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Comment Re:My Dell XPS that came with Linux installed... (Score 1) 226

Thats the trouble, an XPS is a Dell consumer-grade system, not one of the corporate models (Precision/Latitude).. I'm annoyed that Dell only ships Linux on consumer-grade systems, NOT Precisions/Latitudes.. Theres a significant difference between corporate models and consumer models, such as the consumer systems have off-shore script "support", shorter warantees and in the case of systems with Winblowz, endless bloatware.. At least the Linux models skip the bloatware... Thankfully...

Comment Dell Precisions or Latitudes.. (Score 1) 226

I run Linux, usually Debian or Ubuntu on Dell Precision or Latitude laptops. My current personal laptop is a Precision M4400, Core2Quad, 8GB ram, 500Gb SSD. I bought it originally with a 320GB hard drive and 4GB of ram for $200 from the Dell Offlease website. Admittedly, the M4400 is getting long in the tooth, but since I'm retired, don't have a lot of spare $$$ laying around to buy something newer. Since I supported/used Dell corporate systems in my last couple of jobs as a sysadmin, I'm kinda particular about them... Bottom line: If you buy a Dell *anywhere* but on a Dell website, you're getting one of the consumer-grade Dell systems, with less warantee, offshore scripted "support", lots of bloatware.. Just not a good quality product like the corporate systems... My .02

Comment Re:The point of Uber/Lyft (Score 1) 130

The one time I've ever used either Lyft or Uber was when my flight home was super late, and I didn't want to bug the wife to come down to the airport to pick me up, so I grabbed a seat in the terminal, installed the Lyft app from GooglePlay, entered my info, and started the app to get a ride home. The app told me my ride would be at the pickup point outside the terminal in four minutes. I walked out to where I *thought* the pickup point was and watched my driver have to go around the parking structure, as I, apparently, was in the wrong place. A kind stranger asked "Uber or Lyft?... The pickup point is over on that side of the parking structure"... By the time I got there, my driver was just pulling up, and I apologized for making her go around once.. Put my bag in the trunk and got in, turns out my driver was this super-cute Russian girl, who come to find out, only moved to Las Vegas about 3 months before, and had the cutest Russian accent. She spoke pretty good English. Gave her a $10 tip and my fare from McCarran airport to home on the east side of Las Vegas, near Nellis AFB was only $24, including the $10 tip.. Did some checking, and found that taking a regular cab for the same distance would have been nearly $50 and NO tip..... I won't be driving for Lyft (or Uber) but if I need to get a quick ride somewhere, should my car break down, Lyft it IS....

Comment Re:Original premise of Uber. (Score 1) 130

Yup.. Since I'm retired, I was thinking about driving part-time for Lyft/Uber.. After discovering that I had to get THREE FUCKING BUSINESS LICENSES, one state,one county and one city, for a total out-of-pocket of close to $500/YEAR!, plus the wear/tear on the car and gas, I'd be making close to $12 WHOLE DOLLARS/HOUR..... FUCK UBER!

Comment Re:Another spam ad (Score 1, Informative) 84

I am not a shill and I have a Tap because a friend of my had an Echo and I loved it, mostly b/c I use Prime Music a ton and my young kids can easily interact w/the device to play what they want. Several of my friends have purchased the devices after using mine.

I mean, popular? No, not nearly as much as Amazon may like you to believe; however, they are pretty great devices for what they are and I think the recognition software is world's better than Siri (which, IMO, is completely and utterly useless and I never use on my Mac or phone).

By all means, be skeptical, however it doesn't mean they're not being used by people and they're not any good.

Comment Re:Windows 10 what a joke (Score 1) 280

Probably the same thing I'm doing here.. Laughing my ass off at the shitstorm that is Windows 10.. Like the AC, I used/supported Windows from Win311 to Win7, but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with MS.. All of my personal systems had been dualboot Linux/Windows, and I did spend a lot of time in Windows, but I decided to cold-turkey when I retired.. One day I decided to end it once and for all.. I deleted the Win7 partition, and haven't looked back since... Now I just sit back with popcorn and watch MS abuse those who still use their products.. Great entertainment, let me tell you...

Comment Moving to another star? (Score 2) 522

In the span of 1000 years, I can certainly see humans being able to travel and inhabit other nearby planets but do we really think we'll be at a point where we can move large groups of humans >25 trillion miles away? Or does he see this more as we'll be putting civilization into space for centuries-long travel toward those other systems?

Comment Re:This does not look like a good thing. (Score 4, Insightful) 202

Call me paranoid, but I'd NEVER allow ANY MS software on any Linux machine *I* control. Just like using Windows 10, you can't audit who/what the OS is talking to, and what its sending to the "mothership".. In the case of MS porting Office to Linux, I would have the same concerns. For all we know, they'd put the "spyware" aspects of Windows 10 into Office for Linux so they could collect everything from Linux users also. To put it bluntly, I trust MS as far as I can throw them, which, being 66 years old, isn't *very* far.. I used/supported MS products for close to 20 years as a sysadmin, but decided I was done when I retired in 2010. Now its 100% Linux on my personal systems..

Comment Re:How much longer? (Score 1) 174

Wish I had mod points... This is the most concise description of the monster that is Microsoft I've ever seen... Theres a growing number of us out here that are NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS CRAP... MS is gonna have a seriously tough time "embracing/extending/extinguishing" Linux.. Oh sure, they could buy the two "big" Linux companies, Redhat and Canonical, but thats just a small piece of what Linux actually *is* ... Somebody's gotta say it "FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!"

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 174

Annnd... Can you be *sure* that once you turn OFF the spy-ware, that MS won't push out an "update" that silently turns it back on? Or how can you even be sure those cutesy-tootsy toggleswitches actually *DO* anything? I used/supported MS products for close to 20 years as a syadmin, but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was *done* with MS. After seeing what a turd Windows 10 is, and how MS took a page out of the malware writers playbook on how to forcefeed Windows 10 onto as many computers as they could, my trust level of MS is non-existant..

Comment Umm... (Score 1) 432

WTF? Not every smartphone has fingerprint authentication... Those of us who don't play the "phone contract" game, using of the many MVNO carriers, and buy our own older phones, sure don't have fingerprint authentication. I currently have a Nexus 4 on Ting, and If some bozo flashing a fed badge told me to open my phone by fingerprint, I'd simply tell him "This phone does not have that, and you better get a warrant....." Of course, then he'd shoot me... America is now officially a police state.....

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