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Comment Re:This! (Score 3, Interesting) 109

I hear you. It's a tough subject. I am pretty paranoid (in the general spectrum, not the slashdot spectrum), and I used KeePass and resisted LastPass for a long time. And I kept my KeePass vault in a TrueCrypt volume. It was a pain in the rear, and useless on my mobile device, and I slowly slid back to password strategies I could remember, which were unique to each site but if one site was compromised an attacker could figure out the pattern.

I did move to LastPass after reviewing managers and reading about how LastPass decrypts your vault locally, and deciding I believe them well enough. Of course that doesn't matter too much, because if they ever wanted my passphrase they could get it and store it when I log in. But again, my point is that there is a balance, and my own behavior when convenience was low was to slide into poor practices. With LastPass, I have a single point of failure, but I'm comfortable with it and outside of that my password practices are much much better.

Comment Wrong about Austin (Score 5, Funny) 125

Article is wrong about Austin. It's very expensive. And there are no jobs for tech workers. And it's dirty. With marauding gangs of looters. Many reports of paranormal activity. High risk of pandemic or terrorist attack. No housing supply.

And no Uber!

No, no. You don't want to move to Austin. Don't even bother checking it out.

Comment This is not news to anyone but the nutjobs (Score 0) 279

BREAKING NEWS: The climate changes partly due to human activity and partly due to natural phenomena.

The only people who haven't always known this are wingbats on the internet. And even there, when you engage with the wingbats, once you get past the frothing mouth and projectile spittle while yelling about humans being the cause for climate change, you can generally walk them through the logic and leave agreeing that that's actually a linguistic shortcut and of course it would be silly to suggest human activity explains 100% of climate change.

Slightly more controversial is saying that nobody actually knows the % explained by human activity and the % explained by natural phenomena. But of course nobody does. And science will have a very difficult time getting insight into this question.

But it would be great if people would understand that "man creates climate change" doesn't really mean "man creates (all) climate change". And it would be great if people would understand that "man doesn't create climate change" doesn't really mean "man creates no climate change". Only a small minority of nutjobs believe either statement, and for everyone else they are essentially linguistic shortcuts of the debate over the %. But in this debate we like to think of the other side as stupid or holding ulterior motives, because it makes us feel better about our position.

Comment Re:H1-B (Score 1) 621

"A self-serving bias is any cognitive or perceptual process that is distorted by the need to maintain and enhance self-esteem, or the tendency to perceive oneself in an overly favorable manner.[1] It is the belief that individuals tend to ascribe success to their own abilities and efforts, but ascribe failure to external factors.[2] When individuals reject the validity of negative feedback, focus on their strengths and achievements but overlook their faults and failures, or take more responsibility for their group's work than they give to other members, they are protecting the ego from threat and injury. These cognitive and perceptual tendencies perpetuate illusions and error, but they also serve the self's need for esteem.[3] For example, a student who attributes earning a good grade on an exam to their own intelligence and preparation but attributes earning a poor grade to the teacher's poor teaching ability or unfair test questions is exhibiting the self-serving bias. Studies have shown that similar attributions are made in various situations, such as the workplace,[4] interpersonal relationships,[5] sports,[6] and consumer decisions.[7]"

Comment Re:Untrue (Score 1) 421

You continue to make little sense. You said the jobs were high paying until women took them over, after which they were no longer high paying. My logic functions are working properly, so this means on a real basis the system began paying these positions less once women entered them in force. You further imply that this is cause and effect. What is your evidence for these claims? They appear quite outrageous.

Comment Re:Get rid of it by tomorrow. (Score 1) 421

This is a load of crap. Nothing suggests a given occupation should be 50-50 male/female except OCD-like biases in the human brain. Nothing suggests slicing wage data by gender should result in equal distributions. The entire topic is idiotic and only lives because 90% of Americans couldn't pass a stats101 final exam.

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