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Journal mcgrew's Journal: You have obtained the 'Got a Score:5 Comment' achievement. 3

Just a quick one today. Someone (I've forgotten who) journaled a week or so ago wondering if the count of +5s is broken, since it seemed to him that he should have a 2^8 rather than a 2^7. Well, it must not be broken, because after a half dozen fives in the last week, I hit 2^8.

They finally upgraded to IE7 at work. Slashdot isn't as broken in IE7 as it was in IE6, but it's a mess. I was friended by techcodie, but I'll have to friend him back when I get home tonight, because the "friend this user" isn't visible in IE7.

Should I blame Microsoft for not following standards, Slashdot for biting off more than they can chew, or the standards body for making CSS such an abomination?

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You have obtained the 'Got a Score:5 Comment' achievement.

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  • IE6 was a horrible, broken POS. IE7 was an improvement but still not in the same league as the other browsers in terms of rendering compatibility. IE8 and newer do good rendering that's comparable to the competition.

  • Can you show me a screenshot of "friend user" interface on IE7? I'll see if I can fix fix.
  • I use IE7 at work and the page never renders quite right. The sign in always populates on the upper left side of the page and is mixed in with other elements almost to the point where I could not see it. I haven't been able to use mod points at work for months. I can select something from the drop down but it just sits there. Yeah I love IE$#@%^

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