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Submission + - Second Pirate Bay trial begins today

mikael_j writes: With the Swedish parliamentary elections done the Pirate Bay trial is once again under way. The event is getting coverage from a lot of different sources indicating that the self-imposed media blackout concerning software piracy and the Pirate Party is over in Sweden.

In Sweden industry representative Per Strömbäck is busy writing articles (Swedish) claiming that "internet anarkism" is now officially over, naturally doing so without disclosing that his organisation is directly funded by the large media outfits that oppose The Pirate Bay.

Submission + - The Pirate Bay goes down, and up again (

mikael_j writes: This morning the german ISP that had been hosting The Pirate Bay's website and search engine shut the site down. A few hours later the website was back up, this time with hosting provided by the Swedish Pirate Party which issued a press release (in swedish) explaining why they have chosen to host The Pirate Bay.

Submission + - Prosecutor in TPB case gets another extension (

mikael_j writes: "Once again, Håkan Roswall, the public prosecutor in charge of The Pirate Bay case in Sweden has been granted additional time to prepare his case before formally pressing charges. This is the third time that the prosecution has been granted an extension, this time for another two months. The swedish Pirate Party has issued a statement in which they condemn they way the public prosecutor and the police have handled the case.

According to the main reasons the prosecution was granted yet another extension was that the prosecutors have identified another three suspects and that the defence will need at least another month to go through all the details of the case before a trial is possible."


Submission + - The Pirate Bay will not be blocked (

mikael_j writes: "Today the swedish police announced that they will not add The Pirate Bay to their child pornography blacklist. According to Stefan Kronqvist of the IT crime section of the swedish police the decision was made after The Pirate Bay complied with police requests to remove links to the offending material.

More information can be had at (in swedish)."

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