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Comment Re:If true, it's because Macs are starting to suck (Score 0) 376

Couldn't agree more. I'm an actual real life switcher. When Yosemite came out, I realized Apple was heading in a direction I didn't want to go anymore while simultaneously I was impressed by the Surface. In the end, I bought an ASUS UX305 for a year, but my personal computer is now a Surface Book. I say the following as somebody who has used high-end Mac hardware since 2001: the surface book is the best computer I've ever owned. After a friend, who is a graphic designer, had her mac break down, I told her to try one. She'd never owned a PC, nor her family her whole life. Her words to her dad who jokingly called her a traitor: "Apple has lost its edge. This is way better."

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 4, Insightful) 598

IMO, we should get rid of standard time. Why? Nearly everybody is awake at sunset, but not so with sunrise. As a corollary, in most places below the Mason-Dixon line, this gives you at least an hour of daylight once you get home from work to spend doing things outside with family. Yeah, I get this doesn't help when you're up north.

Comment Re:I gave up before the launch (Score 2) 535

A few things, but it falls under nearly all of the new features didn't help me as I didn't have an iPhone nor did I want one. On top of that, the user interface overhaul left me unable to have desktop background featuring a photo because the icons lacked edges. Due to the way I perceive things, I had to consciously 'look' for icons because without edges, I just saw blobs of color blended in with everything else.

Comment Re:Article is 95% herp Derp (Score 3, Informative) 330

> Nobody is UPGRADING their smartwatches

You're acting as though this is an item that everyone has. It isn't. It's an item where most people took one look at it and said, "meh". Meanwhile in that same time period, I bought a conventional automatic watch because you never have to wind it and you never have to change the battery. It always works, it's (old) alternative energy and for me that makes it cool. One of the thing we often forget in technology is that sometimes our ancestors already solved the energy problems we're facing today, simply because they didn't have any.

Comment Re:Sure they do... wait, no (Score 1) 187

Moves like this are why I canceled and switched to an ad-free Hulu subscription. It had reached the point where I was paying $9/month to watch Futurama, a few seasons of Top Gear (and not the good ones) and annually one self-produced show. For the latter, I figure I can subscribe for a single month when it comes out. Hulu, meanwhile, has almost everything that I watched that Netflix shed and shows they never carried (ex: Simpsons, Seinfeld, South Park, etc.).

Comment Re:I use it all the time (Score 1) 495

Yep. Thing is, I think a lot of people would answer to that survey question "frequently". Go to a coffee shop and 1/2 the people with laptops have headphones plugged in. People also plug their speakers in to their laptops when they are at their desks, which have -- among other things -- speakers. Oh, and people plug their iPhones into their stereos at home as well. Oh wait.

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