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Comment Re:The Future Society (Score 1) 80

So, you just invented this, right? In a story that tells us that recycling phones is a great thing instead of just throwing them into a toxic landfill. No, you can't think of anything nice, you just create a ridiculous strawman argument and then proceed to tear it apart. Fucking seriously, +4 Insighful? A strawman?

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 338

A capital idea! Why don't you just stay the hell out of a country you hate and avoid them entirely.

The world would be a better place if more people thought like you. Unfortunately, a lot of them would very much like to come to America because they shat in their own countries and now they're unlivable.

Comment Re:Busywork (Score 1) 338

Hello, dumbass. If you lie on the customs form and blow up a bus full of Jewish children, you can be charged with lying on the form and easily deported. Without this offense, there are a million ways that tricky asshole lawyers can keep you from leaving America. You know, the country you desperately wanted to come to since your home country is a shithole.

These laws have been a thing for a long time now. There is a checkbox on tax forms that say, "did you earn any of this money from criminal enterprises?" That's how the nailed Al Capone in the 1930s.

Comment Re:Don't confuse stupid with malicious (Score 1) 508

It's astounding to hear educated people try to excuse Hillary like this. If it were a Republican candidate that pulled the same shit, you'd be all over it like stink on shit. And then pull Trump into it and make a false equivalence, a well-known logical fallacy.

Nobody "chose" Crooked Hillary for the Democratic nomination. She stole it with fraud. Didn't you read the emails? Let me guess: no. Because they'd shatter your precious worldview and we can't have that.

Comment Re: Rape sympathizers (Score 1) 222

Isn't it hilarious that a far leftist like Assurange was laid low by his own buddies, the Swedish radical feminists? I laughed for days. Moreover, a man who spent his entire life fantasizing about being a personal enemy of the USA and he finally gets his wish. What does he immediately do? He falls for the oldest trick in the book: the honey trap. LOL.

Comment Re:It's not really dead (Score 1) 508

No, this was before mass sequelitis infected the movie industry and ruined it. Sequels were something special, hadn't been overused to death yet, and it was doubtful there'd be another Trek. Leonard Nimoy HATED playing Mr. Spock and wanted to be done with it, forever. Kill off the character, finished!

Of course, it's easy to say something like that TODAY, what with tvtropes and such. But let's not use today's eyes to look at what people expected in the past.

Comment No self-awareness (Score 1) 85

Gosh, could it be that we want to take advantage of our good mood and get some shit done while it lasts? What is with this complete lack of self-awareness here? Humans are constant pleasure-seekers? Wow, that's news to the billions of humans worldwide whose horizons don't include lush grants to produce studies. "We sabotage our own high spirits"? Again, a big WTF here. Who feels bad after cleaning the house? Put this in the bin with the rest of debunked, discredited social science. I bet the results are irreproducible and thus not science at all.

Comment Re:More proof (Score 1) 414

Affirmative action isn't about helping black people. It's about making white leftists feel better about themselves and superior to everyone else. School districts already receive record amounts of money, far more than anywhere else in the world, and continue failing. "Significant societal assistance" has been going on for a long, long time and it isn't working. It IS working to transfer society's wealth to white leftists and their NGOs though. Who would want the patient to get better? If things got better, they'd be out of a job!

Comment How do you search it? (Score 1) 290

It doesn't happen too often, but I sometimes need to search my old emails for keywords. This is gold, I can find information that I needed from five, six years ago. One search and kablammo, there it is, dated, timestamped, with the recipient's information right there. Moreover armed with this new information I can go up the chain of emails and see what was happening before then. I tell you it is gold and has saved my ass more than once.

Moreover this summary rings all the warning bells of "hipster douchebag who is infatuated with novelty and wants to discard useful tools in favor of NEW NEW NEW for no damned good reason." Barcelona-based filmmaker, are you kidding me? SO TRENDY. "Nomadic" team? The whole digital nomad thing is SO TRENDY. "they manage to find a stable wifi connection"? Seriously? Even the worst third world crap countries have 3G that works perfectly well for compressed voice messages. Sending and receiving. But the really damning one is the last: "You can hear in someone's voice how they're feeling." This is a sad, desperate cry from someone who is isolated and craves human contact. I think she just needs some real human friends from her own neighborhood.

In fact if you read again, it's not about if email is the right tool for the job. The whole thing is a whimpering paean to human connections. You need voice contact, just make a phone call. BUT apparently that's too much connection, it's scary and confrontational. These poor people...I really pity them. You might think I'm being sarcastic (projection!) but I'm not. They have the same social needs as every human, ever, but their culture tells them that this is a creepy thing and is wrong.

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