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Submission + - Every nerd born in a pocket protector needed now

myspace-cn writes: Over at Jim March writes,

"Folks, I'm writing to tell you personally about the most important election in America for election integrity: putting Brad Roach into the Pima County (Tucson) Arizona county attorney's office. Why do I believe it's the most important election in America in regard to the issue of Election Integrity? Click the cartoon above and/or read on...

If Roach is elected:

        * He'll have all the powers of a DA, including criminal subpoenas;
        * He'll also have control over the county's civil lawsuit division including the ability to sue over fraud;
        * HE GETS IT ON ELECTION INTEGRITY and is saying so publicly with a bit of humor. (See his must-view cartoon, part of which is linked above.)

As I write this, I've been involved in the non-partisan fight to reform elections since mid-2003. Many of you know who I am, perhaps through my work with ; we may not agree on every point but I don't think anyone will disagree that I've been in the fight."

Break the Achilles Heel of the Electoral-Industrial Complex


Submission + - USA GETS USA BIRD FEB 2008

myspace-cn writes: The USS Lake Erie launches a Standard Missile-3 at a non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite as it traveled in space at more than 17,000 mph over the Pacific Ocean February 20, 2008 in this handout photo released by the U.S. Defense Department. A missile from a U.S. Navy warship hit a defunct U.S. spy satellite 133 nautical miles (247 km) above the Earth in an attempt to blow apart its tank of toxic fuel, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Defense Dept. photo by U.S. Navy/Handout (UNITED STATES). EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

Go ahead steal the story... BETTER ADD THE URL'S o;)

Submission + - UC Final Reports

myspace-cn writes: The University of California has submitted some of the reports on the findings from the top-to-bottom review. The red team reports are separated by voting system. The accessibility report contains findings on all of the voting systems that were reviewed. The document review and source code review reports will be posted as soon as the Secretary of State receives the final reports.
Overview by UC Principal Investigator Matt Bishop (WARNING: .pdf, 303KB)

Submission + - Microsoft Getting into American Election Business!

myspace-cn writes: The 800 pound gorilla of software development has moved forcefully into New York State with proposed changes(PDF WARNING) to New York State Election Law drafted by Microsoft attorneys that has been circulating among the Legislature. These changes would gut the source code escrow and review provisions provided current LAW!! There's more information on Bo Lipari's web blog and on Ain't it time to get rid of these machines?!

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