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Comment Re:There IS accountability (Score 1) 362

I would like to see some reference links to back these assertions up. To my knowledge no U.S. Senators are Muslims for one, Keith Ellison is a member of the House of Representatives and I can't find any reference to a bombing attempt against his office. Blah, blah, liberal media, blah, but I would have thought proven allegations of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil would have gotten a tiny bit of coverage. That being said I agree that Netanyahu probably should have thought twice before fully endorsing a canidate in a presidential race everyone but Fox News viewers knew to be a very tight contest and that Romney, at best, had a 45% chance of winning.

Submission + - Does Grammar Matter Anymore? 1

theodp writes: A lighthearted 4th of July post pointing out how Microsoft Word could help Google CEO Larry Page catch typos in his Google+ posts turned out to be fighting words for GeekWire readers. "Grammar is an important indicator of the quality of one's message," insisted one commenter. "You shouldn't have disgraced yourself by stooping to trolling your readers with an article about what essentially amounts to using a full blown word processor for a tweet. Albeit an rather long example of one," countered another. A few weeks earlier, the WSJ sparked a debate with its report that grammar gaffes have invaded the office in an age of informal e-mail, texting and Twitter. So, does grammar matter anymore?

Comment Zealotry aside (Score 1) 204

Whether you love or hate Microsoft or opensource, DO NOT get an in house solution unless you plan on growing a real IT department. Google Apps, Office 365, hosted mail or Exchange from intermedia or Rackspace, hosted Zimbra, Citadel, zarafa, whatever, do not go with an in-house setup for the email or collaboration. You will be switching to software as a service within 3 years anyway without a real IT staff. No solution mentioned by any of the posters will work long term in house without dedicated support.

New Alureon Rootkit Takes Malware To New Level 135

Trailrunner7 writes "A new version of the venerable Alureon malware has appeared, and this one includes some odd behavior designed to prevent analysis and detection by antimalware systems. However, this isn't the typical evasion algorithm, as it uses some unusual encryption and decryption routines to make life much more difficult for analysts and users whose machines have been infected. Alureon is a well-known and oft-researched malware family that has some rootkit-like capabilities in some of its variations. The newest version of the malware exhibits some behavior that researchers haven't seen before and which make it more problematic for antimalware software to detect it and for experts to break down its components."

Google Will Save Videos After All 69

don9030582 writes "After Google announced it would permanently shutter its Google Videos collection, dozens of volunteers from around the world sprung into action in a massive effort to make a copy of the entire site. It was originally slated to go dark on April 29th, but now they have eliminated any such deadline and furthermore they will be migrating the collection to YouTube. We wish Google would have planned to do that from the beginning, but ultimately this is a victory for the preservation of user-generated content on the Internet."

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 778

And if Grandma wants to switch the button layout in MS Windows or OSX? How would you talk her through that? I am not fond of the change in ubuntu either, but it is only a big deal to people who expect them to be on the other side. So if you are saying your Grandma is already used to MS Windows, then just get her a MS Windows machine. If you are saying this is easier in Windows, then I think you are just wrong.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 227

Agreed, but I think this is a fairly clueless move. If I can use google tv to sit down on the couch and watch 5 hours of The Event hulu or the network website because I didn't set a dvr to record it, at least I watch the commercials they sell. Take that option away and I fire up bittorrent the night before to download 5 episodes, commercial free. Something or nothing people, the world is changing and your margins may shrink, but there is still profit to be had.

Comment Re:So...? (Score 3, Insightful) 1348

I almost agree with the premise of the article, just based on the fact that I think the DESKTOP is dying. Between phones and tablets I expect typical Desktop OS installations to become the minority in less than 5 years, though the desktop will live on in business, which doesn't leave time for Linux to "catch up", it will just be a player in a new game.

Comment Re:Lawyers... (Score 1) 475

I think you will find there are a number of legal systems that don't require a professional. Tribal and religious courts that are older than most nations have long existed for the same purposes and require only an understanding of the mores, traditions and yes, Laws of a particular group. A person who is more experienced in dealing with these courts may have a better chance of success but I don't think you would be able to call many of them "specialized professionals". It is only when the Law of a group or nation has grown so byzantine that it almost impossible to live a life without violating some aspect of it that you will find the necessity for a professional group to manage the complexity. In many "modern" sovereign states it has become common to pass laws with thousands of pages that have never been reviewed or considered as a whole. New laws often flagrantly and purposely contradict existing laws. Some are passed with the sole intention of having an excuse to stop and detain people when it is convenient, some are passed for political gain, and some are passed for reasons known only to the few people who secreted them away in an omnibus of unrelated legislation.The fact that modern law is so incomprehensible to the laity is a testament to it's dysfunction, not a justification of its existence. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but when law itself has become so incomprehensible that even attorneys and judges can scarcely decipher its intent with regard to the common, good can any of us claim we are not ignorant?

Deleting Certain Gene Makes Mice Smarter 259

An anonymous reader writes "Deleting a certain gene in mice can make them smarter by unlocking a mysterious region of the brain considered to be relatively inflexible, scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have found. Mice with a disabled RGS14 gene are able to remember objects they'd explored and learn to navigate mazes better than regular mice, suggesting that RGS14's presence limits some forms of learning and memory."

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