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Comment Re:OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 2) 321

You'll have to get them to have it penned by someone even slightly more credible than Dinesh D'Souza, the poor little rich Indian kid who's grown up to excel at blaming the American Left for the misdeeds of the global Rich--er, Right.

Maybe you missed how full of praise D'Souza was for the 9/11 terrorists--I *saw and heard him myself* on Politically Incorrect talking about what brave warriors they were. Maybe you've missed his suggestion that American conservatives to join forces with conservative Muslims to combat "moral degeneracy".

*Other conservatives* even take him to task for his poorly-thought-out ideas and dismiss as preposterous his attempts to tie fundamentalist Islam together with American liberalism. Not to mention his terrible book and film about Obama, which even conservatives have recognised as character assassination based on half-truths, selective omissions, outright lies, and obvious projection.

Oh, and he's been convicted of campaign finance fraud, too.

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