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Comment Re:Broadcom... (Score 1) 81

Dunno what you're doing wrong, but lately with Ubuntu (14.04 and 16.04) and Debian 8 and Broadcom B43, I've had absolutely ZERO problems on several systems I've installed on other than the minor need to add non-free to the sources.list on Debian 8 to get the b43 firmware.. ... I recall WELL when using Broadcom wifi on Linux WAS a big pain in the ass... it isn't anymore.. at least on Ubuntu and Debian

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 201

I take trips with my buddies each year where we fly to a big airport and drive around 1500-2000 miles round trip from there into rural areas on back roads.

We are a great cross-section of providers with Tmo, ATT, Sprint and VZW. I was the only one with service for the entire trip the last two times (NE states and NW states). ATT was next best. Sprint was the worst and Tmo was next.

My family takes a ~3000 mile road trip every summer. I've only been out of service once or twice in 7 years and those were in rural areas of Alabama or Oklahoma (IIRC).

I wouldn't give up VZW for anything.

Comment Short answer.... (Score 2) 201

In my case its Ting, an MVNO that operates on both the Sprint and Tmobile infrastructure.. I buy my own phones, currently a Nexus 4, and refuse to do contracts.. With Ting, you only pay for what you *actually* use. My only nit with them (and its not just them) is their data usage prices are a bit steep.. For instance, my phone bill for TWO phones this month was $21.. It was that low as wife's phone was turned off most of the month, and I only used less than 100Mb of data.. On average, in normal months, the bill for two phones is between $35-$45.... Can't beat that with a stick...

Comment Re: User's need to take responsibility too. (Score 1) 223

I still don't know how to make my mouse feel right, or stop many applications from looking horrible on a retina display.

I want to know what you use on Linux which makes dealing with resolutions and mice easier than a couple of clicks in OS X. If we accept your mouse thing as a realty, I could even follow along with you; however, saying you have applications which don't look ok on a Retina display is something which I simply cannot fathom.

Please explain.

Comment Re:Linux is sadly becoming irrelevant. (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Man, you ARE delusional.. Linux is the ONLY OS that doesn't treat *your* data as belonging to either Microsoft or Apple.. I used/supported Windows for 20 years as a sysadmin but when I retired I decided I was DONE with anything MS.. And after seeing what a nightmare shitfest Windows 10 is, I thank my lucky stars that something like Linux exists..

Comment Re:Talk To The Drivers (Score 3, Interesting) 145

Yup... The only time I've done a rideshare was last October when my flight was late landing and I didn't want to wake the wife up. I spent a few moments deciding on which one to install and chose Lyft, as even back then Uber was pulling weird shit.. I installed the app and created an account and had a ride home in less than 10 minutes with this really nice (and cute) recent Russian immigrant in her Nissan Altima. Got home, the app detected that we were at my destination, the app showed me the fare and would I like to leave a tip.. I left the lady a nice $5 tip for a $14 fare. Later I checked what a taxi would have cost me for the same trip... (shudder) close to $50 WITHout a tip... Yeah.. Lyft is OK with me.. FUCK Uber and their endless bullshit...

Comment Lovely... (Score 1) 89

So you poor sheep that *still* use Windows are getting further ass-raped.. No more information as to WHAT is actually *in* the updates they force on you... Kinda like MS saying "You'll take what we send you and you'll LIKE it.. You don't NEED to know whats *in* the package we send you..."

Soooooooooooooo damn glad I no longer deal with MS issues.. I did that for 20 years and when I retired, I decided my systems would be 100% Linux.. Couldn't be happier...

Comment Re:Do we have any choice about OSes to use? (Score 1) 103

If the software you want to use runs on Windows... you can try Wine.

And if the opensource/free version of Wine won't run your Windows application, try the commercial/VERY well supported version of Wine, called CrossOverOffice.. It costs $$$ but since your Linux OS was free, why not spend a few bux to avoid the need for Windows. CrossOverOffice even runs MSOffice (older versions I believe) and a LARGE number of Windows games...

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