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Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

Weather is not an impediment to cycling.

Weather is not an impediment to cycling where you live. However that doesn't mean it applies to everyone. For instance I would really like to have warm weather like you do during the winter. We see -30C regularly, -25C is warm enough that we don't have to fasten our coats to cross the parking lot. Windchill temperatures regularly hit -40C/F and -45C is not unheard of. In those temperatures riding a bike isn't uncomfortable it's deadly.

I applaud you for riding year round, and from experience I know that the human body can handle greater extremes in temperature that we typically believe (I've played soccer in 50C). But no mode of transportation is the end-all/be-all solution.

Comment Re:Why sell one, when you can sell two? (Score 3, Interesting) 140

Yep it's definitely not a technical problem, after all getting serial data to run at 312.5 Gbps over long distances of un-shielded twisted pair copper is simple. The edges of the data are only in the 1.2 THz range after all.

Even on a PCB, 312.5 Gbps gets tricky and expensive, over long distances of fiber or copper it will be very difficult. Dropping to 400 Gbps brings it into the realm of slightly possible but still ridiculously expensive, plus at 400 Gbps you can bond just three links and get 1.2Tbps through, well probably less after overhead.

Damn CS/CE's think they know RF!

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 342

50 feet of just about any wire isn't going to affect your audio signal unless you wrap it around the AC mains. It won't be an antenna in those frequencies (well it is a 1/1000 wave antenna I guess). If it's as small as 22 gauge wire you'll still only lose about 10% power, if it's 18 - 14 gauge closer to 1% loss at most. It's pretty hard to screw up the transmission of analog audio over wire inside a house.

Comment Re:Really one a sample size of 1 website? (Score 1) 423

The data from StatCounter via Wikipedia seems to show that IE was losing to Firefox which was on course to eventually take the majority somewhere around Spring 2011. But in October 2009 Chrome pretty much stopped Firefox in it's tracks without changing the rate of IE abandonment. IE should drop below 10% roughly summer 2014 if the current trends stay in place. I suspect though that the "Mobile" category may actually accelerate that decline.


  • By early 2015 IE will pretty much be gone.
  • By summer 2015 Chrome will have about 50%.
  • Also by summer 2015 mobile browsers will be roughly 25% of web traffic
  • By summer 2014 Safari and Firefox will both be between 10-15% usage.
  • Opera will maintain about 2-3% and IE will eventually join it.
  • By early 2015 office furniture in Seattle will be extremely expensive.

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