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Comment Netflix get this! (Score 1) 450

Netflix get this!

  • I (can) watch so many hours of content a month.
  • From that you can calculate what a show "is worth" of my money and how much you could pay to the content provider.
  • I expect you to have every content ever produced on the planet available. In any language.
  • I'd be understanding for this to take a while, provided you show progress in achieving this.
  • Alas you have not been able to achieve a content level I'd be happy wit and therefore I have quit.
  • Indeed I cannot be bothered to understand the reasons why the content portfolio is as limited as it is.
  • I merely vote with my money.

I speak for myself. But perhaps other consumers might have similar expectations.

Comment Coding style is a vehicle to convey your brillince (Score 1) 523

Coding style is a vehicle to convey your brilliance. You're a decent programmer so conform to whatever the style is on the project you work in. Don't waste your precious short life on arguing about style.

For instance: In order to be able to comply to any coding style, I always set up my modules so that reordering members will not affect the functioning. Want to order constructors, getters/setters and/or other methods differently? Want to order static members in a very specific way? All fine by me.

Let's get the real issue at hand be dealt with.

Comment Just wrote a bitch of a piece of code (Score 1) 122

Just wrote a bitch of a piece of code. I aborted when I fully appreciated that the data model I was adopting simply stank. The crap code code is gone and a cleaner approach now results in actually readable code. The former surely caused my heart rate to rise. The latter to drop due to absolute boredom.

Would the Zurcher team take into consideration that some people actually see sense and backtrack? Or should good coders be visited by ties to be told what they already know?

Comment Where I live (Score 1) 324

Where I live we pump water up a mountain into a lake to store energy. Seems to me a simpler solution than using trains.

I wouldn't be surprised if water would be slightly less efficient due to pumps and turbines having higher loss factor and due to water evaporating. But how many trains, tracks and difference in height would you need to have something equivalent to a small lake high up a mountain?

Comment Re:Typical conservative machinations (Score 3, Insightful) 84

Not a citizen of the UK. Not living in the UK. Hell, not even a native English speaker.

But I'd pay for BBC iPlayer. Easily twice the amount I'd pay for Amazon Prime. The BBC offers opportunities for non mainstream voices to be heard. Comedy, decent science, OK documentaries, reasonably independent news. And I don't care much for other content as I could get that from other sources.

Yet, I feel I don't fully pay the BBC. One indirect part I pay through the TV license in the country I live in, as they -inevitably- serve BBC content. Another part remains unaccounted for.

BBC! If you're listening, there are people outside the UK willing to pay for great content which you produce. Allow us to pay for access to your content!

And while you're at it: Reduce the influence of parasitic outfits wich implement/support artificial partitioning systems with the sole purpose of bleeding money from you. In the modern world you don't need these any longer.

Comment Developer vs. programmer (Score 3, Insightful) 337

tl;dr: Creative developers are not likely to be replaced by AI.

The terms are blurred. Most people considering themselves developers actually are application programmers. Quite a few exceptional people in CS call themselves or are being classified as programmers. Apparently the almost meek title "programmer" covers more of what those people do than something like "developer".

But in the world of us mortals the title "programmer" is not taken seriously. We need to take recourse in titles like "application programmer", "web designer", "senior developer", "solution architect", "enterprise architect" and so on. But let's be brutally honest; Most of us will never make it into Wikipedia's list of programmers.

At any rate a developer can take an idea, a hunch or a vague concept and create a computing world around it. It requires huge amounts of insight and experience to come up with something simple that solves many business problems elegantly and which is accepted as a business proposition. As of yet I don't see such creative processes being replaced by AI. A machine that wins at chess or at go does so by recognizing patterns in a limited domain or by brute force but not by being particularly intelligent at identifying a problem in need of a solution. The contexts of go, chess and even navigation through traffic are huge but still extremely confined.

However, if your work consists in taking requirements and producing code than expect to be surprised.

Comment Re:Wrong units? (Score 1) 198

Buddy take a more relaxed view on life.

Fact is that everything sort of gets harder to get your head around. Making sense of the wonderful but complex applications built on top of many simple concepts is tough when you don't know the basics. And not everyone is interested in taking life as a way to pursue absolute truth, no matter how limited the brain is in doing so.

Back in the days I was happy to naturally understand formulas like E = P * t, P = I * V and V = I * R. Most people around me just couldn't and memorised these to pass tests.

But I realise I have limitations. And many of them. For instance, I can't get my head around the theory of relativity. And I tried for years. I also have to work very hard at social skills.

Taking offence on others not grasping stuff that is plain and easy to yourself is not very logical as we all have our limitations. For me the most effective way to work with this is to perform well in my field of expertise, to radiate authentic pleasure in stuff I do, to cheerfully ignore people less savvy in my field -unless they become nasty and "attack"-, to accept that appreciation is not always fair and to never give up.

Comment Bullies (Score 1) 296

I'm certainly not an Apple fanboy. But apparently Apple didn't break any law. Perhaps it would actually break a law by complying to the request.

There are enough security agencies and services that could have done their homework by gathering and processed intelligence. But they didn't. And now they go around begging others for answers. Much like cheating on your tests. Do your homework and stop whining, I'd say.

Much along the lines of VW cheating at benchmarks. Coming with an absolutely crap emissions test, missing the point that engines suddenly perform well and then be dismayed that the tests were so easy to cheat on. It doesn't take a scientist to point out the stupidity of the tests.

To all governments: Wake up! Do you homework. And stop bullying others to do it for you!

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