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Journal mapkinase's Journal: Rape in Pakistan: Astounding hypocracy of western media 6

BBC article is salivating over the rape horrors in Pakistan:

A woman is raped every two hours and gang-raped every eight hours in Pakistan, according to the country's independent Human Rights Commission.

Wow! That is a lot! Right? Or not?
12 rapes a day, 4380 rapes a year for a country of 165M.

Now let us take another country that reported rate is 0.4 per 1000 of population in 2004. For that country that make it 400 per million and 40,000 per 100M and, finally, 120,000 per 300M.

You recognized the country by the total population, right? That is exactly what USA celebrated recently - 300M of people, 120,000 females of which are raped annually.

Here is the reference to US statistics, if you do not believe

I propose to measure the level of hypocricy of reporting in Western media by this number: 15, which is the ratio of crimes in this case in the West.

Other countries:

France: 14.45 per 100,000. Level of hypocricy: 14.45/100,000/4380*165000000=

Same - UK.

I predict the standard answer: "rape is underreported in Pakistan". Eat it, my friends. Come up with real numbers, and then we talk.

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Rape in Pakistan: Astounding hypocracy of western media

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  • In a place like Pakistan, getting raped is heavily condoned, permitted or excused. In the US, Britain or France getting raped means a crime occurred.

    Also, I love the tone of your post. Delicious. How many times did you jerk off after you wrote the JE?
    • This may be the first time I've ever agreed with Captain Splendid.

      And I'll add something else: In Western Civilization, when a woman is raped it's the rapist's fault - not the woman's fault.
      I'll leave the research up to the JE author about a mullah comparing rape to a cat eating uncovered meat left on the street... point being, in a country like Pakistan, they think it's the woman's fault.

      • I would agree. In WestCivs the woman has a course of action she can take afterwards, society frowns on the man not the woman. In an Islam country like Pakistan the men rule; the sad part is that in the past Islam made strides forward in rights of women, but they seem to not care about such things any more.
      • Thanks for the new sig, I was getting tired of the old one!
    • Wow, I am getting my own groupies! Thanks for your support!

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