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Comment Good god (Score 1) 377

Are you people SERIOUS? Well, if you needed proof that liberalism is a mental illness, here you go.

I swear, these liberal twats are TOO funny. They can't help themselves be anything but OUTRAGED about everything that they disagree with. So, now conservatism itself is a 'hate group'? Why? Because we respect the law (and law enforcement)? Expect people to get off their asses and work for their next meal? Respect other people's opinion whether we disagree with it or not? Expect to not be taxed to death to prop up people too lazy to work their asses off like the rest of us? I mean, my god that's just a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE ideology, is it not?

I am bloody disgusted with whiny asses that feign outrage when someone disagrees with them. Liberals spend their lives finding shit to be offended over, and when they DO find something they brand supporters of that as some sort of -ist (racist, sexist, fascist, whatever). As if name calling will make it all better.

Liberals want everyone to think and act like them and if not you're reviled, outcast, made out to be the next Hitler (re: Trump). Who else could be called a racist for wanting to ENFORCE FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW? (And by, Mexican/Hispanic/Latino IS NOT A RACE you ignoramuses.) Who else could be called a sexist/misogynist for comments made over a decade ago by liberals, but who also defend an ACTUAL sexual assaulter in Bill Clinton?

Who else wants sodas banned because kids are fat, but also ban freeze tag, et. al. because kids might get hurt?
Who else calls spanking child abuse, then berates the teacher when their little cretins assault them?
Who else says Capital Punishment is inhumane, but supports abortion?

This list goes on and on. But let's not let Pepe the frog become a hate symbol.

You all want to know why we're fucked eight ways from Sunday in this country? Because fucking liberals are doing their god-damnedest to destroy it. The American flag is a hate symbol to them. The Republicans as well. Whites and their privilege. Words are the worst of all.

You want to know why we're where we are now? One word. Liberals. Not conservatives. Period.

Comment What on earth would they expect? (Score 1) 291

I mean, Microsoft has released nothing but utter shit in the last decade (Windows 7 notwithstanding). But, just like Ford to keep beating that dead horse all the while touting SYNC as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Personally, I won't buy anything but Subarus now anyway.

Comment It's true for older than 16-24 year olds (Score 1) 331

Look, I'm in IT. I work with computing systems and stare at screens all day. I read a lot of stuff online. But, I also have over 5K books in my personal library. For me, it's not so much the feel of having a book in my hand as it is the smell of books. There's just something about that that you don't get staring at a display. I'm also one of those people who can't see paying $7 for something I can't hold. It's sort of like blowing cash on Candy Crush Saga. What are you really getting when you buy an ebook? Yes, the author's hard work, but it's the tangibility thing.

Not to mention, who's gonna spend millions on a first edition Ebook? :)

Comment Not just ANY jury... (Score 1) 219

A SILICON VALLEY jury. Keep that in mind when reading this. The original $450m award that is being retried was also awarded by a Silicon Valley jury, IIRC. But, don't expect Samsung to get any help from that moron in the White House, He's allowed Apple to lobby him for blocking the sale/import of Samsung products and didn't (and won't) enforce the same conditions on Apple.

Comment Re:Darrell 'Fraud' Issa (Score 1, Insightful) 346

Seriously? You really think 4 deaths because of the WH not doing it's job is a 'conspiracy theory'? You think if it was YOUR family murdered by Islamic terrorists that you'd call it a conspiracy theory? You, my friend, are the reason why this country is so screwed. You think the important things are trivial while you rant and rave about how 'outrageous' it is that the Redskins name is still being used.

Get your priorities straight before you start frothing at the mouth about conspiracy theories. Moron.

Comment Of course it would (Score 1) 406

CA being hardcore liberal Democrat would do its damnedest to point out the evil conservatives 'dark money' network, while saying JACK SQUAT about the Democrats and their behind the scenes money making. This is what is killing America, the bias of 'journalists' and the political machinery in government that is determined to stay in power at all costs.

It's funny and frightening how the America is paralleling the Late Roman Empire in it's political maneuvering, graft, corruption and spin doctoring. I am amazed at how idiotically short sighted we are here in America. The old 'it can't happen to us' mindset is a true killer.

Comment A complete idiot (Score -1) 298

Is Obama really THAT stupid? I mean seriously. He's continued to prove that he's clueless about virtually everything (except maybe golf). He only became president to en joy the perks of the job without the actual work involved. And you wonder why we're screwed eight ways from Sunday.

Nice work, liberals. Bloody sheep the lot of you.

Comment Sure why not.... (Score 1) 288

...I mean why bother with actually providing consequences for bad behaviour in real life? Let's forgo any effort to discipline people in the real world and teach them proper responsibility in a virtual one. What idiocy. I swear, I'm sick and tired of morons doing everything they can to properly avoid parenting. And that's really what this is about. It's that pathetic liberal attempt to parent kids in lieu of the actual parents being made to do so. And we all know it.


Comment Overloaded my ass (Score 1) 565

They weren't overloaded, as is typical with ANY government project, it was half-baked, over-budget (with most going to incompetent pockets), and downright poorly implemented. My dead grandmother can do better than this government can at implementing a decent solution.

Not to mention the regs are, what, 20K pages long? Who the hell can properly implement that? Bloody idiots.

Comment Dumbassery.... (Score 1) 628

This is just more proof that America has lost its collective mind. When did personal RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY become anathema? Seriously, this is just a bloody joke. Why not just say the person texting and driving was a victim not only of the TEXTER but also the Telecom who passed the text along. Shouldn't they also be liable in this case on this basis? Everyone in America is a victim nowadays.

I've had 6 surgeries due to RA in the last 4 years. I should probably sue my parents for passing on bad genes. When will this stupidity end?

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