunity costs, and with only a 3.8% preference for leaving I don't think it's worth the upheaval to change course. Something as major as this should require a supermajority vote. Here in the United States constitutional amendments require a 2/3 majority vote in both houses of Congress. Ratifying treaties requires a 2/3 majority vote of the Senate. Ratifying amendments requires a 3/4 majority vote of all the states. Scotland and Northern Ireland both want to stay in the EU. The final result could be within the margin of error for the statistical sample since only about 70% of the population voted. They should have another vote to decide if they should proceed with Article 50.

Comment Mountain out of a mole hill. (Score 1) 771

Honestly I don't see what the big fuss is about. I've been using wireless headphones since 2012 and I would never willingly go back to corded headphones because they are unwieldy. The cords would always pull the buds out of my ears and get tangled. Wireless headphones give me the freedom to move around unencumbered which is useful when I'm riding my motorcycle, bicycling, running, or walking. Yes Bluetooth doesn't have the same fidelity as traditional wired headphones, but when I'm listening to music with headphones I've never expected high fidelity. I have a home theater with AirPlay at home for when I want want higher fidelity. Also when I need headphones that usually means I'm not at home so that means I'm listening to low bitrate music to save bandwidth, so fidelity is largely a moot point. I do use the 3.5mm jack in my car, but for this use case I can simply replace this with a $5 Bluetooth receiver; I've been meaning to get a Bluetooth receiver anyways so that I can talk hands free.

Comment MOG (Score 1) 316

My favorite music service was MOG, this was before Beats bought it and turned it into Beats Music and Apple then bought Beats and turned Beats Music into Apple Music. Along the way they really neutered the service into a pile of crap. I'm currently an Apple Music subscriber, but I don't enjoy the service as much as I did its predecessor MOG.

Comment What about a stripped down iMessage? (Score 1) 157

All I want is to be able to send messages longer than 160 characters to Android users without the messages being chopped up and receiving the pieces of the message out of order. It's annoying, this is 2016 for christ's sake. Apple's doesn't have to provide Android devices with a full featured iMessages application, just basic texting (with no character limit) and unified emojis would be sufficient.

Comment More women in bikinis (Score 0) 331

Doesn't a warmer climate equal more women in bikinis? Doesn't more CO2 equal more plants? I always thought that planting groves of giant sequoias would be a good way to sequestering CO2. I think I remember reading that each sequoia is capable of sequestering like 2,000 tons of CO2 for 3,000 years.

Comment Re:1500 years? (Score 1) 159

The volume of the milky way galaxy is about 5.24 * 10^14 lightyears. The volume of earth is about 1.28 * 10^-27. You could fit 4.09 * 10^41 earths within the space of the milky way galaxy. Intelligent aliens are not watching us from afar, we are a needle in a haystack. We are less than a speck of dust when compared with the size of the universe.

Comment Re:Always litigate instead of boycott (Score 3, Interesting) 364

But the one thing you're *never* allowed to do, for some reason, is:
- Actually stop buying Apple products

We keep buying Apple products because the competition sucks. I make my living as a Linux system engineer. Linux is great on the server, but in all honesty it is useless on the desktop because it has limited commercial application support. The whole purpose of an operating system is to run applications (that people want to use). In my opinion Mac OS X is the only viable *nix desktop on the market. It has support for Mac, Windows, and Linux applications. It runs everything I need, it looks pretty, and it just works right out of the box. The last thing that I want to do when I come home from work is fix another computer, I just want the stuff to work so I can live my life.

Android is nice, but it has some serious problems. The biggest problem I see is fragmentation and lack of vendor support for updates. Again, I just want the device to work without me ever having to think about it. From a personal standpoint I also think the UI is ugly and kludgy. The bottom line is it just doesn't have the polish that I have come to expect from iOS devices.

Since I covet Mac OS X and want devices that I don't have to screw with I have actively chosen to live within Apple's walled garden. Quite frankly I love it here, everything just works, their devices enable me to do the things that I want to do without getting in my way.

Android (and Linux) will conquer the world eventually because it is an open platform with similar parallels to the IBM PC market. However, until they improve I'm sticking with Apple for my consumer products. I figure Apple has at least 10 years of smooth sailing before Android completely edges them out of the portable device market.

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