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Comment Re:Due process matters more than Snowden (Score 1) 331

United States Constitution, Article II, Section 2 reads in part:
The President ... shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

A pardon IS due process.

The right response for Snowden is a pardon. Any other response would be to make him a political prisoner.

Ideally the pardon should be accompanied by the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and perhaps the Nobel Committee should also see fit to award him the peace prize.

Comment Re:Whistle-blower defense (Score 1) 331

He absolutely does get to dictate what charges he will face. He has the option of not returning to a country that will persecute him unless that country offers him the only acceptable solution - a guarantee that there will be no charges.

And he absolutely should be held accountable for his actions. That accountability should be in the form of a pardon and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No other accountability is appropriate.

He is a hero to the United States and to the world.

Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 45

This is rather odd, considering how manual malware reverse engineering works. Usually when you get a sample to dissect, you already know that it's a bogey. So it not doing what it's supposed to do is a quick way to become even more interesting, and finding that reason shouldn't take a good AV researcher more than an hour, tops.

It also doesn't really add to the complexity of the analysis, creating/copying a handful of documents into your VM isn't that big a deal, what you'll probably do is to clean up, copy the files in, create a new base image and run from there. The delay this would cause is minimal.

This as a hurdle for human researchers makes rather little sense, to be honest.

Comment Re:Trial in Absentia (Score 1) 331

There is absolutely no requirement in the Constitution that a person have been convicted of any crime before receiving a pardon, and there is certainly precedent for pardons being given without charges ever having been filed.

The pardon is a part of the process of law, not a circumvention of it. It's not used nearly often enough.

Edward Snowden is being accused of a political crime. A pardon is the appropriate legal solution.

Comment Re: It's OK to Not Tolerate Inteolerance (Score 1) 560

If you surveyed how many citizens would support law against hate speech, it would probably be a significant number. And prospective citizens as well. So I don't think the problem with your proposal has anything to do with people in favor of shari'a law. It would not work with plain Judeo-Christian European European-descended folks.

Comment Re:Superdistribution of Content (Score 1) 183

Generally it's from some stupid millennial, or the mouthpiece of a social networking company that offers a messaging feature that, for all intents and purposes, is email (except with centralization, censorship, advertising and data-mining). What they really mean is "we wish email were dead, so everyone would be forced to become one of our users and we could become the new defacto email".


Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 98

We don't necessarily have to tax carbon emissions. We can tax coal, oil, and gas production instead. We can end the depletion deduction. We can make fossil fuel production companies ineligible for any subsidies or deductions. We can ban fracking.

There are plenty of things we can do to make it much more expensive to use fossil fuel than to use renewables without subsidizing nuclear or taxing carbon emissions directly.

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