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Submission + - Did Apple Rip Off A Jailbreak App To Make iOS 9.3's Night Shift? (

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Imagine this: You create a highly popular app that allows jailbroken iOS users to alter the lighting on their devices to potentially reduce the impact of blue light on their quality of sleep. Your app is then essentially copied by Apple, introduced as a native feature in iOS, and your requests to include the fairly basic, non-intrusive app in the official App Store are blocked by Apple itself. Seem unfair? Well, that’s pretty much what’s happened to F.lux – a very highly-regarded app that’s now only available on jailbroken devices. It was previously possible to install it using a method called side-loading without jailbreaking your device, but Apple contacted F.lux in November last year to ask it to cease and desist – quite possibly because Night Shift, a new blue light-limiting feature of the forthcoming iOS 9.3, does exactly the same thing.

Submission + - Gottfrid Svartholm Warg arrested in Cambodia

An anonymous reader writes: The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, alias "anakata", was arrested two days ago in Pnohm Pehn, Cambodia and may soon be facing extradition to Sweden (alternate sources: Aftonbladet (swedish), IDG (swedish)). He was sentenced to one year in prison for his involvement in The Pirate Bay in 2009 and failed to appear at the prison to serve his sentence.

On a related note, the domain seems to have been registered today although it currently isn't resolving.
Operating Systems

Submission + - An Early Look at OS X 10.8 1

adeelarshad82 writes: Earlier today Apple announced their next OS, Mountain Lion. According to an early look, OS X 10.8 does more to integrate social networking and file-synching into a personal computer than any other OS. It tightly integrates with the whole Apple ecosystem that includes iOS devices and the free iCloud sharing service. Moreover Mountain Lion adds a powerful new line of defense against future threats where a malware app is prevented from running even if it is deliberately downloaded to a computer.Even though Apple's clearly got a lot of fine-tuning to do—and possibly a few features to add, but there's no doubt that Mountain Lion already looks very fine.

Submission + - Second Pirate Bay trial begins today

mikael_j writes: With the Swedish parliamentary elections done the Pirate Bay trial is once again under way. The event is getting coverage from a lot of different sources indicating that the self-imposed media blackout concerning software piracy and the Pirate Party is over in Sweden.

In Sweden industry representative Per Strömbäck is busy writing articles (Swedish) claiming that "internet anarkism" is now officially over, naturally doing so without disclosing that his organisation is directly funded by the large media outfits that oppose The Pirate Bay.

Submission + - Pirate Party wins at least one seat, possibly two (

reeeh2000 writes: According to TorrentFreak, with half of polling stations now closed in Sweden the Pirate Party has at least one guaranteed seat in the EU Parliament. Currently the party is sitting with 7% of the vote. Depending on how the remaining districts voted, the Pirate Party could win another seat for a total of two.

Submission + - Swedish Pirate Party headed for Brussels (

castrox writes: "The Swedish Pirate Party gets 7.1% of the Swedish votes for the European Parliament. This means that the Pirate Party holds one seat out of a total of 18 representing Sweden. Here's to hoping they can make a difference. The make/female vote is 12/4%. The voters for the Pirate Party are also mostly under 30, but still has a big support older voters. The vote for the Pirate Party is much considered to be a protest against the sitting government and the EU."

Submission + - The stigma of a tech support background

An anonymous reader writes: Since the last semester of college I've been working as a first line tech support agent, at first it was just a way to earn some extra money, then it became a way to scrape by until I could find myself a real job but by now (almost two years in) it's beginning to feel like a curse. I've wanted to be a sysadmin ever since I was a kid, I know it's maybe not the most common dream job and I'm sure there are lots of sysadmins who would tell me it's a bad career choice. The problem I'm having is that no matter how many jobs I apply for and no matter how well-written my applications are I can't seem to get further than to the first interview, and one point that always comes up is that I'm currently working in tech support. I've even tried using various other terms with similar meaning to "tech support agent" in my applications which has yielded a slightly higher percentage of interviews but once it gets to questions about just what I do at my job there's a question that always seems to come up, "so it's tech support?".

For some reason it seems a lot of employers will completely overlook my degree in computer engineering, the fact that I can show them several personal projects that I've worked on and that I can show them that I clearly possess the skills they are looking for the moment they see "tech support agent" on my resumé. I've had several employers tell me to my face, and in rejection letters, that my "professional background" isn't what they're looking for even when they've clearly stated that they're looking for recent graduates. In fact, a few have even told me that they decided against hiring me simply because I've worked in tech support at a call center for the last two years.

Obviously, if I had known of this stigma that seems to be attached to experience in tech support I would never have bothered getting the job (which I still feel has given me some very valuable skills, not just when it comes to dealing with users but also in dealing with downright insane management decisions, handling high-stress situations and quickly coming up with solutions to problems) but since it's too late for that I'm wondering if any of my fellow slashdotters have experienced similar problems and if there are any good ways to get employers to realize that my experience from tech support is actually a good thing and not a sign of incompetence.

Submission + - Book copies Wikipedia; Publisher aggressive on IP. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Two pages of a book, Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors, consist of a direct copy from the English Wikipedia article on the Khobar Towers Bombing. The book is published by John Wiley and Sons, the same publisher who, earlier this year, threatened a blogger with legal action over a clear case of fair use commentary.

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