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Journal Journal: What Open Source project should I work on?

I need something to program besides work. Resume's here, but I'd like to try something not related to what I've already worked on. I have interests in getting better at Cocoa and Objective C, Java, audio (Coreaudio in particular).

The problem is that I need a problem to focus on. I can't just make my own tool every time. It would be boring.

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Journal Journal: computing history 3

inspired by the recent article, here is the list of computers i have owned and used:

1.) 1983 - TI 99/4A, bought or received just before TI left the market, so prices were low, but you could still buy carts at Toys R Us. Copied BASIC programs from books, played Parsec, saved but never restored programs from cassette. Went back and forth between color and B&W televisions.
2.) 1987 - Apple IIgs, first computer with a disk drive (one 3.5", one 5.25") and first printer (ImageWriter II). continued writing BASIC programs, wrote own text adventure.
3.) 1994 - Macintosh LC 520 - first CDROM drive, attempted to teach myself C and various advanced dialects of BASIC. ended up installing NetBSD and teaching myself perl instead.
4.) 1998 - UMAX SuperMac S900 - first PowerPC, ran at various times Mac OS 7.6 through 9.1, BeOS 3 and 4, MkLinux (Apple's microkernel-based Linux), Debian PPC, LinuxPPC, and Linux From Scratch
5.) 1998 - SGI O2 - used as X Terminal, CDROM driver frequently locked machine
6.) 1998 - DECstation - used for satellite data navigation work at URI's GSO with #5, ran DEC Unix (aka OSF/1)
7.) 1999 - numerous broken AIX workstations at a computer lab in France
8.) 1999 - Sun Enterprise 450 - main server at URI Electrical Engineering Department.
9.) 2000 - dual Celeron system bought at bargain basement price, alternates between Windows 2000 and Linux before death by capacitor explosions
10.) 2004 - PowerBook G4 - first system in years to only ever boot one operating system
11.) 2005 - Power Mac G3 (Beige) in return for services
12.) 2005 - Pentium II - replacement for #9
13.) 2006 - PowerBook G3 bought off eBay to use as OS9 MIDI box.

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Journal Journal: great system 1

Summary of your recent moderation: 95% Fair

For your poor moderation, you have been assessed a karma penalty.

Thank you for moderating.

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Journal Journal: hydrogen economy 9/17 - pauloo, caseroc, mark deep

mixmaster pauloo brought some friends this weekend. short sets because of some transportation issues, but damn this is the finest paul has ever brought down on my head.

for all boston area folks, check out caseroc's night at the wonderbar in allston every friday.

9/23 mkb plays at the appliance of science! 125 river st cambridge, ma!

upcoming guests:

9/24 mixmaster pauloo and dj dublin

you can listen to the recording here: http://dirty.org/~mkb/media/h2e20050917-pauloo_caseroc_markdeep.mp3

the hydrogen economy is broadcast every saturday night at midnight US eastern (9PM PDT) on 90.3 WRIU FM in kingston, RI. webcasts are available at WRIU and (most weeks) Dirtyradio.

a podcast rss feed is available on the itunes music store

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