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Comment Re:He's off his rocker (Score 1) 133

Hillary was way more of a war monger

...than who? The actual warmongers of this world? Despite all the involvement of the US in global politics, there's never been a short supply of regional crazies. The idea that Hillary is/was a warmonger is an idea from the bottom of your liquor bottle. The same goes for Trump, actually.

Comment Re:Pathologies (Score 1) 508

this is the opposite of what every study ever conducted has found

No. found that suicide rates increase dramatically a few years after surgery, and reaches a level substantially higher than the general population. Or to use their own words:

Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population.

There's evidence that this is nonetheless significantly lower than suicide rates amongst pre-op transexuals but sure as shit doesn't suggest that surgery left everybody in a happy place.

Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 1) 253

Shit, most employment contracts include 'and any other tasks that might be assigned'. Mine does. I do all sorts of shit that wouldn't traditionally be considered part of my role. Being asked to do management tasks? So fucking what? He should be grateful for the chance to gain the experience.

As for filling in a timesheet.. "Please complete a timesheet each day" is a shitty request but it's not bullying. I fucking hate timesheets and if I don't fill one in my manager gets shit from the CIO. I could cause her that grief but it's not going to end well for either of us.

It sounds to me like they treated him like an employee. Welcome to paid fucking employment.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 253

turn over all security credentials 'in my brain'

If the security credentials are only 'in your brain' then you've already demonstrated actionable neglect.

Your job is not to have the admin credentials. Your job is to assure that the company has the admin credentials and you're merely using them and/or managing them.

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