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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 603

And when do you expect to get the raise that will allow you go buy the now more expensive product? Someone making $15/hr already who gets no raise when the minimum goes to $15/hr will be in serious trouble as the prices for everything that come from current minimum wage workers goes up to cover your largesse. I'm glad you have lots of excess cash now that you can spend on the more expensive products, but most people do not.

Sorry to interrupt your lecture on crackpot economics 101 (or introduction to economic fallacies) but there are many, many nations throughout the world that demonstrates this is not the case. The UK, Australia, Japan and and many European nations demonstrate that paying a livable minimum wage does not result in mass unemployment. Quite the opposite in fact, paying people a livable wage enables them to buy things like rent and food instead of living in a leased car in a car park and subsisting on whatever they could get from Poundland.

In fact Henry Ford's entire business model depended on his employees being paid enough to buy his own products... And that worked out fantastically for him as compared to Uber... who are haemorrhaging cash.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 603

Well, to be fair...not every job out there is meant to be a full time, "real" job that you earn your full living from....

I mean, uber is just a side money job, that's it. I mean, should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid, and throw in full blown benefits too?

I know I"m moving closer and closer to the "get off my lawn" crowd, but please tell me, I missed it..when did things change an EVERY job available became one where you were supposed to make a living from and have a career?

I mean, when did burger flipping become a "real job" instead of something teens did in high school?

Since burgers have been available within school hours.

So it always was, the question is why do you think it's a job for high school teens only when Micky D's runs 24 hours.

Uber is advertising itself as a full time career when it suits it but pretends that its ad hock when it is called out on its bullshit.. However we should have learned by now that Uber is lying out its arse about everything.

Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 1) 173

As will everybody else in the world. And that is why politicians should not always follow the popular ideas. It is also why subsidizing is not always a bad idea.
Remember when things where done, not because they were easy, but because they were hard?

What you need is leaders. What you have now are managers. (Clinton would have been a manager as well)

Comment Re:Another SLOW Language (Score 1) 276

The JIT and the GC are the two parts of the VM that must be able to escape the constraints of the language model (the JIT must be able to generate executable code, which the Java security model doesn't permit, and the GC must be able to allocate memory and assign it a type and delete objects that are still reachable). Absolutely everything else in a JVM can be implemented in Java fully respecting the language model. You can write almost all of a JVM in Java, as long as you have a small amount of statically compiled Java code that is treated as trusted and so permitted to violate the language invariants. This is precisely how Smalltalk VMs are typically written. There is no requirement for C/C++ to implement Java, it's just an easy way of doing it.

Comment Re: Don't look at it that way... (Score 1) 151

If you're creating a database table, 64 bits doubles the size of the index column. If you're creating a database table in normal form, then you'll have a number of tables that are simply pairs of two indexes, so you will double the size of entire tables. That's going to have big cache and memory overheads and is definitely not a simple 'let's always do that' choice.

Comment Re:More features. (Score 1) 276

I honestly couldn't say. I learned C++ about 20 years ago, hated it, tolerated it a bit while working on LLVM, revisited it in C++11 and discovered that the language had changed beyond all recognition and didn't suck anymore. I like cppreference as a reference for the standard library, but I've not used a tutorial (and I definitely wouldn't recommend the old book that I read).

Comment Re:how about modules? (Score 1) 276

Yes, modules as proposed for C++ (which don't give you what the grandparent wanted: a clean separation between interface and implementation) are pretty easy. Clang has mature support for them and even some logic to implicitly generate modules from headers. They give you a compilation speedup, which is sorely needed for C++, but not the benefit that the grandparent was looking for, though they do at least require that you don't litter your headers with #ifdefs (which means C++ and C can't share modules).

Comment Re:C# vs Swift (Score 1) 75

The term to search for in the research literature is barrier elision. The new and shiny optimisations in Swift are things that garbage collected language implementations have been doing for around 30 years. Finalisers are a pain to support, but you either need to support them or you need some other mechanism for preventing non-memory resource (e.g. file descriptor) leaks.

Comment Re:C# vs Swift (Score 1) 75

The only GC mechanism that requires double the memory that you use is a semispace compactor. A lot of modern GCs use this for the young generation (if the space fits in the cache, it's very cheap, especially if you use nontemporal loads / stores when relocating the objects. Some work at Sun Research a decade ago showed that you could do it entirely in hardware in the cache controller very cheaply). Most GCs use mark-and-compact on smaller regions than the entire heap. You're right that you get some cache churn, but after the compact phase you're getting much better locality so your cache and TLB usage is improved during mutator execution.

Comment Re:What kind of jobs? (Score 1) 295

Sorry, not gonna work. Yes, that used to work out back when the American dream could still come true, but know what? It's over. Been over for a long time now.

The American Dream was "work hard, climb the ladder, make wise investments and one day you'll live comfortably".

Doesn't work anymore. You can work your ass off and you will won't get anywhere, earn enough to actually make any investments and you'll never live comfortably. You'll work to your grave.

The new American Dream is "fuck this, try winning the lottery or get hit by someone with money with his car and sue his pants off".

Comment Re:Until the money runs out... (Score 1) 168

Actually the way it most often happens is. New company with good management provides quality services at a low price with tight profit margins and grows and grows. Along comes a dick bag douche psychopath and quite simply pays more for the company than it is worth with the cooperation or corrupt psychopathic banksters. Once bought they, cut services, cheapen and offshore labour, force up prices, get rid of support and basically trade on betrayed trust with the customer base. Once the profits have been bumped up high enough and just prior to collapse, the banskters dress up the turkey to dump on the market, sell and some short time latter the major collapse, with the psychopaths wandering off with the inevitably offshored profits.

Those people left holding the bag of shite company, then try to fix it, either by going back to the original quality model (generally the original owners buying it back at a much lower price than they sold it for) or simply trying to force the exploitative model to work (company limps along until bought out at a major discount).

This is done on purpose with forethought and planning, a corporate scam enabled and protected by government corruption. This is done again and again to virtually every company at one time or another. Which is why the all eventually fail. Corporations that do not test for and exclude psychopathy are fools, eventually those tools will bring down the company, just a matter of time.

Comment Re:Hell No (Score 1) 78

I barely tolerate Google voice and that is only on the basis that it only listens when it actively allow it. Let me guess where the big upgrade in google voice has been focused, i spy with my, well, you get the drift. Real privacy laws are required as soon as possible.

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