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Comment Re:We are entering into a major recession. (Score 1) 214

Furthermore, to back up the previous statement here is the Fed's graph for the Velocity of M2 Money Stock. Velocity measures the rate at which money changes hands, so if it's low that means everyone is hoarding any money they might have. Looking at the graph you will see that we are at the lowest it has ever been in the 60 years they've been charting this metric...


Anecdotally, I have a family member who is a small business owner, and she has stated to me this is the worst year she has ever seen in the 15 years she has been doing business.

Comment We are entering into a major recession. (Score 1) 214

Umm, before you jump to any conclusion it's important to realize that we are heading into a major recession. According to the Buffet Indicator the value of the Market is over 2 standard deviations above the mean. This means we are in a bubble, and according to the Federal Reserve the bubble is presently in the process of popping...


Comment Siri is a cost center. How about Wikipedia? (Score 1) 186

The trouble is, unlike software development which is free (if you don't value your time), implementing an open source siri would require a data center fill with servers and this costs money. The fundamental problem is software development creates value while an open source siri is a cost center. Wikipedia would probably be a good candidate to pick up this task because they are already familiar with the open source cost center model, they are a knowledge database, and they already have the server infrastructure.

Comment One judge already ruled the act was justified. (Score 4, Informative) 307

The drone's owner has now filed for damages in Federal Court over the loss of his $1,800 drone, arguing that the shotgun blast was unjustified because his drone wasn't actually trespassing or invading anyone's privacy.

The Drone Slayer was originally charged with felony counts of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. But all of those charges were dismissed in October when a district judge ruled he "had a right to shoot at the aircraft."

It's true the Federal government has sole jurisdiction over US airspace, but that only applies to airspace above 499 feet. Furthermore, Causby v United States states that a landowner's domain extends at least up to 385 feet in rural areas.

Comment Due process (Score 1) 223

I think Hillary was treated fairly by the FBI director. The problem is we should all be treated like this, with due process. Instead the way it works for us normal people is the states attorney charges us will a million trumped up things as a way to get leverage over us to plea bargain.

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