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Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 1) 164

Someone has to pay for Lucus Oil Stadium.

If you want to complain that room taxes are too high because governments have overinflated the actual costs of bearing hotel traffic (whether in the vehicular or commercial sense, or in fact both) then I'm open to the debate, but there is a real financial cost to supporting that business which differs from that of a normal rental market.

What I am insinuating is that to pay for Lucus Oil Stadium, Marion county (Indianapolis) and all surrounding counties have increased taxes to any restaurant or bar and a tax on hotel rooms. Rather than lose some revenue on the room tax the government will make a law that charges the same tax on AirBnB rentals. Then they will not lose revenue and this is all about revenue...not noise.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 1) 164

The local governments are not making this rule/law based on concern for the noise level of neighborhoods. They are making it because they want travelers staying at hotels that pay room taxes. I expect a law will come that charges AirBnB renters the same room tax that the hotels pay. Someone has to pay for Lucus Oil Stadium.

Comment Re:They will when he obstructs (Score 1) 895

Trump has enough of a base to force House Republicans to back him or face getting kicked out. Please refer to Paul Ryan's dip in popularity in his home district when he crossed Trump.

The Senate as well but less likely as they have longer terms. The problem with the coattails pulling these people into office is that they have some issues pissing off the person wearing the coat.

Comment Re:Trump! (Score 5, Interesting) 194

Another Trump victory! All hail the chief!

Companies are adjusting their PR to give Trump apparent wins so he will lay off of them. Ford did the same thing. Both companies have had their plans set for a year or more but the PR changes. Yes IBM is hiring American workers in place A and yes they are laying off more American workers in place B to expand over seas.

Comment Re:I do not! (Score 2) 588

Conservationism, by Reagan's definition, was slow change not no change. He ( and others) felt that progressives wanted change too quickly. Modern Republicans have lost this in their zeal for the purist form of Conservationism.

And Trump is not a Conservative nor a Republican in his views. He is a Populous or Nationalist ( depending on the day of the week and what crowd he is talking to).

Comment Re:Flip flop .... (Score 1) 559

The non-politicians are even worse. The white supremacists, the alt-right hatemongers, the members of his own family.

Looks like he will have to be forced to give up his business interests, but he has made it abundantly clear that he intends to use the presidency to enrich himself anyway.

There is no law that says the President has to give up his business interests. There IS a law for all of his cabinet to do so. Trump could legally run his business from the White House.

Now his comment that the President has no conflict of interest ( because he is the President) sounds just like Nixon saying that when the President does it it is not illegal.

Comment Re:Your daughter's "reproductive rights" will be f (Score 2, Insightful) 820

Your daughter's "reproductive rights" will be fine, we just won't have to pay for her abortions if she chooses to have them.

The Hyde amendment makes it illegal to spend federal money on abortion so that has not been a problem since 1976. Allowing women the option is becoming more of a problem.

Comment Re:Can only hope. He has hired smart people (Score 1) 382

I feel he will be just like Bush 43. A lot of nothing but will have 3 or 4 things to propose. Everything else, he will take his lead from the House on whatever they want to try to pass. The House will line up their wishlist and hope they can get it past the Senate. All depends on how scared the Dems in the Senate are for thier seats if they oppose them.

Comment Re:Total BS (Score 3, Informative) 191

The fact that the argument keeps changing should tell anyone everything they need to know.

Not to mention we're still in a cold period.

And the notion that there's some global temperature that climate is "supposed to be' is patently unscientific and ignorant of history.

The data shows we SHOULD be in a cold phase but the Earth has been warming rapidly compared to the last 10,000 years. The last time the average temperature rose 1c rapidly it took 900 years. Since the Industrial Revolution( roughly 1850s) the average temperature has risen a bit over 1C.

You can insist that given the great complexity of the Earth's ecosystem, scientists could not possibly know what will happen. They can theorize about weather change and some are right and some are wrong. But there is no doubt that the average temperature is rising and some areas close to the equator will start to be come uninhabitable in 20-30 years.

Comment Re:It's Dotcom Bubble 2.0, everyone's ignoring it (Score 1) 163

. Startup culture isn't for the young either; you really have to have the fraternity/sorority member personality type to work there so as people age they're less likely to trade salary for beer pong or free dinner.

I disagree that it is not for the young. They want people who can work 70-100 hours a week. Those people do not have families. If they do their wife does not work. Or if they both work then they have no kids. Startups should have no problem with a 30% turnover rate or higher.

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