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Comment Re:Socially Shame the Management (Score 1) 158

Sounds like typical SJW solutions...poo poo until you ruin someone's life all because you don't like something.

I wish I had mod points, this deserves to be marked down as a troll. Anyone who uses the term "SJW" is completely full of shit and should be treated accordingly.

The GP was half way right. You need to go after the managers and "decision makers" who are responsible, but forget social media. You need to hurt them in the hip pocket. Legal and financial disincentives are what is needed to stymie outsourcing. PR can handle any social discontent, it's when their positions are threatened because its costing more to outsource than to hire local will they change.

Comment Re:That's actually debateable (Score 1) 158

the CEOs of the outsourcing firms have been caught a few times complaining about lazy Americans. And frankly he's right. By Indian or Chinese standards our 50-60 hour work weeks make us lazy. The H1-Bs I know regularly put in 80 hour work weeks. They're young and disposable but they don't care because currency exchange means they're earning a fortune working here. Best case they get a greencard and start doing the 50-60 hr work weeks of Americans, worst case they go back home flush with cash.

The moral? You can't compete with India. You can't compete with a country that has a literal cast system and effective slavery for millions of their citizens. End the H1-B program. Start calling your congressman/woman/thing and ask them why they haven't ended the program. There are other programs for rural doctors. The program is for replacing Americans. Call your congressman and ask. Remind them you and your family and your friends won't be voting for them in their primary. Make sure you say primary. They've gerrymandered the districts. After their Primary they'll win. But they're vulnerable in the primary.

Most of this post is completely incorrect. The rest is only partially incorrect.

First things first, the decision to outsource is never about quality or performance, it's always 100% about money.

Secondly, its not the "exchange rate" that makes working overseas attractive, its the disparity of income. The exchange rate just denotes how many rupees you get for dollars, income disparity is what makes you get more money per hour.

Thirdly, 12 hour working days are rare, its mostly 8 hour shifts, especially for western companies that are subject to laws back home even though the labour is outsourced. As another poster explained, the culture of long hours with Asian companies tends to be more about social rules than work. A Japanese employee might be at work for 12 hours, but thats all about appearance, they have to look like a hard worker by arriving before the boss and leaving after the boss. They don't get any extra work done, a lot of the time they are napping or socialising. This is a common theme across Asia.

In my experience, Indians buck the trend of Asian culture. Most Asian (especially the Chinese) don't like it when the Gwailo demonstrates they know more, so the appearance of knowledge is more important than the knowledge itself. The Indians are the opposite. I once had to run training in Singapore, the ethnic Chinese attended, but never participated. They didn't ask questions or interact much, to do so would have lost them face in front of their colleges. The ethnic Indians on the other hand never stopped with questions. At one point I had to ask them to write them down as I didn't have time to answer them all tonight.

The reason so much outsourcing ends up in India is because they are happy to work under western managers.

Of course with all races, you get the full spectrum from idiot to genius, western, Asian or otherwise, however only certain cultures have a compunction against learning or thinking outside the box. With Indians, you get two types of body shops, cheap ones that employ anyone with an IT cert so they get all the ones that paid for their certs and are pretty much useless. The second kind employs the Indians that are moderately competent, these guys actually earned their grades and are good at performing routine tasks but don't expect much in the way of creativity, the downside of this is that you pay more, probably about the same as hiring flunkies in the US. Those Indians that are actually as good as good western IT workers... We'll they're your colleges. Indians who are a good enough can generally get out of India of their own accord. Most end up in the UK or Australia as India is part of the Commonwealth of Nations which makes it easier to get a visa. Really good Indians will have worked all around the world.

Comment Re:Steam? (Score 1) 133

No, steam is not a subscription service. You buy each title you want, once, and that's it. If you want the dlc, you pay a separate unlock fee, once, to get it.

This is a monthly payment, and you get access to all the titles and all the dlc for them (however many your hard drive can hold), and you can swap them out and play them as much as you want....until you cancel the subscription; when you lose access to all of them.

It's going to be more like a Pay/Cable TV subscription. With the basic package, you only get access to a limited set of semi-popular games. To get access to the full catalogue, you need to pay for the gold package. Want DLC, you can pay a nominal sum for a DLC package per game.

Comment Re: How about a 4th option ? (Score 1) 289

You might like to pay attention when the muck spreaders are out - the stuff that they're coating the fields in is not plain old organic dirt (or even soil, which is an incredibly complex substance in its own right). It's not even shit anymore, it's a complex growing medium that's covered by numerous patents.

Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 1) 289

Given that most of this code was originally targeting systems from the 1960's and 70's, I can't imagine there being an insurmountable number of lines of code

According to Wikipedia, Gartner estimated about 200 billion lines of COBOL code in 1997. To put that in perspective, that's more than the total amount of open source C code tracked by Can you imagine persuading someone to rewrite all of that C code in a newer language?

Comment Re:So give us your tax money (Score 1) 142

You want to waste money on all that?

What, do they write treaties on gold-pressed latinum now?

Compare costs of a typical treaty negotiation meeting to a just a single strike of ~50 Tomahawk cruise missiles at ~$325M each.

Diplomacy is ^always^ the cheaper option.

Now compare that same ballpark figure of the costs of negotiating a new treaty to the cost of effectively being cut out of the economic, technical, and scientific benefits of space exploration/exploitation.

Diplomacy is far and away the better option.


Comment Re:So give us your tax money (Score 1) 142

The treaty is required especially on the basis of preventing nuclear weapons use in space.


*A* treaty is required, *this* one can be replaced/renegotiated. Isn't that what civilized nations do when circumstances change, renegotiate or replace a dated treaty with a new, more comprehensive one that accounts for current realities?


Comment Re:Pay your fucking taxes instead (Score 1) 164

The proportional amount of work requires increases as you increase your income relative to your starting assets

Now that's comedy gold, do you have more jokes like this? Since when is the amount of money you make in any relation to your workload? How much more work do you think Allen did compared to, say, a single mother working 3 jobs to make ends meet?

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