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Comment Practical use? (Score 1) 75

If I recall the fiber telecom courses correctly, at 1 Tbs/s, we get close to the optical fiber maximum bandwidth.

However, we have no switches that can handle that. The only way to actually use the huge fiber bandwidth is to use wavelength multiplexing, but when we do that, this Nokia groundbreaking innovation is of little use.

And in any case, this innovation is not directed toward consumer's last miles link. It is not a possible competitor to Google Fiber and other similar services.

Comment Re:HPKP was ill-thought, and thus has seen little (Score 1) 45

HPKP carries a massive DoS risk that cannot be mitigated if you suffer a breach of key, sabotage, or a simple operational error.

True. If someone manages to spoof your server's response, an evil HPKP header can be sent so that your server will not be reachable anymore. The best protection against this is to implement HPKP on your server, so that the evil HPKP header cannot be accepted.

Comment Re:Pay taxes (Score 1) 51

Remember that tax spending is supposed to be directed toward citizen general interest, which is supposed to be determined by democratic process.

There are two "supposed" in above sentence because the system is heavily corrupted in some countries. But letting a few select people decide where money should go has even less chance to serve the general interest. Key point is that people who decide cannot ever be revoked if citizen are unhappy about their decisions.

Comment Not a vulnerability (Score 2) 45

Someone with a forged certificate can impersonate a web site. This is not a vulnerability, this is a feature of the threat model: we blindly trust CA for issuing only legitimate certificates.

This weakness in the security model can still be addressed, because fortunately we already have a workaround for it: HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP).

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