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Comment Revolt (Score 2) 642

I was on a plane from Denver to Jackson WY.

The flight attendent told us that the pilot could not see the airport, being a plane full of locals who had flown in and out several times (including at least one pilot) we looked out the window and said, "no. Their it is."

She left, and came back and said "the tower won't let us land"...we all were silent. How could we land if the tower wasn't going to let us. She played the trump card...except we all knew that Jackson has no tower. Someone asked her to repeat herself. Someone else asked her to verify with the piolot. She went forward and came back, confirming that the tower would not let us land. We went nuts. It started out polite enough, but once she added that we would not be comped a room because the delay was weather related, she had a real revolt on board. She refused to to admit that she lied.

Eventually she went forward and we never saw her again. I think she hid in the cockpit while we disembarked. We did not land in Jackson, we flew to SLC Utah and were comped a room. I understand that the young guy on the plane who was still going bonkers when we landed got comped an additional flight voucher.

But the fact is it happens all the time. People lie. Being on an airplane does not stop that, it just means their is no place for you to run.

Twenty minutes befor us and fourty minutes after us a competing airline landed their jets.

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