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Comment Re:What a dumbass (Score 1) 153

Now the Ruskies will be patching the server (and maybe other insecure servers) like crazy.

I wouldn't count on it. People in Russia are just as lazy and arrogant as Americans, and twice as drunk.

That's why Russia has an economy about the same size as Spain's.

When we try to put forward Putin as some sort of brilliant super-leader, let's not forget that it was guys like him who got his country bogged down in Afghanistan and allowed his country to get head-faked into flushing their economy down the toilet trying to keep up with a non-existent "Star Wars Initiative", which led to their collapse as a superpower. They can't even field a respectable Olympics team any more.

Comment Re:how about 4A (Score 2) 327

force them to arrest you

So, effectively ruin your life? By doing that, you not only get into databases that you might have had some chance avoiding otherwise, you also fuck over your chances of ever having a decent job again (unless you happen to be in a career such as activist or journalist where getting arrested is respected instead of condemned). HR departments are too stupid and lazy to know or care about the difference between getting arrested because you're a criminal and getting arrested because the police are criminals.

In the totalitarian police state of America, it's injustices all the way down.

Comment Re:gloves? (Score 1) 353

Pretty much this. Aren't these the FIRST areas where I'd WANT a personalized gun? Rifles that cannot be looted by the enemy and be used against you? Undeniable proof who used the pistol to fire the shot in a shootout in a seedy neighborhood?

That is where anyone who puts his money where his mouth is would WANT such personalized and traceable guns.

Comment Re:Stateful Encryption Solutions (Score 1) 71

Instead of waiting 10-20 years and then suddenly finding out, oh crap, some government has finally has built a quantum computer powerful enough to crack RSA/ECC? /blockquote

While vulnerable to a quantum computer, practical quantum computers aren't even close. To break RSA-2048 for example would require a 2048-bit quantum computer. We're currently around... 5.

The real issue is everything around the quantum computation - the set up and readouts limit number of bits because as we increase bits, the amount of time before they decohere falls dramatically. And once they decohere, your result is meaningless.

So even if you managed to set up all 2048 qubits to the starting state (superposition), the system falls apart before the algorithm starts as the system is just too unstable.

D-Wave may have hundreds of bits, but that's for quantum annealing, which is a tiny subset of quantum computing problems available, of which factoring is not one of them.

And that's RSA-2048. Which I believe is obsolete, and everyone is recommended to go with RSA-4096. And this is because advances in traditional computing have made the time to crack from lifetime of universe to something still absurdly large.

Comment Re:Useless for any occasion (Score 1) 353

Seems like it would be useful in an environment like a gun range where you aren't relying on it for safety.

A) as another poster noted, the whole reason you go to a gun range is to get more better at shooting the guns you have, so that if you need to (or want to) use them for real later - either quickly like self defense, or more methodically like hunting - you know how well you can aim with them, what realistic distances are, how much kick to absorb or correct for...

B) Which leads us to a fingerprint scanner being a disaster in a crisis situation like a home invasion, you don't have the time for that nor want to rely that a gun you might have not touched for a while still has power enough to enable the fingerprint scanner. Similarily if you go hunting, it would REALLY REALLY SUCK to travel for hours to find out your fingerprint friend has no power or just decides that environmental conditions mean your fingers are now invalid.

So said fingerprint scanner gun would never be a gun you would use in real life, making it pointless to shoot at the range,

You mention hunting - is it really a quick draw sport where if the reader takes an extra few seconds to recognize you, it's a critical failure? Sure maybe you might have to pick a new target, but I wouldn't call it critical.

And what about shooting for FUN? You know, recreation? I never plan on having a gun at home, or using it for self-defense (the stats are against me anyhow - as in guns at home typically end up killing the owners more often than the intruders).

This is what's wrong with gun culture in America. Everyone seems to assume the only purpose of a gun is self-defense. True, you can use guns in this manner, and guns are often used in this manner (see: military). But I'm willing to bet they're used far more for both recreation and hunting. Everyone seems to believe that a gun is purely to kill someone, and no one can seem to wrap their heads around the idea that there are plenty of people who don't want to do that at all, or who are smart enough to realize that self-defense is probably the worst possible use for most people.

Hell, even arming the populace makes it a more dangerous world - wasn't there a sniper at the University of Texas Austin campus back in the 60s? Everyone raced home and got their rifles, and the end result is there were more deaths from friendly fire than deaths caused by the sniper. In fact, a police officer who took down the sniper was nearly taken down himself from one such equipped student.

And why do you want to go to a gun range and fire off a gun? Why not? Why do people run for fun (they're not planning on doing a marathon)? Why do people race cars on tracks (they're not going to join the F1 or other race league)? Or play instruments, or do dozens of other activities, by the end of which they can be better than a professional.

Maybe it's time to drop the self-delusion and just admit they're fun to use and mastering anything doesn't have to be for any end goal, other than the challenge of mastering it.

Comment Not all baseball matches are MLB matches (Score 2) 58

Don't challenge MLB if you know what's good for you.

I don't know what you're getting at because "challenge MLB" can have any of several meanings. If you start your own league unaffiliated with MLB, do you "challenge MLB"?

Major League Baseball has copyright over broadcasts of matches between MLB clubs or between clubs in MLB-affiliated minor leagues. It does not have copyright over broadcasts of baseball matches in other leagues. Video game publishers, on the other hand, control which leagues are even allowed to exist.

Comment Re:Biometric Gun Safe (Score 1) 353

I looked at those gun safes and rejected them for exactly the reasons you stated. I bought one that uses a quick entry combo. The downside, it requires a battery so it needs to be checked every now and then. Not really an issue since I take it out almost every weekend for a trip to the range.

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