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Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1140

technological progress is killing some low-skilled, low-paid jobs then you are failing to notice that it creates other, higher-skilled, better-paid jobs

Yes: New jobs that are higher-skilled, better-paid jobs, and... much fewer.

The core of the problem is that we head to a level of productivity where we require few jobs to provide for the needs of many. How do you keep a sustainable demand in such a situation?

Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1140

In today's world of increasing automation, how many of those jobs are essentially going to be makework?

This deserves mod points. The key problem is that we are bending toward a world with much less jobs. If we want jobless people to live and the economy to keep working, we need to give them money somehow.

Comment Re:Jupiner again? (Score 1) 26

We know that the NSA hunts SysAdmins in order to gain control over the systems and networks they manage. With that level of access inside Juniper, the NSA could easily have added these features themselves.

Hunting sysadmins is perfect to get access to data, but that is less effective to alter stuff. I am certain Juniper uses some version control tool. Modifying something leaves trails.

I am more inclined to think about an NSA agent being hired by Juniper as developer (or a Juniper developer being hired by NSA) in order to add subtle security bug in a legitimate software change.

Comment Re:Monitoring mosques (Score 1) 406

It is an open secret that the Jihadis are finding the informants and forcing them to "redeem" themselves by carrying out attacks.

This confirms terrorists are recruited within muslims wannabes. Real muslims that attend mosques are more likely to know about sixth commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill"...

Comment Public consultation (Score 1) 44

EU does not care about elections (Remember referendums in France, Netherland, Ireland, Greece?). Mr Junker even openly said there was no democratic alternative to EU treaties.

So why EU would care about public opinion from a public consultation? Be sure they will discard anything they did not want to hear.

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