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Submission + - Disappearing stuff from the internet ( 1

inode_buddha writes: Its well-known that removing something from the internet is nearly impossible, like taking the pee out of the pool. That said, somebody or something is doing a credible job of trying lately. First there was the UCDavis pepper-spray video. Now its a Bernie Sanders ad. Nobody seems to know who or why but it was on the net for a few hours and it is rapdly being pulled and scrubbed. Any one got ideas?

Submission + - Two Former Mossad Agents Arrested for Trying to Spy Romania's Top Prosecutor (

campuscodi writes: Four Israeli citizens, of whom two are former Mossad agents, were arrested by Romanian authorities after hacking into the email accounts of three family members of Laura Codruta Kovesi, Romania's chief prosecutor for the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

Kovesi was appointed in 2006 and during the past ten years has been the bane of Romania's corrupt political elite, arresting and sending to jail hundreds of mayors, judges, members of the Romanian Parliament, former ministers, and even a former prime minister. Recently she started an investigation into the affairs of three Israeli businessmen doing illegal real estate deals that embezzled the Romanian state of $150 million. When accused, the three businessmen fled Romania back to Israel, claiming they were innocent. Right after that, the four suspects came to Romania and they were arrested. The four are employees of the Black Cube security firm, known in Israel to hire former Mossad agents for its investigations. Of course, Black Cube denies everything and says its employees are being set up.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 928

Actually, the normalization of aristocratic behavior, piety toward superiors, and flowery bourgeois non-statements are a cultural disease of the English, and in this incarnation hasn't been around for longer than the Magna Carta in any case. Don't ascribe to merit what was quite well documented as being accomplished by mass murder, mass starvation and elite arrogance.

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