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Comment Re:Trust? (Score 3, Insightful) 210

/puts on tinfoil hat

I wonder how long it will be before those of us who refuse to use corporate/closed-source operating systems on our computers will be put on a watch list by the government, and subjected to things that terrorists are subjected to...

As far as I'm concerned, you don't need a tin-foil hat to think that this may not be *too* far down the line...

Comment Re: No shit Sherlock (Score 1) 389

Even I don't have any illegal stuff of any kind in my computers

How do you KNOW you don't have any illegal stuff on your computers? IF you use said computer for webbrowing, the predictive caching that all browsers do now load all sorts of stuff into the cache that you have ZERO clue about.. Not to mention malware pulling ghod-knows-whatever onto your system... Having played "Windows Janitor" for close to 20 years prior to my retirement, I'd NEVER say "I KNOW I have nothing illegal on my systems", rather "I *hope I have nothing illegal on my system", but then again I don't use Windows anymore either, so I have a slightly better feeling about "illegal stuff on *my* computers" than you, if you still use Windows...

Comment Re:The damage is done (Score 1) 183

and it's terribly hard to start trusting them now

hehe I'd say it was damn fucking IMPOSSIBLE to start trusting them now... Anybody who DOES trust them is either naive or an idiot.. Sorry if you're either one of those.. I dealt with their bullshit for close to 20 years as a system admin.. When I retired, I decided I was DONE...

Comment Too little ... Too late.. (Score 1) 183

MS can say they're turning a lot of that spyware crap off, but since Windows is closed source, you're kinda stuck with trusting them to be telling the truth.. I used/supported Windows as a sysadmin for close to 20 years, and when I retired in 2010, I decided I was *done* with using MS products. Frankly, I trust them as far as I can throw them... hint: not far..

Comment Cheap Walmart/Chinese dumb watches (Score 1) 232

Up to about 6 months ago, I used to wear of those cheap digital watches that Walmart peddles for ~$10. They'd last about a year, and I'd just go buy another one.. The last one I bought about 6 months ago, lasted about a month when I decided my phone shows the time, so why on earth do I need a watch? Haven't missed it..

My sister in law gave me a white box for Christmas that said "SmartWatch" on the label. Sure enough it contained one of the "smartwatches" that Walmart sells for $79, reduced from $139.. The tiny instruction manual that I need a magnifying glass to read says to charge it for at least two hours before using.. Well I'm here to tell you I left it on charge for over 10 hours and it is dead, Jim... Right now, we're figuring out how to get SIL's money back from this POS... Hopefully she can get her $$$ back.... Don't want another one..

Comment Re:What percentage? (Score 1) 280

OR tried the rollback, and had it shit the bed, leaving their system inoperable.. The ONLY people still using Windows are those who have no choice (at work/programs that won't work on Mac/Linux) OR just *think* Windows is the only choice for an operating system on a PC.. A lot of us who have used MS products for many many years (20 years for me, using/supporting it), are fed up with Microsoft and, at least in my case, when I retired in 2010, I deleted the dualboot Win7 partition on my home systems and haven't looked back. Watching the antics of MS, doing *all* of the tricks malware writers do to get their malware on to systems, and how they abuse those people who still use their products, amuses me no end...

Comment Re: Wow (Score 1) 142

OR... A bad driver - take Windows 10 (PLEASE!!) with Nvidia video, where you WANT to use the latest driver from Nvidia, but Windows 10/Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom want you to only use the craptacular "Nvidia" driver that is provided by WindowsUpdate. Said craptacular driver blows frequent BSOD's with the blame directed right back at that craptacular video driver. You can play whack-a-mole and keep trying to install the good driver from Nvidia and WU will keep taking it off and putting the craptacular one back on, until you get the brilliant idea to stop the WU service (if you're on Win10Pro..).. The alledged switch that supposedly tells Windows to keep its $#@#% mitts OFF your drivers, apparently does not work.. Sooooo flippin' glad I don't have to use Windows anymore as a daily driver.....

Comment Re: GNU+Linux is better (Score 1) 102

My sister in law, bless her heart, bought me a Dell laptop for Christmas, actually a pretty nice Latitude, but it came with Windows 10, which I detest and will NOT use. Fortuately I carry a spare SATA drive in my backpack with Ubuntu 16.04 installed, and the first thing I did after making sure the battery was charged and the system would boot, was grab my screwdriver and remove the Windows 10 disk and put the Ubuntu in. She was kind of insulted at first, till I showed her what an improvement Linux was over the "turd_in_the_punchbowl" that is Windows 10. I'll hang on to the Windows 10 disk in case I have to call for support for any failed hardware, not that I expect any... Now SIL wants me to put Linux on her laptop.... Somebody's gotta say it FUCK MICROSOFT!!'

Comment Re:Anti-Virus on Linux? (Score 2) 45

Last company I worked for before I retired in 2010, had a compute cluster of a bit over 100 Dell 1U servers running, at the time, RHEL3/4. One of my tasks at the time was to upgrade them from RHEL3/4 to 5.. I suggested going with CentOS5 to save some serious $$$. I was shot down, as the PTB decided that RHEL5 was the way they would go, AND each node would get McAfee AV. Cue me shuddering.. Fortuantly, the PTB got a quote from Redhat that apparently shocked even them and I was given the goahead to use CentOS5 and only put AV on the master node which would get ONE license for RHEL5. We also had several Precision workstations running Linux and I was directed to put McAfee on them.. WHAT a pain in the ass to get that piece of shit even working correctly..
Up to that point, I'd never seen AV on any Linux machine besides a mailserver to stop malware getting on any Windows clients...

Comment Re:Yet another result of decimated QA (Score 1) 256

Its called "Battered spouse" syndrome.. One spouse, often the man, but not always, beats the shit out of the weaker spouse, verbally abuses him/her, but said abused spouse won't leave the batterer because ...reasons... In this case, the battering "spouse" is Microsoft and the weaker "spouse", the millions of abused Windows 10 users (and their support staffs) who won't leave Microsoft behind because .....reasons.... A lot of us, were we to be on the recieving end of MS's abuse wouldn't put up with it... and it is a growing number of *us*...... Windows 10 is the BEST advertisement for Linux possible!!!!

Comment What a shitshow.... Grabs popcorn (Score 2) 256

Having dumped all MS products when I retired in 2010, and went 100% Linux, I sit back with a bowl of popcorn and laugh my butt off at how badly MS treats those unfortuate souls who *still* use MS products. Kinda reminds one of the "battered wife" syndrome where one spouse is abused by the other, but the abused spouse refuses to leave the relationship because ..reasons.. Believe me if I hadn't already dumped MS products, I sure as hell would NOW, no matter WHAT, after seeing what a "turd_in_the_punchbowl" Win10 is privacy-wise and just plain MS abuse...

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