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Comment Re:Chrome is smarter than that. (Score 3, Insightful) 145

Indeed. Given that Chrome itself is often installed surreptitiously along with popular applications like CCleaner and Avast, it's no wonder that Adobe thought that Chrome users wouldn't mind, or notice, yet another clandestine install.

Now that I'm thinking about it, Chrome has come bundled with Adobe products as well! That's right, Adobe secretly installs the browser, and tries to set it as default. They've already gone that far, so what's the big deal about sliding along an extension?

Comment Re:Did he mean an unprecedented level of gouging? (Score 1) 214

Times have changed. A $150 phone is going to do everything the average user wants, and more, without a problem.

I picked up one for less than that a few months back so my wife could use it in place of her phone (used heavily for work) for music, games, social media, etc. It's worked out incredibly well. Her important phone stays charged and her work and fun are completely separated. She couldn't be happier.

If you have kids, you'll find that even sub-$50 phones can do everything they want and more without feeling clunky.

What on earth makes you think you need to spend more than $150 just to get something "decent"?


Comment Re:Neat! (Score 1) 163

That's a lot of outrage over ... I'm not exactly sure why you're outraged.

Let's look at the only point you made:

it is not worth their time to put out "edited" versions of popular movies for you.

That's probably true. So what's wrong with allowing a third-party to do something like offering a special player and filters like ClearPlay? Do you also find that objectionable?

If so, I'm curious as to why. It doesn't affect you in any way, so I'm guessing you have some moral reason that you feel you must impose on others.


Submission + - sxc: generate C with Common Lisp macros (

kruhft writes: sxc is an S-Expression based language transpiler that has the feel of C wrapped in parenthesized expressions that compiles to standard C code. This structure allows for the creation of code generation macros using the full power of the host Common Lisp environment, a language designed for operating on S-Expressions, also known as Lists. It is unknown exactly what power might come about from this combination of low level processing with high level code generation. Can you think of any possible uses?

Comment Re:Telemetry (Score 1) 210

The difference between FF and Chrome, of course, is that FF actively notifies you (allowing you to immediately change those settings) and doesn't sell your info to anyone with a few bucks to spare.

Disabling Chromes telemetry takes a bit of doing, and more technical knowledge and skill than the average user can manage. (Assuming that it can actually be completely disabled, of course.) They also don't tell you about it, preferring to keep their invasive data collection and sale as secret as possible.

Comment Re:lawsuit incoming... (Score 3, Insightful) 179

It is not fair that one set of people are offered this PAID BENEFIT, and other are not.

All those childless AMEX employees are offered that same paid benefit. All they need do is have a child. That's what it's for.

.that is discrimination

You're kidding right? Everyone is being offered the same benefit. No one is being excluded. That's not discrimination by any stretch of the imagination.

its hard to believe that everyone wouldn't see and jump on this too.

They don't see the discrimination because it doesn't exist. Again, everyone is being offered that same benefit. No one is being excluded.

I'm pretty much settled that I DO NOT WANT kids.

First, let me say Thank You. I couldn't be happier with your decision.

Moving on, just because you don't want to participate in a particular benefit, does not mean that you're being excluded. If a coworker brings in a plate of cookies, and you decline to take one, you don't get to complain that Alice and Bob each got a cookie, but you didn't. If you don't want it, then no one should have it, right?

What I'm seeing here is a disturbingly childlike selfishness. You're absolutely terrified that someone, somewhere, got a bigger cookie than you.

Still, even though you don't want to participate, that benefit is still being offered to you (assuming you're an AMEX employee). You can take your 20 weeks just as soon as you find a willing partner who ultimately delivers.

Comment Re:lawsuit incoming... (Score 2) 179

People without newborn babies are not a race, gender, religion, or any other class of person subject to discrimination. We have all been people without newborns. People with newborns will, in a very short time, be people without newborns.

If you are an AMEX employee, and you want to take 20weeks of paid leave, you need only find a willing partner and have a baby. (I understand that the first part might be very difficult for you.)

I'll bet you'd complain that sick days are unfair to healthy people!

Comment Re:lawsuit incoming... (Score 1) 179

It is *STILL* 20 weeks of Paid Time Off.

What you do with should be your choice...have a newborn or go to Tahiti....Again, it is a paid benefit for some workers and not for others. That is unfair.

Unfair to who? This doesn't make any sense to me at all. Who is being cheated?

While you're not a parent now, should you opt to have children, and you can find a willing partner, you're welcome to take that time off. It's there for when you need it!

Are you saying that you want 20 weeks paid leave ... for no reason whatsoever? Because someone who is not you advantaged themselves of that benefit? On what basis? That you think you'll never have children? How would it be decided when that leave was granted? What would you do? Turn in your imaginary future wife's uterus along with your testicles in to HR?

The only thing I can see here is your fear that someone is getting something that you're not. I'm not convinced that that something is paid leave.

Comment Re:lawsuit incoming... (Score 1) 179

But, what about those that do NOT want to have kids?

I suppose, then, that they won't advantage themselves of those benefits.

There's a box of Donuts in the break room. I don't want a donut. Have I been harmed by this in any way? How selfish do you need to be to complain about that sort of thing?

So, not only do the childless not get the free 20 weeks paid leave/vacation

With a newborn? It's not vacation.

they also will likely have to work EXTRA to cover for the breeders

Imagination land? If they're not already overstaffed, they'll hire a temp. If they are overstaffed, I suggest they downsize. Preferably starting with toxic, selfish, employees to improve workplace conditions of the remaining staff.

those childless folks will be just exact folks that have to work extra hours and pick up the slack for those new parents taking time off

People like you should be happy about that, were that delusion true. After all, some overtime sure beats drinking alone in an empty apartment while trolling Slashdot and wondering why women aren't interested in a cool guy like you.

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