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Comment Re:Call me strange but... (Score 1) 134

No, there are no such studies. There are studies confirming that a drop in oxygen levels to the brain, often concurrent with someone about to die, will lead to some pretty wild hallucinations, but what you wrote is just pure bullshit. There is nothing to indicate in any research that the mind is anything more than the sum of actions of several different parts of the brain.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 221

That is exactly how I intended it to work. >:-)

And exactly my current attitude. I've conserved quite a bit for my life, it makes sense to do so since energy costs money and a penny saved is a penny earned. If this is such a dire emergency- then it's time for those gulfstream liberals to stop flying.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 221

More like- if the drought is real, then no bathing should be justified under any circumstances. Bathing can only be justified if the drought is false (that is, if we have the water necessary to bathe).

In other words, more a matter of conservation in time of emergency. If the emergency does not exist, then continue as normal.

Comment Re:Probes AND Humans (Score 1) 104

A geologist on the surface of Mars would be far more scientifically productive than 100 probes.

This is repeated often, but is there any evidence to support this? And if you could put 100 probes on Mars for the price of a single geologist, what then?

It seems like an easily testable hypothesis. We can test it right here on earth! Just build some probes which are limited to Mars-like performance, drop them in one of our more Mars-like environments, and monitor them remotely through a comm delay to make communications Mars-like. We can reasonably deploy several geologists around the site for comparison.

Comment Re:So how is it supposed to communicate? (Score 2) 84

At this point if a probe could just taste the plumes, it might be able to identify evidence of organic chemistry, heck maybe even be able to identify the vacuum-desiccated remnants of living organisms. We're decades away from building a probe that could actually bore through even a few kilometers of ice, but being able to build probes that could land on the surface and analyze the deposits left over from plumes should be well within current technical capabilities.

At the moment Europa really is one of our best shots at identifying life on another world. Even if Europa has never developed anything more complex than bacteria, being able to sample its DNA, or even cooler, finding some other system of protein encoding and heredity would literally be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in history. Just having life there, would go a long way to confirming the belief of many scientists that all life needs to get kickstarted is liquid water, organic compounds and energy.

Comment Re:Biased article! (Score 1) 157

You do realise that in most cases this would require them to kill themselves. Most warmists talk a good fight, but if you asked them to give up their cars, air travel or air conditioning, they'd refuse.

That describes many of them, sure. But we don't actually have to give up any of those things, just improve them all. Well, maybe cars. Cars are just stupid. Also, you don't get to complain when people do the things they need to do to be a member of our dysfunctional society as long as they're at least asking for change, and perhaps voting for it as well. Our society is built around the car. I want that to change, but I'm still going to drive places I can't reasonably get to any other way.

Comment Re:Kinda makes sense actually (Score 1) 221

No, what GM needs to do is license their technology from the Volt to other automakers. The biggest problem with the Volt is that it's made by GM, the same company that made defective ignition switches for years and intentionally hid this and murdered people so they wouldn't have to pay for a recall.

While that is a particularly blatant example, the truth is that all automakers kill people all the time by making cost decisions. All cars could be safer, without exception. They would have to make other compromises which would in turn compromise retail value, so they don't do that. You only have to decide how much killin' is acceptable, much like how all government which does anything for the people is socialist, and you only get to argue over how much socialism is acceptable.

Comment Re:Don't agree with the conclusion .... (Score 1) 221

And then, recycling... which provides access to high-value raw materials much less expensively than mining.

Yes, but only a small amount. What is needed now is batteries with recyclable electrolyte chemistry. That stuff is just thrown away (presumably incinerated?) We recycle the electrolyte from wet cell lead-acid batteries, but that's easy.

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