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Comment Lefties? (Score 1) 9

If not being heartless is being a leftist, then I'm leftist. Letting children die so you can become even more filthy rich is just pure evil.

This is a drug that costs less than ten bucks to manufacture that stops children from dying a horrible death from a severe allergy. Charging six hundred bucks for it is beyond criminal and wel into Evil with a capital E. Satanically evil.

Comment Taxes are punishment? (Score 1) 3

If taxes are punishment then the rich need their taxes tripled after all the unpunished evil they've done so far this century. The poor are being punished enough - by the rich. If having to pay for roads and bridges is punishment, then having to pay for food and water is, too.

As a Christian, I have no problem with taxes (Mark 12:17). Of course, if you worship mammon rather than God, taxes would indeed be punishment.

Comment Akami folded, Kerbs is down (Score 4, Interesting) 192

From Kerbs on Security site:"The attack began around 8 p.m. ET on Sept. 20, and initial reports put it at approximately 665 Gigabits of traffic per second." .

Akami were handling it as of yesterday, but it seems that they decided it was too expensive to stand by their client while he is under attack.

Maybe a coincidence, but this started to happen after Kerbs exposed anti-DDoS 'protection' firm BackConnect use of BGP hijacking.

Comment Re:Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich (Score 1) 826

Right, they're huge fans of free speech on /r/HillaryClinton.

The candidate subs should be hugboxes for the candidates, but the "neutral" ground should be open. Otherwise the sub where you're trying to organize your people gets spammed, or distracted with "questions" like "Gosh I'd love to vote for Clinton but do you think she's too corrupt to be elected?" and "I'm really worried she's going to crap her pants on stage tell me she can make it through?"

Comment Re:Peak time on satellite vs. cellular (Score 1) 219

Cell phone used to use peak and off peak for minutes. Things like $10 / mo for 20 peak minutes and 500 off peak minutes. Clearly designed to encourage off peak usage. The ratios started to change as cell phones began to be used socially and they couldn't do anything that extreme. Data is similar. Sure there are peaks but it is gently rolling hills not the sort of sharp drop offs that make a variable pricing scheme make sense.

Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 219

These are public companies their spend for the networks are public documents. The cost of spending to create 3G and then LTE was many billions for each of them every year. They have huge debts from it and your job is to indirectly pay down the bond holders. It is not pennies on the dollar to provide when you count the capital cost. That's why most of the cell phone providers went broke.

Comment Re:these new companies trying to get around old la (Score 1) 252

these old laws were in place for a reason... allows the manufacturer to set the price.

The old laws are from a different age. If any one manufacturer tries to do that now, global competition will be all too happy to undercut and capture their market share. If, for example, Ford and Chevy collude to jack up prices on pickup trucks, within production cycle you will have Toyota and Nissan capturing their market share.

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