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Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 203

That depends on the game. How many hours did it take you to find out that Spore is far from what it was announced to be? The first couple hours are ... well, not too interesting, but that's to be expected from a stage that's basically amoeba level.

How long did it take you to notice that it's not going to get better?

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 142

I don't give a shit about that professional inciter. SJWs do. And that's basically all that makes him relevant in any way, that's his gimmick. That guy simply noticed that pushing trigger buttons he can get a huge reaction, and by broadcasting it, he gains followers who are entertained by people going apeshit over perceived slights. That's basically all there is behind that Milo guy. He's only relevant because SJWs make him relevant. If they simply went "tsk, buzz off, fag", he's have vanished into oblivion before he even appeared on the radar. Instead, he's now an internet phenomenon. Yes, he is pretty good at rhetoric and he knows how to make flashy appearances, but seriously, he wouldn't have half the impact without SJWs pretty much building his stage and propping him up by staging protests that are so badly organized that he can easily turn them around and make the SJWs protesting him basically his cheerleaders.

And that's already one paragraph more than I'd want to dedicate to this person.

What I am talking about is valid, sensible arguments being considered "harassment". Disagreeing with someone and making an argument is not harassment. I am talking about the various well worded and sensible arguments made why people wouldn't watch that movie that were instantly slandered as being misogynist, without even considering the arguments. Allow me to point at the short YouTube announcement James Rolfe made concerning him not going to watch the movie.

Note that Rolfe is not a professional critic, let alone one that works for any kind of important movie review magazine. He's doing movie reviews on his channel, but they are a side project between his own work and the one thing he's actually known for, reviewing ancient video games in a humorous fashion. When you watch his "non-review", you'll even notice that he talks more about reboots and remakes in general and the history of Ghostbusters in general than why he doesn't want to watch the movie.

The reaction it generated was simply insane.

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