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Journal morgan_greywolf's Journal: HELP! Annoying Opera cookie slashdot problem 10

When logged into the main page here (slashdot.org), whenver I go to the section pages (i.e., developers.slashdot.org), I end up browsing as an anonymous user, because Opera 9.52 doesn't seem to be sending the cookies for Slashdot.org. This didn't occur in 9.2x or 9.51, but I think I've seen it in other past Opera versions.

It doesn't seem to matter what I set my cookies preference to. Even if I globally set it to 'Accept cookies', and delete all my site preferences, it doesn't seem to matter.

I've tried clearing my cache and cookies, restarting all that jazz.

Any ideas? Anyone?

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HELP! Annoying Opera cookie slashdot problem

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  • Firefox? ;)
  • Just tested Opera 9.52 on Mac OS X, worked fine. It worked with my existing cookies, then I deleted cookies and got new ones from slashdot.org/login.pl ... all fine.

    So only guess is you're not using Mac OS X?

  • I doubt this helps, but I've been using 9.52 since it came out on several different machines and I've had no trouble with Slashdot remembering who I am. They were all upgrade installs, though, not clean installs. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

  • It looks like you've already solved the problem yourself. But for anyone else wrestling with managing a limited use of cookies in Opera...

    Change these preferences
    1) goto Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Cookies
    2) select: Accept only cookies from the site I visit
    3) check: Ask me before accepting cookies
    4) click: Ok

    Visit the site to trigger a dialog box
    5) check: Remember my choice for all cookies for this domain
    6) click: Accept

    Change back these preferences
    7) goto Tools -> Pre
  • Works fine here but I used 9.51/OS X, all I can think of is if it was site dependant and maybe your old cookie hold that option even when you had changed to accept all cookies. In that case I'd just remove all slashdot cookies and try again.

    Probably already solved though.

  • Coincidentally, the bottom of the page (this very page!) says "Somebody's terminal is dropping bits. I found a pile of them over in the corner".

    I think those must be yours.

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