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Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 225

The product I worked on (as I worked on it) was actually targeted at small businesses, not large ones. It allowed a small business to rapidly do very targeted advertising, saving money on sending mail or cold calling. Better put, it did more to help the little guy than every other product I've ever worked on. As for the evolution into PRISM, when I learned what this tech that I'd worked on was being used for, I was pretty upset, but that said, I had no way of knowing at the time it would be used for such a purpose and I had nothing to do with it being utilized in such a manner.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 225

1) Yep. TLO foreshadowed more than anyone anticipated.

2) The initial version of the technology used at Indar/eData/Seisint (we changed names a lot) was based on CTree (internally called Hozed), but by late 2000 it was an entirely different technology which fundamentally worked differently called Hole (pronounced holy). With the way Hole worked, we could actually scale infinitely and no that isn't an exaggeration. Oh, and we had fabulous names for our databases.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 5, Interesting) 225

See headline, think to myself, "Hmm, I used to know people in this industry." Continue reading, "The Boca Raton, Fla., company's database..." Oh, shit. That's where I was when I knew them. Please don't be somebody I know. Please don't be somebody I know. "Chief Executive Officer Derek Dubner says". FUUUUCKKKKKK. Oddly, though, I don't know him from this industry but rather from a company in another industry that I worked with him at.

On a serious note, some insider information. First, yes, they do in fact know that much about you and yes the tools work incredibly well. I worked on the product that became the NSA's PRISM program (after I was no longer working on it). Believe it or not, it actually started out as a marketing tool to find potential leads. After 9/11, the company's owner Hank Asher realized that it would work well for tracking and researching people for the feds. The tool could query incredibly detailed information on anybody in the US with sub-second response times... in the year 2000. No off the shelf tools like hbase existed back then to do something like this.

About the only way to stay under the radar with this kind of stuff and not be homeless is to have a mailbox at someplace like the UPS Store, get paid under the table and pay cash for everything, and move around every 2 months without any written lease. After that, your new location gets fed into these systems. The time to stay at one place may actually be shorter these days.

Comment Re:Having used Android, iOS and Windows Phone... (Score 1) 242

I tried using iOS after years on Windows Phone. Frankly, I thought it felt antique. The main UI hasn't been updated substantially since... ever, minus the new theme which IMO is ugly. Having to navigate to and open apps all of the time to get at my most used information felt clunky, but it's one of those features where you don't know what you're missing until you've had it. IMO, Apple's lost its edge. I'm not by any means saying that WP is perfect. It's actually kind of funny watching Microsoft make all of the same kinds of bad decisions that IBM made with OS/2 20 years ago as far as marketing is concerned. Not paying a small fee to Verizon to get the 950 and the 950XL on to the largest carrier in the US was just stupid on their part.

Comment And? (Score 1) 317

Do vegetarians seriously think that everybody is suddenly going to abandon eating meat when a fake meat alternative is created? In the West, we happen to live in a place where food is plentiful enough that vegetarians have the luxury of being vegetarians.

Comment I do this now... (Score 1) 146

Here are the tricks of the trade I've found:

1) Take time to pick your location carefully. If you're going to a developed campsite, don't show up on Friday or Saturday. Your options will be limited. Understand that reception make suck at the site at ground level, but just by hoisting a cell phone 10 feet, you'll get good reception. Have a bluetooth ear piece to help facilitate this.

2) Pick your laptops *carefully*. I use an Asus T100 for backpacking because has a long battery life and it charges off of standard USB and is relatively lightweight. When developed camping, I use an Asus UX-305.

3) Solar backpacking equipment is more or less useless, as is the reactor hydrogen fuel cell. The solar cells are too small to produce a meaningful voltage. Your best bet is to bring charged batteries.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 904

> EVs are nicer to drive

On what basis do you make the claim that they are "nicer to drive?" I'll put a BMW M3 -- or if you prefer a soft ride a Rolls Royce -- up against a Nissan Leaf any day. Ride quality and handling are subjective parameters and these 'feel' parameters are based on the configuration of the suspension, wheels, brakes, etc. not the technology causing propulsion. Additionally, because you have a transmission, you can get less wheel spin in the winter in a conventional car by selecting an appropriate gear when you get stuck.

> cleaner (in all senses)

Done properly, biofuels can be carbon negative rather than carbon neutral. Boeing has found a plant that easily releases its sugars and grows in deserts watered with salt water. The end result is that land that is currently not arable such as the Sahara and the Arabian Peninsula can be utilized to grow these crops.

> and you can make it's fuel yourself at home

I can make E100 ethanol or biodiesel at home if I was so inclined, it's just easier to go to go to a gas station.

Remember that electric cars are an old technology and one we ditched years ago because it simply wasn't that good. Even today it still has the same exact problems it had back then.

Comment More Ugly? (Score 2) 147

While he's a brilliant industrial designer, he doesn't know crap about UI design and the UI's he's produced more than show it. I've used OS X since 10.0. I used Next in the 90's. I used classic Apple. I've been in the Apple camp for decades. I frankly can't stand to look at them, so the new UIs have chased me off of the platform.

Comment Repeat Experiments (Score 1) 770

> the more I read literature from other, somewhat-related fields... [such as] psychology ... the more I felt they have little opportunity to repeat experiments

As somebody who is writing a paper entitled "A Generalized Theory on Abnormal Psychology", I assure you that Psychology is about to gain the ability to repeat experiments.

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