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Comment Re:Why do we keep talking about her? (Score 1) 1425

While I'm certainly not a Palin supporter, it needs to be pointed out that her team just tries to earn future votes by playing a target audience, mathematically, to gain a majority. I'm saying this because it seems most of the people who enjoy the train wreck and see the obvious, don't see the obvious when it comes to the target audience they are part of. You vote too. You are played by guys talking about Change and Yes we can! The more you like what they are saying, the more suspicious you should be. Remember they are trying to gain a majority by mathematical strategy. If you now think "What?! Never, that guy is so wrong!" and start to get angry by these "accusations", know that this is exactly what the other side's target audience is thinking when you criticize their guys. These guys, each side, people shouldn't fight for them anyway. Forget what they are saying for a moment, and you'll see they play the same game. Just different lizards, picking different roads to success. Where they will fight the same war against "terrorists" and their civilians. As long as people keep pointing at the other lizard while electing the other, nothing will change.

Comment Re:China isn't subject to Kyoto restrictions (Score 0, Troll) 270

The United States and its citizens are in no position whatsoever to talk about China's emissions, Sir. The USA is responsible for 1/3rd of the worlds emissions, snubbed Kyoto, while being lucky they aren't in a void because they would have suffocated long ago. They have been and still are the biggest burners of energy and the biggest polluters on this planet. It's ludicrous when the USA talks about other countries this way. The only thing the USA deserves is extra taxes on their products, because their greed will otherwise prevail over pollution as a matter of empirical evidence.

Comment Re:You all laugh... (Score 1) 454

if you have cash, you have securit risk, people either beg for it, charge you more, or target you for bribes

Either these beggers have x-ray eyes, or by paranormal force they know what you are carrying, or you are a drama queen making this all up because it makes your argument look better. Perhaps you can point us to the numbers, to prove you did not just make it up?

Comment Re:It's a reaction to MTV, not CGI. (Score 1) 295

It's also just cheap. Next time you watch Dark Knight, which supposedly is a good movie, notice there are no two people talking on the screen at the same time. So you have for instance two people talking to each other in the script, taking a walk. Camera shows face 1 talking. Cuts to face 2 talking. Cuts to two of them walking in silence. Cuts to face 1 talking. You might see the back of the head of face 1. Etc. They won't talk together in the same shot. So, technically, they never talked, but the two actors had two separate sessions, telling their lines in succession with no context. Think of this next time you watch Dark Knight, how cheap it looks, how little chemistry there is between actors. They are all talking into a void! I guess it is much, much more expensive to have 2 microphones and sound guys, and moreover, to have all those expensive stars in the same locations all the time. I can't watch such movies any longer. It's pulp. Most of them are this way now. Only solo-acting is left.

Comment Re:Just too bad (Score 4, Interesting) 302

Yes and no. Your sig says "correlation is not causation". Yes, religious fanaticism and in general anti-intellectuals make intellect almost look suspicious at times, and this is something we should worry about. However, I'd argue that religion is stronger in India and Brazil, were science is on the up according to this report. This suggests that religion is not the defining factor. I think it has an impact on some parts of science, for example if a religion is against biotech, biotech would clearly suffer, but while these areas will be highlighted, it doesn't affect the whole of science in pure numbers in terms of productivity, because the whole dwarfs those areas. Personally, I think the problem is there is more money and respect for smart brains elsewhere, such as in finance. Perhaps not religious fanaticism is he defining factor, but greed and the lack of necessity.

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