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Journal mmkkbb's Journal: computing history 3

inspired by the recent article, here is the list of computers i have owned and used:

1.) 1983 - TI 99/4A, bought or received just before TI left the market, so prices were low, but you could still buy carts at Toys R Us. Copied BASIC programs from books, played Parsec, saved but never restored programs from cassette. Went back and forth between color and B&W televisions.
2.) 1987 - Apple IIgs, first computer with a disk drive (one 3.5", one 5.25") and first printer (ImageWriter II). continued writing BASIC programs, wrote own text adventure.
3.) 1994 - Macintosh LC 520 - first CDROM drive, attempted to teach myself C and various advanced dialects of BASIC. ended up installing NetBSD and teaching myself perl instead.
4.) 1998 - UMAX SuperMac S900 - first PowerPC, ran at various times Mac OS 7.6 through 9.1, BeOS 3 and 4, MkLinux (Apple's microkernel-based Linux), Debian PPC, LinuxPPC, and Linux From Scratch
5.) 1998 - SGI O2 - used as X Terminal, CDROM driver frequently locked machine
6.) 1998 - DECstation - used for satellite data navigation work at URI's GSO with #5, ran DEC Unix (aka OSF/1)
7.) 1999 - numerous broken AIX workstations at a computer lab in France
8.) 1999 - Sun Enterprise 450 - main server at URI Electrical Engineering Department.
9.) 2000 - dual Celeron system bought at bargain basement price, alternates between Windows 2000 and Linux before death by capacitor explosions
10.) 2004 - PowerBook G4 - first system in years to only ever boot one operating system
11.) 2005 - Power Mac G3 (Beige) in return for services
12.) 2005 - Pentium II - replacement for #9
13.) 2006 - PowerBook G3 bought off eBay to use as OS9 MIDI box.

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computing history

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  • I loved Parsec on the TI99-4a! Except having to navigate the last long fuel tunnel from hell, where I always died at the end. I had several games for that beast (football, demon something or other [kinda like galaga with flying demons], some tunnel game [moon mine?], and others). I saved programs to tape all the time, and I would re-run them later. At that time I also had access to trash-80s at school, which had similiar tape casette deals on them too. After junior high I went on to high school, where they
    • Bleh, I also remember buying a 486 when they first came out (for something like $2,000). Prior to that I had a 286. And then later I ended up buying a powermac when they came out (another $2,000). Right now I have been running a 1ghz athlon running fedora for quite some time now; it sporadically runs windows 2k, but I have finally given up on 2k and will just be running it through vmware, since it craps out on a regular basis, and it is so much easier to do restores with vmware. I only use win2k for games a
      • i think i paid $2000 for my first powermac. i bought a $500 refurbished apple monitor that died within a year. its replacement is still kicking after 7.

        i also paid a bit more than $2000 for my powerbook.

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