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Comment what would be cool... (Score 1) 76

Is if they allowed apps to all share the same map and such (like roll20, FG, etc...) so the DM could have detailed maps with character positioning, etc... without them having to do all the busywork of drawing out rooms all the time. Anything that this app can do to cut down on busywork during a game is a win-win.

Comment Re:None of those terms are jargon. (Score 1) 208

Sometimes I think it more has to do with what a jargon term doesn't mean in a technical sense, which might otherwise be implied to someone who has a vague idea of what it is, but isn't familiar with its actual and proper context. It's sort of a way of over-promising on a technology's capabilities without ever really promising those things. That's not always the case, though. Some really are pretty cut and dry.

Comment Re:There actually is value... (Score 1) 208

I'm smoking experience, friend. Note that I didn't imply the other direction was true. Also, there's more to a product than just the engineering aspect. There's customer support (are they just as uninformed and useless as the marketers?), there's the documentation (same thing), and the overall management of the company (who let these clowns out of the circus, and what's to make of the future direction of this technology I'm investing in today, should I be trusting them?). The list goes on.

Comment There actually is value... (Score 1) 208

...for an investor/customer perspective that actually knows what those words should mean and imply. You hear the buzz pitch, then you look at the actual technology, and see if they really used the buzz correctly. If they didn't, you can probably bet that the actual product is crap. Saves you having to go through wasting a few weeks trying the technology out and being disappointed.

Comment Re:This is normal... (Score 1) 230

I wouldn't say the Wii U aimed for the poor people crowd. It's original price point was way above what the original Wii was, even though it was still lower than it's competitors. My opinion was that the reason the Wii was a hit, and the Wii U wasn't was simply the price point. The hidden competitor here is the cheap gaming PC.

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