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Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 4, Insightful) 169

"The reality is, we live in a world choke full of DRM and information harvesting megacorps - the free software idealism has lost and will never win"

His idealism has nothing to do with it, he's not an extremist. Basically its people like you who don't understand that the free market is a myth in a society of high speed internet where software producers are under private control, pre-high speed internet their was a balance between buyers of software and makers/sellers of software. AKA you got the software to run entirely on your computer because they physically had to let go of the software, post high speed internet. Basically Steam/mmo's/drm/software companies can take software hostage on the other side of the internet, break it into two pieces.

Free market theory can't work in such a society because 1) You'd have to be physically close to the companys producing software to hold them accountable and thereby prevent DRM from being forced upon you. 2) The average layperson in capitalist society is not technology literate enough to be a market participant. AKA the primitive primate brain was never designed to make rational decisions in a high tech capitalist society.

If anything permanently spying on people because private ownership of megacorporations doesn't work when the population using their services/products are physically not close enough to effect their policies. It's not that I wanted Steam or mmo's (drm'd rpg's with a subscription) to take off, it's that the informed members of capitalist society are not organized in a way to produce bad market outcomes. The idea that the average clueless tech illiterate kid is going to make rational decision regarding the future of videogames for instance (aka drm everywhere) is a myth. It has very little to do with Stallman being an extremist and everything to do with the free market having always been a myth, any large organization that controls a large share of the worlds wealth can simply forcibly impose policies on populations because the population is 100's of miles away, without physical proxmity in a post high speed internet age, there's no way to prevent having these policies forced on the population if they want to participate in the culture. Basically the myth of the free market is being shown to be a farce with the rise of the internet.

The myth of consumer choice is the issue - you can't have genuine accountability or influence over corporations policies without physical proxmity, aka drm wouldn't be a think if we all lived within a few blocks of these companies. They get to force it down our throats because they are taking advantage of the fact the internet allows you to 'distribute' the product while holding part of its functionality hostage on companies servers, aka it's corporate warfare on peoples right to their own personal computers and the files they are purchasing from these companies. UWP and encrypted computing Microsoft and big companies are working on are working to turn computing devices into magical dumb terminal permanently. The entire internet is being re-engineered to take total control of software away from the end user, since the end user is too technically illiterate to understand the sophistication of the attacks on their rights.

If anything stallman is right and the free market corporate extremists are wrong, in what world do you want to have you private data bought and sold by anonymous corporations and then sold to people who are hostile to your interests AND have your own computer files like games encrypted so you can't modify them while the legal environment is being remade to make file modifications illegal to software you've paid for? What kind of fucked up world do you live in that you want to be a slave of a giant corporation these little ceo kings and ignorant peasants? If anything its the average free marketeer that is the extremist.

No market relationship can exist when buyer and seller are 100's of miles away from each other, there's no accountability so producers can impose their will on society and the average person is not intelligent enough to make rational decisions regarding technology because the human brain didn't evolve to deal with it.

Comment Re:Enemy of the good (Score 1, Interesting) 110

"So instead of repealing the law, how about extending to also apply to Google and Facebook?"

Not going to happen, I'll get to why in a moment... check out the links when you get the time. The brain doesn't see the world as it is, see the science on reasoning:

This is former national security advisor of the united states Zbigniew Brezinski, worried about the political awakening of the masses, the rich and corporations fear the political awakening of the masses of the globe, so see what they really think behind closed doors here:

On social media -- social media are connected to intelligence agencies... if you think you are going to get privacy it's all bs and optics for the masses.

Reddit and intelligence agencies

Wikileaks -- Reddit and intelligence agencies

These links will take a while to digest, but if you want to understand what's going on in the world, you owe it to yourself to become informed about the true state of the world.

"Intended as an internal document. Good reading to understand the nature of rich democracies and the fact that the common people are not allowed to play a role."

Crisis of democracy

Crisis of democracy - PDF ">Crisis of democracy - BOOK

Education as ignorance

Education as ignorance

Overthrowing other peoples governments

Overthrowing other peoples governments, the master list

Wikileaks on TTIP/TPP/ETC


Energy subsidies

Interference in other states when the rich/corporations dont get their way

Protectionism for the rich and big business by state intervention, radical market interference.

Manufacturing consent:

Manufacturing consent (book)

Testing theories of representative government

Democracy Inc Inverted-Totalitarianism/dp/069114589X

From war is a racket:

"I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested."[p. 10]

"War is a racket. ...It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives." [p. 23] "The general public shoulders the bill [for war]. This bill renders a horrible accounting. Newly placed gravestones. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Depression and all its attendant miseries. Back-breaking taxation for generations and generations." [p. 24]

General Butler is especially trenchant when he looks at post-war casualties. He writes with great emotion about the thousands of traumatised soldiers, many of who lose their minds and are penned like animals until they die, and he notes that in his time, returning veterans are three times more likely to die prematurely than those who stayed home.


US distribution of wealth

The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Some history on US imperialism by us corporations.

The real news

Comment Re:Rent not sell (Score 1) 227

"There's that fuzzy grey area in the middle now, though, like with most video games and other software, "

No the reason corporations got away with "licensing" software instead of us owning it was because no one understood tech, aka only the nerds are smart enough to understand computers and coding. Smart nerds always were for software ownership, business got away with a coup against peoples rights to own technology and software. AKA why can't you repair games or get access to the source? BS licensing laws because the average person is too tech illiterate. Basically the whole game industry is built on fraud, cultural works like games should always be owned by players. Not turned into broadcast TV /w the likes of drm...

Basically all online games are fraud - aka paying for a game you never own. League of legends, and other 'drmd' online games got away with mmo/f2p/steam drm because smart customers are nowhere near their offices and cant' punch them in the face. When king gabe newell of valve corp shoved DRM into half-life CS, there was massive outrage, the free market can't work when everyone has high speed internet and the kids are technology illiterate - aka so impulsive they will give away their rights to giant mega corporations and gabe newell because they are idiots and technology stupid.

Basically the public domain and freedom in videogame land was a victim of total corrupt laws that previous entertainment industries passed as well as corrupt laws from business community via software licensing . AKA the whole licensing model is just massive fraud when applied to cultural works like games. Game files are being attacked with encryption and virtual machine drm because the average consumer is not intelligent enough to understand what is happening. Most people are not going to deny themselves entertainment in their short often miserable lives. The reason they got away with this is because you as a customer need physical proximity to game companies or else they will produce games in underhanded ways. This is why steam, origin and MMO's became a thing - the smart people were not in physical proximity so there was no genuine fear of backlash, because the people who don't want it are 100's of miles away. The free market does not work at a distance when buyer and seller are 100's of miles away from each other and there is no physical product... when I buy my computer, in order for the company to be paid it has to be given entirely too me. Software can be taken hostage because of the internet where it's divided into two pieces. No one tech literate wants it, we saw level editing and game modding under attack since the rise of DRM and its going to get a lot worse.

Comment Re:Just do it. (Score 1) 327

Ever paid for an mmo? Used steam? bought agame with onlin drm? Used an iphone? Most people fed this, even technologically literate people. The free market DOES NOT WORK when the business is 100 miles away PLUS the internet, before the internet corporations couldn't shove policy with broadband they will just do what the want and kids/idiot adults will just keep feeding money to apple, valve+steam and the big game companies. Game companies pioneered the walled garden with mmo's and drm, then smart phones came along... once MMO's took off and dlc/microtransactions to that small retard percent of the population gave companies like riot at league of legends massive profits, that 3% or less of the population is SOOO profitable and so fucking stupid with money that 97% of us even if we make the dont pay decision get fucked by that idiotic 3% because these businesses can sustain on that at scale.

Comment The internet and commerce... (Score 1) 91

... are not comptabile when the public is stupid, irrational and tech illiterate. The vast majority of hte people don't know what DRM is or how tech works which is why software and entertainment companies are getting away with re-engineering Windows and software generally to live in the "cloud" (aka walled garden).

Apple, Google, Valve, and other corporations saw phone and videogame companies getting away with basically stealing the peoples right to own their own software and never have it entirely run the users machine, that ended because 1) the average videogame playing person/kid is a grade A moron. 2) Adults who use windows speak a good game about rights but are ultimately also as illiterate as the average videogame playing kid.

Basically human beings minds did not evolve to make rational decisions in a high technology capitalist society so they act like they normally would - like irrational dumb animals.

Fundamentally corporations desire for profits and power means taking away users rights to software on their machines. Phones and videogames have shown corporations the way, so much so that even big physical machine making companies like John Deere are trying to prevent farmers from repairing their tractors due to "software licensing" nonsense, aka claiming farmers never own their own tractors. You can google it.

Software licensing in the context things we should own like human culture and apps that aren't taken hostage inside the "cloud" are what we need but the average person simply is too irrational, too impulsive and too illiterate. You'd pretty much have to challenge the very architecture of capitalist society to get your rights and freedoms back - aka paying citizens a way to buy them the time to clean up corporations and government, good luck getting the average citizen to come to that point of view though.

Comment Right... (Score 0) 208

Because Facebook users are the most intelligent and discriminating of people on this planet. Well, so much for all conservative news feeds. The liberals have won the idiot war. I feel really bad for America now that entitled morons whined loud enough to get that squeaky wheel greased to their liking.

Comment More proof (Score 0) 183

that our education system is raising a generation or two of complete and utter morons who can't pick up a book and verify sources. As the husband of a 4th grade teacher, this is appalling and terrifying that these snowflakes will run the country some day.
We shitcan all the idiot liberal professors and introduce real discipline and rigor into the universities and maybe we'll come out of it okay. Otherwise, America is fucked.

Comment Not this shit again (Score 0) 445

Can't you fucking liberals grow the hell up? If it's no big deal for Hillary, it's no big deal here either.

Oh wait, you're liberals, the textbook definition of HYPOCRITE. You know, if you whiny ass children grow the fuck up and be consistent instead of the bullshit you've been doing the last 8 years, people might actually pay attention to you. Instead, you continue to be the PoS hypocrites you've been for a decade. You don't learn, do you?
Let me spell it out for you. Democrats have lose more than ONE THOUSAND state and federal elected seats since 2008. You have 4 states with a Dem governor and Dem controlled state legislature. In 2008 you had all but 12 states. You continue to label and try to shutdown everyone that doesn't agree with you. Conservatives are racists, homophobes, anti-Islamists and whatever other bullshit label you think you scream loud enough will stick to us. You riot and vandalize when you lose elections, when someone comes to speak at your university, and you threaten everyone else who looks at you sideways.

In short, you're just one molotov cocktail away from domestic terrorism. All of America has tuned you out as evidenced by the fact that DONALD TRUMP won the presidential election. But you don't get it, do you? And you never will.

You whiny, morally bankrupt, benighted hypocrites are a doomed party and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The more you whine about crap like this, more ears tune your stupid asses out. You've done more to destroy your ideology than conservatives have done in a century of fighting you cretins.

Good work, ladies. Now, STFU and let the adults run things for a while.

Comment Bout freaking time (Score 0) 139

This is long overdue in virtually every civilized country. Nothing annoys the hell out of me more than listening to someone and having to ask multiple times what the hell they said. When I visit other countries, I expect to be able to communicate with them clearly in their language (except for France, fuck those cheese eating surrender monkeys). It's a shame the liberals want to allow anyone to just walk into the country, then the citizens have to cater to them, rather than vice-versa. Sick and tired of dealing with Hispanics who refuse to learn English (and my wife has SEVERAL hispanic parents who refuse to learn English -- she's a 4th grade teacher) and expect us to learn Spanish instead.

Personally, we should scrap regional languages and use Latin for everything. That way it's not tied of a region and everyone will struggle with it for a while.

Comment Had a similar experience recently (Score 0) 1001

Even though I've semi-retired from IT, I browse crap I get from recruiters in my email just to see if there is something that might strike me as interesting enough to look into. I've 'retired' twice and my ADHD keeps me from sitting on my ass more than a few weeks before I get bored doing nothing.

Anyway, I saw a Systems Analyst/Engineer position that seemed interesting, did the phone interview and they were impressed enough to want an in-person interview and mentioned to the recruiter that I'm so qualified 'they were afraid I'd get bored with the job'. So far so good. Now, a suit was required for the interview, which is unusual in my experience (I live in the South and it's usually too damn hot for a suit, even a light one.), but I need a new suit anyway.

I go to the interview and trampled all over the technical and 'how would you handle blah blah blah' personality/communication skills questions. Then I'm asked to look at the white board behind me. On it was drawn was looked like a game of hangman, and a large square with a + in the middle to break into 4 smaller squares. They asked me that if the lines of the box were matchsticks, how could I move 2 and double the larger square.

The 'hangman' drawing (which wasn't hangman, it was a very badly drawn scale) was 'if you have 8 widgets and one is heavier than others, how would you find the heavy widget in the fewest number of weighings'. Both of these are straight off MENSA tests (at least variants thereof). I've never done anything more than just suck at the matchsticks puzzle, and even though I got the 'heavy widget' one 'correct' I wasn't offered the position. Why? Because they didn't like how I thought my way through the puzzles. (The matchsticks one, I flat out told them that I'm no good at those type puzzles as I don't think the right way to come up with an answer for it.

In neither case were those questions relevant to the position, or my ability to do the job. Being able to answer MENSA puzzle questions doesn't make you qualified to do the job, just that you can answer puzzles from the back of the evening paper. Needless to say, I let the recruiter AND the company doing the hiring a very long (but polite) ass-chewing email after I was not offered the position. Not that I would have taken the job had I been offered it. I wasn't angry about not being offered the job, since I am independently wealthy and work just because I want to and feel I can still contribute to the right organization, most times at lower compensation than others would. I was pissed because shit questions like that are MEANINGLESS as to whether you can do the job.

Of course, you can thank Google for this type of bullshit nonsense. Their interview questions are notorious for silly shit like this and others think its cool to do the same. Actually, they just look ridiculous and will almost always turn down the best candidate because of puzzle questions like that.

I shake my head every time I see crap like that going on.

Comment Re:All my friends in NSA are looking (Score 0) 251

Morally questionable? He's a bloody spy on average Americans since Obama took office. HE IS MORALLY QUESTIONABLE by occupation. Though, sounds to me like he's just another whiny ass liberal pussy who hates that Hillary lost. Shame we have an entire generation of entitled, whiny, immature, self-centered hypocritical moral bankrupts running things in the country.

Dude shouldn't just resign, he should eat a bullet. We don't need people like him in the US now.

Comment Mostly conservative 'trolls' (Score 1) 183

Jack Dorsey, that liberal motherfucker loves banning people he disagrees with. It's not trolls, it's stifling free speech from conservative elements in America. Milo was banned, but Leslie Jones was not, even though her feed was just as, if not more, racist than Milo's.

So, yeah, I'm looking forward to Twitter vanishing like a fart in the wind this year when no one will buy this pathetic excuse for social media.

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