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Submission + - The Gaming Toothbrush Has Arrived (

mateo650 writes: Wearable and IoT devices were all the rage at CES, many wondered what to expect for 2014. Enter Grush, a connected toothbrush for kids. What sets it apart from other wi-fi-enabled sensor-laden toothbrushes coming to the market this year is that it is focused on making brushing fun, by turning it into a game: Grush is a portmanteau of Gaming Toothbrush. As other entrants enter the space, the question is: Who will take the throne for king of the connected brushes?

Comment FUD and Hogwash I Declare! (Score 2, Interesting) 386

When you watch a 3D movie, your eyes are focusing just fine, they are focusing on the screen.

The human visual system conditions that are present in the movie theater are different that real life, since when you are focusing on the screen your eyes are verging in on objects that are not located in what is called the Zero Paralax Position, (ZPS) which is essentially the screen plane.

There is a zone of confort where the decoupling of vergence and focus is ok and there will not be any side effects.

This is achieved by not having too much stuff in negative paralax (in front of) or positive paralax (outside of) the screen.

Kid's human visual system is very adept. Filmakers are careful especially with kids movies to not have a lot of separation in the 3D especially since children's eyes are not as far apart as adults.

Finally most of these studies are old Japanese studies that were performed on old hardware and the results aren't really viable.

I've successfully decoupled my vergence and focus and you can too.

Also if you want to hear more about strabismus and 3-D look up "Stereo Sue" who actually had surgery to regain her strabismus and now is an avid 3-D fan.

This sounds like FUD to me

Comment In-Three 2D to 3D conversions are very well done (Score 1) 532

The conversions done by In-Three which include G-Force and Alice and Wonderland are done by hundreds of people, frame by frame, and are very well done.

There is no difference between the amount of light lost using 3 cent polarized glasses or more expensive ones. While lighting is an issue for 3D movie releases that doesn't make 3D movies a scam.

The market has spoken 3D is the future. 3D is coming to the home in a massive way.

Automated real-time 2D to 3D is not acceptable qualityat all yet Alice and Wonderland and the upcoming Titanic are a completely different story.

I would be that this guy that wanted to rip his glasses off probably already wears corrective lenses every day (usually the case with these types)

Recall there were those that said that movies with sound and color were a fad.

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