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Comment Re:Too much thin phones and thin batteries (Score 1) 121

3500 mAh is a problem. Just stick to 3200 and optimize the apps (we have been doing it for 60 years, and until they will discover something like Moore law for batteries, I guess will have to stick to software optimization for now)

My previous phone was Droid Maxx, first phone with 3500 mAh battery and it was hitting like crazy. Eventually it started to bulge (luckily after retirement), and I disassembled it and disposed of it before it exploded.

Comment Re:"Huge" isn't what I'd say (Score 2) 879

Good thing is that US geopolitically is as good as ever. Europe as usual is in trouble, China slows down. There is nothing else.

Even a complete idiot like Bush could not manage to do much harm to the country. Trump is not an idiot. He talks the talk, but it is not clear what kind of walk he will walk.

I would not be so sure about Hillary's win. Sure the bets are on her now:

1/3 for hillary versus 2/1 for Trump.

gives quite comprehensive odds across gambling sites

Ah. You might be right. Stupid Hillary is heading there.

Comment Here is the future as I see it (Score 1) 160

First of all, to get that out of the way, I am tired of incessant Netflix pedaling. Very narrow selection, uncomparable to the actual selection.

This will happen:

Everybody will pay a fee, much like we pay now to ISPs: it will be one lump fee per month for everything.

ISP will track every click you make and how much time you spend on content (like it or not). It will automatically identify the content as well, whether you are streaming it from HBO, Netflix or

Thus, ISP will have a comprehensive picture of what content is viewed for what time. It will cough up portion of the revenue to the content owner based on that figure.

It is very similar to what is happening on TV right now, except that the measure of popularity of content is determined by rather silly and outdated Nielsen rating system.

There is no way "free" content could be curbed under the current model. The war with pirates is futile.

With the predicted model (note that I am not proposing it, nor advocating it, I just think that things are moving to that direction, I, like any other guy, do not like myself tracked) there will be no reason for PirateBay or VPN to avoid ISP, if I can for the same monthly Internet fee access better quality site on a legal basis.

No shadiness, no copyright infringement, no privacy.

Comment Mobile phone beats the computer (Score 1) 397

Mobile phone beats the computer. The advances of communications achieved in the poorest areas of the world is nothing short of amazing. Computers still need to achieve that kind of impact.

I am talking about personal computers of course.

I fully realize that a cell phone is a type of a computer, but if we start considering it, it will become a category of gadgets, not a gadget.

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