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Comment Re:um, CARBON CYCLE (Score 2) 159

Nobody is making or destroying carbon.

Who cares if it's "fossil carbon"? Carbon from a dead tree (or animal) that has fallen and is rotting on the forest floor is in no way different from carbon trapped in a pool of goo deep within the earth which began as a tree (or animal) that fell and died a million years ago.

There are two carbon cycles. The atmosphere-lithosphere quick turn-around one, and the larger much slower one which includes that plus the crust and upper mantle.

Time scales and orders of magnitude matter. In the last 200 years we've increased the amount of atmospheric carbon by about 40% and the acidity of the ocean by about 30%. In 100 million years time the carbon cycle will be back in balance, but in 500 years it will be experiencing a major wobble. That major wobble may cause enough problems to destroy our civilization one way or another. Let's avoid that, eh?

It's not about saving the Earth, the Earth will be just fine. It's about saving our civilization and a large percentage of the species on the planet.

Good grief! It starts to appear than nobody is getting even a basic education anymore in REAL subjects and that many are instead being indoctrinated into brain-dead political ideologies.

I can tell you about subduction and the major forms of carbon-silicates in the Earth's mantle if you want me to, but I'm guessing you don't.

Comment Not fossil carbon, no net change (Score 5, Insightful) 159

This tired old argument again? It's been known for years, usually brought up as part of anti-hydro power campaigns typically funded by our pro-fossil fuel lobbying friends.

While not good, this isn't really that bad. Consider for a moment why we call them fossil fuels. That is taking carbon which was long out of play and adding it into the system.

With lakes dams and still rivers it is burping up atmospheric carbon which was already in play over the last decades or centuries anyway and wasn't neccesarily on track to be sequestered. That orgaic matter recently took the carbon out of the atmosphere, thus no net change to the amount of carbon in the system. If it comee up as methane that's not good for 125 years or so until it breaks down to CO2 again, but that pales in comparison to the effect of ancient carbon being added to the system.

Comment Re:Satellite owner is full of shit. (Score 2) 239

They had insurance, two forms actually.

Transport insurance is relatively cheap, ~0.6% of the $200M.
Launch insurance is much more, about 6% of the cost.

Since this was pre-launch it is covered by the transport insurance and the transport insurance writer is having a very bad day.

What the Israeli company is really upset about is that their acquisition (aka massive payday for their execs) by a large Chinese company was contingent on a successful launch, and has now fallen through. This has caused their stock price to drop 40% and they are freaking out, blaming everything and everyone for their failure to manage the risk better.

Comment Re:Don't use Skype! (Score 1) 164

> Who does?

In this context https://meet.jit.si/ is good. Actually scratch that they're awesome. Fully open source and zero install beyond already having Firefox or Chrome installed on any platform. Because there is no install there is no social network or geek barrier, everyone just visits a common url at the same time. link and time sent via text message or email beforehand which isn't quite the same as a phone ringing but a txt saying "hey get online https://meet.jit.si/YourFamily..." really isn't that bad.

Comment Re:Seawater or any salt water? (Score 2) 126

Oil and gas are pumped from sedimentary rock. Basalt is hard dense igneous rock. You don't squeeze oil from volcanic soil. The "fossil" part of fossil fuels is somewhat literal.

How much energy does it take to drill enough 800m drill holes through basalt to sequester a meaningful amount of CO2? How many drill holes would be needed?

Comment Re:Why linux fails to be adopted by the masses... (Score 1) 58

Wouldn't it be easier to send in a patch fixing the dumb default swap partition size or just click the "manual" button when it asks about setting up partitions if you know your system is a couple standard deviations away from the norm?

We already suffer from too many daemons running (monolithically controlled or not).

Comment Re: LOL (Score 1) 410

While I don't like saying the gift of life is a waste, you have absolutely no appreciation for how lucky you are that you can piss around and post shit like this all day, without living in fear that this is the last day you're alive.

"Set a man a fire, he'll be warm for the rest of the night. Set a man afire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

and this is why I love /. sigs.

OP AC troll: your subject line gives you away.

much informations in these metadata

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