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Comment Innovative! (Score 1) 45

A recommendation system based on past viewing behavior.

Why hasn't everyone thought of this years ago? Imagine how handy that would be for Netflix! They could even use it to predict how I'd rate content before I view it.

Not stopping with TV, how cool would it be if Amazon made recommendations to be based on my past purchases? I could discover new products which match my interests instantly. I'll bet that would do wonders for their sales.

Now I'll make a recommendation of my own. Instead of a separate app, why not integrate this functionality in to existing products? Instead of an "Amazon Recommends" app, how about just showing recommendations on their website? Instead of a "Netflix Suggester" app, have a category like "Recommended for you" right along side the other categories?

There's so much potential here I can't believe this wasn't done many years ago. Thank goodness we have Apple to show us the future!

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 328

Not quite black text on a not quite white background looks better than black text on a white background. I'd argue that it's a bit easier on the eyes as well. (I find bright displays a bit painful, physically, and keep the display brightness on my phone and computer very low.)

It's such a simple and easy way to make boring old text 'feel' a bit more polished and professional, it's bound to spread.

The problem, naturally, is incompetent designers taking a cool trick like that to an extreme, and lowering the contrast way too dramatically. I can only assume its so people can 'tell' immediately that it's not just black text on a white background. Those people shouldn't be allowed to make design decisions.

Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 169

Yeah, because technology is guaranteed to continually improve, inevitably circumventing any and all physical limits...

It's true. That's why the average automobile today gets 8,000 mpg, the shuttle to Jupiter runs three times a day, and cancer can be cured in an afternoon with an inexpensive over-the-counter remedy.

Comment Re:Creating interactive fiction to learn programmi (Score 4, Interesting) 25

Inform7 is something unique. As a special purpose tool, I hear that it's fantastic. If you're a developer, however, I expect you find it a bit maddening.

A sample from Emily Short's Bronze:

The iron-barred gate is a door. "An iron-barred gate leads [gate direction]." It is north of the Drawbridge and south of the Entrance Hall. It is closed and openable. Before entering the castle, try entering the gate instead. Before going inside in the Drawbridge, try going north instead. Understand "door" as the gate.

After opening the gate:

say "You shouldn't be able to open it, heavy as it is, but it swings aside lightly at your touch. The Beast said that it knows friend from enemy; and the castle, at least, still regards you as friend."

[... snip ...]

Before going outside in the Entrance Hall, try going south instead.

The fireplace is scenery in the Entrance Hall. The description is "Unlit, vacant[if Search is happening]. It is almost as though you are not expected[end if]." The sound of the fireplace is "whistling wind". Understand "fire" or "whistling" or "wind" as the fireplace. Instead of burning the fireplace: say "There is no fuel prepared for a fire."

You can do other things with it. Towers of Hanoi looks like this: Towers of Hanoi, and is surprisingly readable. Though I can't imagine trying to use Inform7 in an intro to programming class.

Comment Re:Don't most games do this... (Score 1) 170

I think you're the one who seems to expect a Doom bot to have solved all of AI forever.

No, I'm saying that the article and a lot of readers seem to believe that a significant problem has been solved, which, obviously, has not been solved.

You seem to want to believe there is far more to this project than is actually there. Wishful thinking is fine, but don't pretend that it's reality.

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