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Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 239

In my book, something that deliberately goes around a firewall is malware. I don't care what benefit it claims to give, as that has just given another attack vector for the "real" malware.

I'd expect that to be in ANYbody's "book", somebody who is NOT a mindless MS "can_do_no_wrong" fanboi.. I used to use/support Windows during my working career, but now that I'm retired, its Linux 100% ... FUCK MS... (you *know* you're thinking it....)

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 239

Yeah.. I can see it now.. Its gonna like playing "Whack-a-mole" bypassing all of the malware aspects of Windows NSA Edition.. Do you get the feeling that theres *some* government agency behind this, egging MS on to keep "tightening the screws" on Windows? If you think I'm a conspiracy nut, you are ASLEEP.....

Comment Re:Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 1) 239

heh I took a cruise thru Frys Electronics the other day.. They had one of those tablets with a foldout keyboard running Windows 10 for $79 with a whopping ONE GIGABYTE of ram... Asked the salesdroid if they'd sold any, he said they were selling like hotcakes.. (shudders) The salesdroid kind of admitted to me that the store was likely to see a LOT of returns on THAT item... Was normally $120, but on sale for $79...

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 239

Back before I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 should actually be called a CTD (Computer-Transmitted Disease) I took two laptops with 10 Pro on them. One, with the install in an --alledgedly-- castrated state, local acct only, cortana disabled, and a bunch of other gpedit,msc tweaks,and one with a default (MS "recommended") install and then indivdually allowed them to "talk" on my network, which had a remote packet capture daemon running on the router, I used Wireshark to capture/examine the packet captures, and captures that ran for 8 hours each, showed BOTH systems spent the whole time yakking at the same urls... My conclusion is: you're getting fucked either way if you use Windows NSA Edition... Thankfully, I'm now Windows-Free to 100% Linux...

Comment Re: O RLY? (Score 0) 239

yup... I've not worked full-time for a company since 2010 (I'm retired) but I still get pinged by several headhunters I worked thru a few years before I retired, since I've kept up with continuing education and a couple of part time gigs.. Since I'm retired, I cannot even *concieve* of going back to a full-time job, but if I could find a part-time gig admining ONLY Linux, I'd probably jump at it.. After seeing what a "bag_of_shit" Windows 10 is, I want NOTHING to do with it, or anything that comes out of Microsoft...

Comment Steam+Linux = Problem Solved.. (Score 2) 395

Let me start out with a hearty "FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!"... Sounds like Valve needs to speed up Steam/Linux development.. I supported/used Windows from 1991 to 2010, and when I retired in 2010, I decided I was sick and tired of MS's stupidity.. So all of my systems are happy on Linux, and for the Steam games I play, the Linux Steam client works 100%.. Oh sure, theres a couple of newer games on Steam I'd love to play BUT there is NO WAY in HELL I'd go back to Windows just to be able to play them....

Comment What NEEDS to happen... (Score 5, Informative) 526

What needs to happen but NEVER will, is people need to STOP BUYING products that do asinine stuff like this.. I guar-on-teeee if NOBODY bought these phones and raised a stink with the manufacturer of said phones, you'd get some action.. Not from the "raising a stink" but from the NOT BUYING....

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 420

300 kb/s sustained 24/7 on your cell phone is a fucking lot of data, man. I wouldn't call any level of use "dickish," but that's a lot of usage. A lot of people in this discussion keep acting like the plan is a home Internet plan. It's not. We're talking about smart phone data plans as per the OP.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 420

As they are frequently in a monopoly situation, I deny that they are either ethically or legally within their rights to cancel a user.

Verizon is ethically and legally required to provide cell phone service to everyone. Got it.

Also, no, wireless carriers are pretty much never in a monopoly situation. Where in the US can you only get cell phone service through Verizon??

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 2) 420

The point is, if you get cut off after reaching a limit... it really isn't unlimited, is it?

They aren't getting cut off under the unlimited plan, though. They're being told there is no unlimited plan anymore, so either move to another plan or service will stop. Slashdot has for the entire time I've been a member here been asking for literally this exact thing: truth in advertising. Well this is truth in advertising: there is no more unlimited going forward, so if you don't get a different plan, you will be cut off.

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