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Comment Re:He was never really honored the first time arou (Score 1) 91

You sound like you're up for a promotion. Hope you'll be able to deal with the disillusion when you come to realize that upper management isn't what you think it's supposed to be. That in most not privately owned companies it's a way to dodge doing actual work with cluelessly spouting BS.

Steve and the rest of the world wouldn't have been where we're now if it weren't for a handful of brilliant people like Ritchie, Thompson, and Joy to name a few off the top of my head.

Comment I need actual people around me (Score 1) 269

Just a regular developer here. Not a great speaker. Not particularly good with people.

However, I do need people around me. They are invaluable for staying up-to-date. The banter also feeds issues to my brain and I can work to finding solutions to not yet perceived problems well before escalation occurs.

At home I cannot concentrate well because wife and kids distract me with stuff I find hard to resist. At work I communicate well in a business way and at home I'm more family oriented.

Speaking for myself, I am most effective and efficient in a traditional setting. Yet I don't impose this on others. If you want to telecommute then be prepared to tell me what you're up to so that we can work well together. And yes, I will reciprocate.

Comment Why not invade Redmond? (Score 1) 277

Why not invade Redmond? It seems customary practice in Russia to take what you want by force.

I'm sure some jerk could argue that Alaska was once Russian. That Washington isn't hat far away from Alaska. That Russia never sold Washington to the US. And that therefore...

What a bunch of idiots. Regardless of the technology (I don't particularly like MS') you should know that coming up with an operating system, a desktop and usable applications is not an easy task. What's the Russian version be like? A ripoff of ?

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 4, Interesting) 205

I'm always impressed that software devs and project managers and database architects understand business strategy so well that they only need about 10% of the contextual information about what's going on in the business, and no access to financial statements... and yet can tell that the C-suite has it all wrong. Have you ever thought about being CEO? We would love to have you.

A quote from Machiavelli:

Nor, I hope, will you think it presumptuous that a man of low, really the lowest, station should set out to discuss the way princes ought to govern their peoples. Just as artists who draw landscapes get down in the valley to study the mountains and go up to the mountains to look down on the valley, so one has to be a prince to get to know the character of a people and a man of the people to know the character of a prince.

I personally had to learn the hard way what business strategy is. Had (wait I still have) a company fully based on my skills. I realized that I hadn't a clue as to how I could influence the factors around me and so I quit well in time and went permanent to do what I do best. Then I studied business strategy. (Boy was I naive.) The upshot is that I now can argue as to how a technical decision supports our strategic position.

I now see pretty quickly whether a CEO has a strategy or not. Developing a strategy requires analysis, input from many different disciplines and is a hell of a job to take on. Management by decree has nothing to do with strategy. A strategy is documented reasonably well and enables people within the organisation to naturally contribute to it.

Comment What's the point? (Score 4, Insightful) 205

I am not pleased with our CEO. We all aren't. It's a way of life.

I'd settle for one that understands business strategy well and who knows how to keep the company profitable in the mid and in the long term. But those are few and far between.

The employee's choice will inevitably be the most popular one. Which most of the time isn't one bit better than the status quo.

Comment Re:It Makes Sense (Score 1) 32

The map is about use in governments. At any rate FOSS cannot be used as a ransom tool for corporations. The issue on whether "it makes money" is moot. But if you want to bring up money, in the long term the US admin would most likely save taxpayers money by switching to FOSS. And US corporations will be forced to fend for themselves even more, without a wealthy uncle to sponsor their businesses.

Comment Accounting and invoicing (Score 1) 256

Accounting and invoicing...

That's the people that sort stacks of paper, that copy/paste numbers from one spreadsheet to another, that have shorter lines to upper management, that are expected to linger around a company as necessary overhead, that have to be wooed in order to get necessary and over due stuff done and that are never targeted when optimizing. Yet now that are.

Seems logical. But I had expected blue collar to be sacked first. And that A&I would have been able to delay the chopping block (most likely that will have.)

Let's face it. Crap jobs will vanish and will be replaced by cheaper and better better machines. The question is how we as a society will adapt to these changes. More people will be affected that we can imagine. Unemployed will become the default occupation. The unemployed will be so of no fault of their own. Letting these people rot is not just immoral but will cause riots and unrest.

I believe in meritocracy and not in utopia. But reality seems to push us towards the latter. Interesting times are a-changin' (but not exactly like Bob intended.)

With so much time on our hands, will we all become enlightened or will we turn into a bunch of feckless morons?

Comment Re:Denormalize (Score 5, Insightful) 674

CNF2 is good. CNF3 is sometimes better. CNF4 is usually worse.

Sorta. First you analyze your model to be 3NF or 4NF. Then you denormalize in a controlled way. Logic before optimization.

Accidental 2NF usually means the problem wasn't well analyzed. And that most likely there will be problems ahead caused by bad abstraction.

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