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Submission + - CentOS 7 is here! 1

nbritton writes: The CentOS Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS 7 for x86_64, including images for docker, and various cloud providers. There are many fundamental changes in this release, compared to previous releases of CentOS. Notably the inclusion of Linux kernel 3.10, SystemD, Gnome3, and a default filesystem of XFS. You can read the official announcement here, read the release notes here, and download a copy here.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Trees for Carbon Sequestration? (carleton.edu)

nbritton writes: I'm sure most know that sequoia trees can live for over three thousand years, but they can also store upwards of 2000 tons of carbon within their wood. Furthermore dead sequoias can take hundreds of years to decompose. If the wood was harvested, dry lumber could potentially last for thousands of years. Quite literally if you had an excess of lumber you could store it in a warehouse for another 3000 years. This would give us some breathing room to develop the tech we need to manage carbon. Apparently these things pump out oxygen too:

CO2(g) + Photosynthesis -> C(s) + O2(g)

The question simple, why don't we use trees for carbon capture and sequestration?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is Xen A Dead End, The Latest in Linux Virtualization Offerings?

nbritton writes: In this day and age of cloud computing, is Xen still a viable technology? With KVM being integrated into the kernel, and capitalizing on all of Linux's offerings, in what areas does Xen still shine? If it were up to you, what server virtualization technology would you use on your box today? What products shine for basic server consolidation, particularly those that meet the needs of small and medium sizes businesses?

Submission + - OMG!!! Ponies!!! All Year Round!!!

nbritton writes: As of version 1.8, the OMG!!! Ponies!!! style is available as an option in Slashdotter. For those not in the loop, Slashdotter is a Firefox extension that adds customization to the Slashdot website. Features include the ability to auto-add cache links after story links, a quick-reply feature that adds a 'Reply' option to the right-click menu when you select text in a comment, the option of styling all of Slashdot's pages like a chosen Slashdot section, links in the comment sections that allow you to toggle open/closed all of a comments replies, and more. All of Slashdotter's features are optional.

You can download Slashdotter here and here

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