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Comment Slashdot now antigeek? (Score 1) 115

Pretty amazing the number of highly scored posts promoting autodarwination of own species. In other words voting *against* safety measures for an acknowledged safety issue. Personally I think a flashing fullscreen big red icon that displays in response to broadcast danger signals would be better but seriously traffic accidents from people ultrafocused on data has got to be one of the bigger threats to readers. Personally I have been in some near misses with bikes
  due to reading slashdot while walking.

Comment How to think in Perl 6 (Score 3, Interesting) 281

I'd like to express my deep, unending thanks for building something that is really wonderful, Perl, and a wonderful community. I made a living with Perl, the first postmodern language of which I am aware, and derived a lot of enjoyment from TMTOWTDI, and contributed back to the community on Perl Monks at the time. It was a lot of fun to meet some of the famous, talented Perl visionaries then. I enjoy thinking in Perl and it has made me stronger.

I'd like to get into Perl 6 which having stolen all the cool stuff from the other languages appears likely to be the most advanced and artistic of all them. At the very least I look forward to being able one day to think in Perl 6.

Can you provide some examples to /. readers about why you like Perl 6, and what dimensions of awesomeness are waiting beyond Python and Javascript? I think you would be a good person to rouse a wakeup call.

That, and if you have a moment, how about a good reason or three (efficiency? creativity? extensibility? ability to suggest further growth? having lots of PhDs?) why Google should promote Perl 6 in-house and support the growth of the Perl 6 language and implementations. Perhaps sponsor completion of the Perl 6 kernel for Jupyter project? How about sponsor some people to document and make accessible free books? What are some Perl 6 initiatives that could use some eyes if not $$?

Comment Re:Computable universe (Score 1) 102

Unfortunately, I may have just solved the Fermi paradox. Either due to system enforcing a hard limit on observers especially if they can talk and corroborate observations, or due to other civilizations / virii trying to grab more processor resources by getting rid of the competition.
It also might mean you can do more cool, magical things if you keep a lid on it.

I hope I'm wrong. :/

Comment Re:Computable universe (Score 1) 102

That was very cool, thank you.
IANAP but... How to allow very high precision?
Not so bad (except for us) if you
have a feedback to limit the number
of pesky observers.
Also might not be a bad reason for
c and the expansion of the universe, since
our local processor need only worry
about what is in our light cone.
Less even than that if you have mortals
without fast space travel and you occlude
the nearby interesting bits with clouds
and supernovae. Sorry.
How to handle infinite superpositions?
Perhaps we need another system function
that gathers and limits such silliness.
In fundamental CG ray tracing you can trace rays from the observer and the reverse at least.
Also maybe the computer is like a language compiler being bootstrapped and written in the language itself outputs. Then it can use superposition and many worlds internally! :)

Comment Paperwhite fonts (Score 1) 156

The new Bookerly is excellent and I use it or Caecilia if need more weight. However I must say that the font SIZES that are available are awful!!
There are many sizes around 5 or 6 point which is too small. Then only 2 sizes in ordinary size and 2 giant. I would like to have smoothly variable ecmal point scaling like on epub apps. If that is incompatible with low power cpu then let me get fonts from the net, and be able to buy goof ones from the store.
I would pay money for this.
Also I wish it would read zip / cbz amd let me doenload them as well as image files from browser.
  Also I bought an amazon gift card overseas (in a Tokyo convenience store) but refused to accept it. I wish they would just listen "shut up and take my money."

Comment Long time happy user (Score 1) 149

Long time linode user, I have two and have been extremely happy with them. Awesome support and community, periodic big free upgrades, continuously improving and adding services. Now you can create a cluster temporarily or ramp up a server and then turn it off, paying just for what you use, it is amazing and the most fun and value I've had. If you want to have your own server just get a linode. As for the ddos, I felt nothing in the two cities I have linodes.

Comment Re:Um... it's 16 days (Score 1) 95

Hello, that is really interesting, thanks.
My customer only treats iPhones as secure, I have a Galaxy S5. Would it be possible do you think for Google to offer a service where you analyze source code and optionally only allow passed apps to be downloaded? The impression in the corporate world is that Android is an insecure platform.

Comment Re:Cult of dumb at WSJ (Score 1) 667

No S&W is not awesome, but it's what they used when I was in school. Substitute any other syllabus you choose.The point is not to kill the language and grade pedantically, or "credential it" but simply know there do exist things such as grammatical rules. Then you can break them as you see fit. Why not recommend a better book or open courseware to anyone honestly interested in lucid, compelling writing technique? Last one I remember is, type up a whole book of authors you like. That's also old fashioned... it was pre computer anyway.

Comment Cult of dumb at WSJ (Score 2) 667

The problem is a popular culture that celebrates stupidity. If you want to break grammatical rules, either do so after reading Strunk & White and learning how to write properly. Then it's an artistic decision. Or you can learn English from lolcats and rappers, in which case you are just flaunting ignorance. I remember a drawing anatomy teacher who bemoaned a young artist's work. He had talent but never learned how to draw the human form. It is hard. However there's a difference, even if you paint abstract. There may be talented and educated rappers, but just because you can text and rhyme doesn't make you a poet or a journalist.

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