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Comment Re:Linux is sadly becoming irrelevant. (Score 4, Insightful) 107

Man, you ARE delusional.. Linux is the ONLY OS that doesn't treat *your* data as belonging to either Microsoft or Apple.. I used/supported Windows for 20 years as a sysadmin but when I retired I decided I was DONE with anything MS.. And after seeing what a nightmare shitfest Windows 10 is, I thank my lucky stars that something like Linux exists..

Comment Re:Talk To The Drivers (Score 3, Interesting) 145

Yup... The only time I've done a rideshare was last October when my flight was late landing and I didn't want to wake the wife up. I spent a few moments deciding on which one to install and chose Lyft, as even back then Uber was pulling weird shit.. I installed the app and created an account and had a ride home in less than 10 minutes with this really nice (and cute) recent Russian immigrant in her Nissan Altima. Got home, the app detected that we were at my destination, the app showed me the fare and would I like to leave a tip.. I left the lady a nice $5 tip for a $14 fare. Later I checked what a taxi would have cost me for the same trip... (shudder) close to $50 WITHout a tip... Yeah.. Lyft is OK with me.. FUCK Uber and their endless bullshit...

Comment Lovely... (Score 1) 89

So you poor sheep that *still* use Windows are getting further ass-raped.. No more information as to WHAT is actually *in* the updates they force on you... Kinda like MS saying "You'll take what we send you and you'll LIKE it.. You don't NEED to know whats *in* the package we send you..."

Soooooooooooooo damn glad I no longer deal with MS issues.. I did that for 20 years and when I retired, I decided my systems would be 100% Linux.. Couldn't be happier...

Comment Re:Do we have any choice about OSes to use? (Score 1) 103

If the software you want to use runs on Windows... you can try Wine.

And if the opensource/free version of Wine won't run your Windows application, try the commercial/VERY well supported version of Wine, called CrossOverOffice.. It costs $$$ but since your Linux OS was free, why not spend a few bux to avoid the need for Windows. CrossOverOffice even runs MSOffice (older versions I believe) and a LARGE number of Windows games...

Comment Re:Not worth having (Score 1) 103

Which is why the ONLY Windows 10 install I run is a Virtualbox VM with the Linux host running a firewall that blocks ALL the MS sites. If/when *I* decide to update the VM, the firewall on the Linux host is temporarily stopped, then restarted afterwards.. Just had to say it.. FUCK YOU MS!!

Comment Re:Regulation (Score 1) 168

So where exactly are these places that taxis are so hard to come by?

Try Las Vegas, for one... They ALL run up/down the strip (locals call it the "resort corridor"), and just *try* to get one to come out into the areas where those of us who LIVE here actually LIVE... Its like pulling teeth.. I'm sooooo glad we now have Lyft (the only one I've actually used.. with all the bad-vibes about Uber, I'm kind of afraid to) and Uber...

Comment Re:Regulation (Score 2, Interesting) 168

I gotta funny feeling taxis EVERYWHERE suck!! My one experience with either of the major ride-shares was last October from the airport home via Lyft.. Since I'd never used either service, when my plane landed late and I decided I didn't want to wake the wife to come get me, I installed the Lyft app from GooglePlay and signed up for an account. Total time from loading the app to hopping into a nice Nissan Altima with a lovely lady driver was less than 10 mins, including my derp-out of not being in the right location for pickup and the driver having to make another circuit of the drive. All in all I was seriously pleased with Lyft and the driver, who I found out was a recent immigrant from Russia, doing Lyft as a side-gig.. The fare was $14 and I gave her a $7 tip.. Found out later had I taken a taxi, I would have paid close to $50 withOUT a tip.... After reading all of the horror stories about Uber, I believe I'll stick with Lyft in the future, should I need a ride somewhere...

Comment Re:Any evidence... (Score 1) 286

I just wonder.. if too many "sheep" go "off-the-reservation" and dump Windows for Linux/BSD, I really wonder just how long it will be before MS gets one of its "pet" congress-critters to introduce a bill making it illegal to use anything besides a proprietary OS on a personal computer.. They don't really even have to get an actual bill passed in congress, just get the NSA to fingerprint everyone not on Apple or Windows and get the FBI to pay a visit.. And I'm not even wearing a tinfoil hat.. I really don't think it will be too very long..... Hope I'm dead and buried by then (just turned 67)....

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