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Comment Re: He sounds like an idiot (Score 1) 332

You may not borrow my circular saw, ever. The problem with that assumption is that all of the reasons for using the right tools (axe, chainsaw) are gone; no sap, the tree is all dry wood, there are no fibrous sections in the bark, etc. That is the same problem I see all the time with evangelists for any tool. In order to make a rational, evaluated decision, all facts must be looked at as objectively as possible. Or to use an old quote "the right tool for the right job".

Comment Re:Flipped Classrooms (Score 2) 307

Hypothetical scenario:

I am a teacher. My pay - and my very having a job - is measured on how many of the students I teach get an "A" according to the metrics used by the administration. By having the smart kids carry the slower kids, I can guarantee the maximum number of students receiving that "A"; even though the standardized testing used to measure their performance is individualized, the smart kids can impart enough temporary knowledge on the slower ones to make the grade. What should I do?

Comment Re:Once Again (Score 1) 141

You posit a geometric series an you expect it to not trend to infinity? Let's expand the series to 5 years, and we will use the constant of 3:2 that you provided as the index. Based on your series, the increase annually is x2, so we have:

3:2, 6:4, 12:8, 24:16, 48:32
in dollars:
$3, $6, $12, $24, $48

In five years a $3 candy bar will cost $48. While the purchasing power would theoretically remain the same, the government has no way to ensure that ratio remains constant. The result is that the denominator (cost) rises faster than the numerator (income) and the ratio becomes significantly skewed. This is the formula that required trillion dollar notes in one country.

Comment Re:Double Speak 101 (Score 1) 55

I don't think any amount of "drilling it into" everyone's heads will help. The underlying issue appears to be that the security folks take everything security related personally (like a crusade), the IT folks take it as something they have to do to keep their jobs, and the non-technical folks take it as just another random policy from the higher ups.

In order for security to mean anything, it needs to be personal. Everyone needs to understand not only how to protect themselves, but why they want to. This approach is why self defense classes across the US (and possibly in other countries) are filled with people wanting to learn - these people have a real, personal fear that they will end up being the victim if they don't and the consequences of being a victim are close and personal.

Security professional and IT professionals, unfortunately, avoid marketing and avoid employing marketing people to deliver this message in a way that will have impact to the non-technical world. And in doing so, we end up coming across as end-of-the-world doomsayers - until it is too late and the doom has come.

Comment Re:We can't have this! (Score 1) 830

I'll resist this with every decagram of my being.
I won't give 2 centimeters on this issue.

They came at us with a shit ton of rockets and mortars!
They came at us with a metric shit ton of rockets and mortars!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
An decagram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure.


Comment Re:Burden of proof (Score 1) 140

And what about those of us who actually are removing a car from the road? Since I can chauffeur her around my wife does not need a license or car, so she has neither. This removes a car from the road and I carry an unlicensed driver frequently.

It is erroneous to assume that the lack of a license is indicative of a lack of need for a car; it only indicates that a person has chosen an alternate to driving their own car for some reason.

Comment Re:Dog (Score 1) 327

And we don't want to forget the other benefits a well trained service dog provides:

They don't require wifi, internet, or electricity. By law (in the US) it can go anywhere she can go, and can do so on its own.
They are self recharging - they typically sleep on their handler's schedule. They will still wake up if something happens when they are asleep, and can still respond.
It can be trained to alert medical responders, guard her from others if she collapses in public, and protect the public from accidental injury.
Seizure dogs can often detect a seizure well before the person goes into a full grand mal state, and move the person against a wall so that they do not fall and hurt themselves.
They can also help the person remain calm (by being dogs) which may help reduce the chances of an episode.

And when they are at home, they are still dogs, so can play, cuddle, and love your family like any dog.

Comment Re:I don't even... (Score 1) 323

It might also be that they perceive the cat as taking attention that they want, so be careful of escalating by giving the cat more attention. Most of the time, repeated behavior indicates that there is a reaction or reward that they are seeking; the remainder of the time it indicates a negative they are attempting to avoid. Use good judgement, observe what leads into that behavior, and what reactions they get - not just from you, but also from the cat and others.

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