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Comment What the hell, Assange? (Score 1) 733

I just don't get why Assange and his Wikileaks participated in this. It does not help his side in any way, and in fact the emails are very damaging. They reveal that the Democrats planned violent anti-Trump protests. Signs were pre-printed and shipped to paid shills who acted as protesters. They told the media to stop reporting stories. They rigged the primaries to screw over Sanders. Assange revealing this kind of thing just plays into the hands of the enemies. Has he gone crazy in that embassy? I just can't figure out why he would deliberately harm his own side like this. He's really the one to blame here, not Russia.

Comment Re:A journalist does not know what is going on? (Score 0) 311

It wasn't a problem as long as it was happening to the little people. It happens to an elite personally? BIG PROBLEM. Elites have nothing but contempt and hate for ordinary Americans so why should they give a shit if we're being illegally searched? We can't even be trusted to vote correctly so we totally deserve anything horrible that happens to us.

Comment Re:I know where I stand (Score 1) 377

Leave people alone? Are you delusional? Liberals believe in the power of government to affect people's lives. They want you to have a "relationship with your government", like it's a girlfriend or something. They expand, expand, expand the power of government because they believe it to be positive and NOT subject to corruption or any of those yucky things. If We The People were left to our own choices, we'd just choose wrong! Look at Brexit! The people were presented with a clearly correct choice and a clearly wrong choice, and they screwed it up! How can you trust people like that?

In reality, giving the government more and more power just leads to corruption. Example #1: Hillary Clinton, and we need look no further. Clearly corrupt, clearly belongs in prison, the evidence is overwhelming. She cuts a deal with the Attorney General to keep her on after she's elected and the charges go away, POOF!

Comment How does he say this with a straight face? (Score 2, Interesting) 377

And I decided that by reason of character, by reason of background, and experience, but also especially by reason of results, she would be the most qualified person to be president in January of 2017.

What the fuck? Seriously? Anyone else who said this would burst out laughing. Hillary has zero character. Her background is rotten. Her results? Like what? Starting an undeclared war in Libya so her buddies could make money? This just doesn't pass the giggle check. How can educated people DO these things?

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 230

1) The elections were valid according to the international community.
2) Reductio ad Hitlerum, a fallacious argument. Hitler was a vegetarian, therefore vegetarians are fascists.

I see you fail to grasp that the fascists are the people with uniforms, tanks, guns, and who march in step. Seriously, are they that hard to spot? You know, the ones who just tried to overthrow the government and start fascism? Anyone getting "purged" is pro-fascist, and honestly I can't say anyone in the world is sorry for them. They made their bed, now they have to sleep in it. Let this be a warning to all those who would ally with fascists.

A lot of people are going to scream and shout because of their Islamophobia. Are you on the side of the Islamophobes and fascists, or on the side of the people?

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 0) 230

You know what's fascism? Complaining about a free and fair election and trying to overthrow the legitimate government with armed force. "I don't agree with this" isn't what fascism means...although far too many people who are educated enough to know better are using the word that way.

Comment Here's the world's smallest violin (Score 0) 325

Yaknow, I might have a sliver of empathy for doctors, if they actually gave a shit. The last time I had a medical issue they didn't pay any attention to what I said, ordered a few tests, and shooed me out of their office lickety-split. If they had actually listened and prescribed a course of treatment, I might feel differently. But nope. One doctor actually had the gall to ask ME what I wanted to do. Like I'm an expert! What the fuck? How do you even ask something like that?! Heal me, you fucking quack!

Comment Re:Harm (Score 1) 93

You'll like this story then. A friend of mine was buying sunglasses from a Chinese factory. He was asking about the UV protection level, and evidently there was some problem translating the concept. Him and his translator went back and forth with the factory owner a few times with no result. Finally, a light goes on in the owner's eyes and he says, in English, "Ahh, yes...we have sticker!" True story.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1135

You live in a really bizarre world. This world of yours certainly isn't attached to the planet Earth in any way. An odd phrase, "administrative means of allocating and distributing those resources just needs to be found." You mean socialism, right? In your Bizarro World, socialism is a great way of allocating and distributing resources. On the planet Earth, well, I'll let the people who actually lived under this kind of "enlightened" government tell us how allocation and distribution actually works in practice:

"If socialists controlled the Sahara Desert, within ten years there would be a shortage of sand."

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