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Comment Re:Works great (Score 1) 565

The issue consistently turns out to be Office.
Basic computer users who take classes for such things inevitably have to use MS Office or get trained on it.

And this is why the Mac is the most popular unix desktop. The whole purpose of an operating system is to run applications, it's all about the applications.

Comment Yes I support nuclear energy. (Score 4, Informative) 485

Yes I support nuclear energy, it is the only viable solution to meet the world's energy demands and the need for clean energy. Burning coal releases more radioactive martial into the environment then any nuclear plant has. People are scared of radiation and it's unfounded, we are bombarded with radiation on a daily basis from the sun. People are also scared that nuclear plants can blow up like a bomb, but this is complete impossible. The waste they produce can be managed, in fact it can be recycled to produce more fuel. We need to figure out how to harness fusion into a viable solution.

Comment Must maintain backwards compatibility (Score 1) 202

Any new solution would have to maintain backwards compatibility. The new standard would have to be ether 3.5" x 2, 3, or 4 bays; or 5.25" x 1, 2, 3, or 4 bays. The industry has 30 years behind existing bay standards, it would take them a long time to change their tooling.

Personally I thought the Sun Fire X4500 (a/k/a thumper) was a very efficient way to maximize storage density

Comment Referendum needed (Score 1) 488

I think the only way to settle this is to have a national referendum on whether Snowden should be granted amnesty for his actions. It is against public interest to let a small pool of jurors decide an issue as important as this. I believe his transgressions should be set aside because the means justify the end.

At the very least I feel that Congress should introduce a bill to pardon Snowden. Or vote on whether the Federal Court should be ordered to set aside any verdict and enter a judgment of acquittal. The Federal Courts do operate under the authority of Congress.

Comment Re:Bad sectors? (Score 2) 145

It may be different with 10,000 disks vs 4 disks, but I wouldn't trust a drive once it has one remapped (or pending remap) sector. I'd be worrying about replacing it, not remapping, because it tends to be a sign of impending failure.

Of the drives with sector errors (n = 286) the number of bad sectors typically ranged from 4 to 16, with a median of 8. However, values above 25 bad sectors were statistical outliers, meaning they were more than 3 standard deviations off the normal curve. Our policy now is to replace any drive with more than 25 bad sectors.

Comment Re:Bad sectors? (Score 2) 145

How are you doing this with ddrescue?

grep "error.*sector" /var/log/kern.log | awk '{print $(NF-2)$NF}' | sort -u | while IFS=, read device sector; do dd if=/dev/$device of=/dev/null bs=512 count=1 skip=$sector 2>/dev/null || dd_rescue -d -A -m8b -s ${sector}b/dev/$device /dev/$device; done;

For the badblocks cron job I use this:

if [ $EUID -ne 0 ]; then
        echo "you must be root to run this... exiting." exit 1
if ! [ -f /sbin/badblocks ]; then
        echo "can't find /sbin/badblocks... exiting."
        exit 1
if ! [ -d /var/log/badblocks ]; then
        if ! mkdir /var/log/badblocks; then
                echo "can't create /var/log/badblocks... exiting."
                exit 1
for i in $(ls /dev/disk/by-path/ | grep -v part); do
        nohup ionice -c 3 nice -n 19 badblocks /dev/disk/by-path/${i} > /var/log/badblocks/${i}.log 2>/dev/null &

Comment Bad sectors? (Score 5, Interesting) 145

What is Backblaze doing to check the drives for bad sectors? I manage a 10,000 disk openstack swift installation and I've noticed the auto sector remapping doesn't work correctly, there are a portion of drives (maybe 3%) that have a few bad sectors that need to be manually remapped using ddrescue. I ended up having to write a custom monthly cron job script that ran badblocks to first identify these drives, and then ddrescue to force a sector remap.

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