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Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 58

Mashiki, you were pushing the Pizzagate crap right up until that guy went in there with a gun and found nothing. The record is right here on Slashdot, you can't erase it. And well before that happened, multiple media outlets were saying they had investigated and it was complete bunk.

It was obvious bullshit to most people from the very start. High ranking, power paedophiles decide that the best way to traffic children is to advertise their illegal activities on the street, in case passing paedophiles who they don't know and would be insane to trust spot them and decide to help out. Or maybe it was just because most sat navs don't include "paedophile smuggling house" in their POIs.

Oh, and of course they used symbols that are well known to law enforcement, a fact that they would certainly have been aware of since their ringleader was the fucking Secretary of State.

It was actually hilarious until some loon took a gun into a pizza restaurant that it turns out is just a fucking pizza restaurant.

Comment Re:Dramatic contemporary issues (Score 1) 123

Anthony Rapp seems to be playing a white, human male. The actor is Christian too. Doug Jones is white and male, but apparently not human. I haven't read anything about those characters being gay either.

To be honest, it seems like you are pre-judging this a lot. I can bet there will be lots of white male (human) villains? That's a reach, chances are most of them will be aliens as is usual in Trek.

There is no agreed definition of SJW, it's basically "someone I disagree with and villainize to make myself feel better".

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 1, Insightful) 144

You still don't get it. People don't label Trump and some of his supporters as racists and bigots. They ARE racists and bigots, it's just a statement of fact, and they don't even bother to deny it most of the time. In fact some of them revel in it, including Trump himself.

This mistake was not countering the narrative that white males are oppressed and equality and progressive ideas have gone too far. Fear and resentment are powerful tools.

Comment Re:Egalitarian means egalitarian (Score 2) 123

Egalitarians are SJWs according to the conservatives on Slashdot. Every time I show support for it I get accused of being one (as if I care).

In fact pretty much every main character on Star Trek is an SJW, by the standards of Free Speech Warriors. Starfleet is tyrannical because you can't just commandeer the comms system any time you like to broadcast your messages. They don't even have social media and speech has consequences enforced by the character's reactions to it. You can even lose your job for saying things.

Comment Re:Star Trek was never SJW (Score 1) 123

The SJWs in Star Trek don't need to be vocal, because feminism, post-racial equality and the like are the norm. They don't need to tell people to check their privilege because people are generally very much aware of it. For example, Picard acknowledges Ro's difficult past as someone living under brutal occupation without her having to really explain it, and doesn't question her lived experiences.

As for special allowances, Worf murders at least two Klingons I can remember while serving in Starfleet. Picard is his captain at the time of the first one (Duros) and basically lets it side.

The counselor's office was a safe space.

If course it's not perfect, there are lots of issues like the racism towards Ferengi. Having said that there was an investigation of Riker and the claims made against him, and the woman was at least no dismissed by the security staff or blamed for seducing him. But yes, it was far from perfect in execution.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 58

You mean except the part where I said there's an assload of circumstance evidence that should be looked at?

Yes, specifically the part where it was investigated by multiple people and you rejected their findings because they didn't fit your existing narrative about senior Democrats being paedophiles.

This is your problem every time. You reject things that contradict what you want to believe. If something doesn't support your desired truth, you just google a bit more or find a reddit board that will give you the correct evidence.

Comment Re:Jumped the shark a long while ago (Score 4, Informative) 123

Have you seen Star Trek Continues? You can watch it for free on YouTube. It has the original characters, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Checkov, but played by new actors. They filmed it in the original style, 4:3 with the same lighting, music, even 60s style direction and camera angles. And it's brilliant. Better than the original series in many ways.

I guess they thought something like that would be too niche, or were not brave enough to have new actors do what amount to impressions of the old ones. The guy who plays Kirk in Continues has it down to perfection, every mannerism, speech pattern, facial expression...

But no, they went with the crappy reboot, which is basically an action movie in space, barely related to Trek at all. Generic, forgettable bad guys... Khan was nearly good, but ultimately under-used and overshadowed by the enemy-within storyline.

This new show, going back to the prime timeline, has the potential to be good. It's an interesting time in Trek's fictional history. Women apparently can't be starship captains, the Federation is fairly new and not as solid as it is by the Next Generation era. The galaxy is a more dangerous place, and people are still struggling to get to the level of social justice and post-everything society that we see a century later. It's just that there will be inevitable demands to make it action oriented and dumbed down, so it needs strong advocates for real Trek values and ideas.

Comment Re:Dramatic contemporary issues (Score 2) 123

And yet, the same person may well turn around and say "Facebook allows for 71 genders - hm. This seems a little odd to me".

That's the kind of thing that Trek was great at forcing the viewer to question. They meet all these alien races, some of them androgynous, some of them with three or five or 71 genders, and the viewer accepts it because they are aliens. That acceptance and normalization of the concept then transfers to humans, if only a little.

There was an episode of TNG with an androgynous race where any kind of gender was seen as abhorrent, and of course Riker turned one of them female. There are also the Trill race, of which DS9's Dax was a member, where they often switch gender when changing hosts. I recall an episode of Enterprise where there was a three gender race too, with the third gender being treated as little more than a breeding animal.

Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 260

$1bn is a pittance for such a project. Japan has invested tens of billions into the technology over several decades and it still doesn't work. In fact they abandoned the most recent experimental plant late last year and decided to try again from scratch a few years down the line, which sounds more like kicking it into the long grass.

Comment Re:Dramatic contemporary issues (Score 4, Informative) 123

Star Trek has always been "SJW". Its vision of the future is idealized, mostly free from prejudice and highly progressive, mostly atheist in the Federation, and with a strong sense of fairness and social justice. Many, many episodes are based on some kind of prejudice or social injustice, and the members of Starfleet getting involved and resolving them.

For example, Data is a machine but has at least some of the rights afforded to other lifeforms, which he had to repeatedly fight for, awful SJWs that he and his friends and advocates were. There were numerous TOS episodes where they alluded to race relations. In The Drumhead a rabid right wing nut starts a McCarthyesq witch hunt for enemies of the federation, and Picard defends her victim's rights with an impassioned speech.

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