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Comment Re:Internet access in Cuba (Score 1) 70

You attempt to deflect

Indeed I do, but not the way you think. My point is not to defend Cuba's political regime, but to question your information and assumptions about what human right violations happen there.

You seem to assume that Cuba performs as many evil stuff as one could imagine, and this opinion is based on sources that are 40 years old testimonies.

I do not have any information about internet censorship in Cuba, but for human right violations, we have Amnesty International reports. Compare reports for Cuba and the USA. While Cuba's record is far from been fine, at least you do not find the keywords "torture" or "death sentence" in it. My understanding is that the worst human right violation on this island happen in Guantanamo Bay's US base.

Comment Re:Internet access in Cuba (Score 1) 70

Cubans in Florida who had escaped the Castro regime. I lived in FL in the '70s.

This is Testimony from cold-war era. I am certain nobody could had trouble for looking up a web site at that time, since the web did not exist,.

Beside this, if you look for fresher witnesses, it is easy to find people that went to Cuba recently for tourism and could speak freely with cuban people. This is not North Korea, you know...

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