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Comment Re:Microsoft polled 17 women (Score 1) 73

Flip the gender and it wouldn't be noted.

That's because it would more likely, therefore less marked. I'd actually expect "outraged accusations of sexism" to follow in the less-likely scenario. Unless the labs are actually staffed with a female majority, of course. In that case, selecting females is more likely and the less marked case.

Comment Re:Microsoft polled 17 women (Score 1) 73

Any article on Slashdot that features women in a positive light ... is immediately attacked

That is rather difficult to believe. You've checked all of them?

or discusses programs or funding for women or girls

Well, unless specifically related to women-specific biology, *that* can easily appear questionable.

boring non-news that doesn't belong on this site

It is still "news for nerds" around here, isn't it? *Lots* of things submitted here get criticized for this reason; you may easily be cherry-picking the complaints.

Comment Re:Cost savings? (Score 1) 35

Bonus points go to NASA if they examine the refueling design used on the Russian PROGRESS robot spacecraft and figure out a way for this "refueler" to also "refuel" the ISS.

The fuel system design is not as important here as the docking node. But the NDS/iLIDS system should be able to transfer propellants, too. The problem is that it is somewhat overengineered for unmanned vehicles.

Comment Re:GPS Satellites (Score 1) 35

i.e. when the controller of the satellite system deliberately reports false satellite location results to fuck up the calculated GPS position?

That would screw with all receivers receiving the signal, or at least with any that aren't smart enough, which would be the majority. With lots of stuff dependent on these things, how would you propose to do this without major costs? Start with the police all over the country suddenly being called to all ankle monitor wearers in the country at once.

Comment Re:Cost savings? (Score 2) 35

That depends. Can the refueler itself be reused, for example? If you had something like Falcon 9 launching a "dumb tank" that the refueler itself would rendezvous with, the costs might be reasonable. You might be able to lift ~15 tonnes of bulk material for ~$50M-60M this way.

Also, spy sats always faced the problem of limited fuel reserves, and re-launching a KH-11 or equivalent surely can't involve cost savings compared to refueling.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

I stopped reading at your very first alleged quote. It's a misquote, it ignores his full statement which in context is factually correct. It is not racist.

It's exactly shit like that which has done the damage. Pull your had out of your arse and try and provide some objective accurate facts. Shit, you may even have had some in that list but since you threw away all your credibility at the outset I'm not wasting my time trying to find out.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 250

The problem comes when e.g. nude photographs are considered sexist, as it allegedly exploits women who thus have to be protected from, e.g. earning an income by posing for photographs.

I'm sure some gender studies professor can tell me six different ways in which this isn't undermining those women but if they had actual intelligence they'd be a professor in something academic, so I'll mostly ignore them anyway.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

Sadly less informed, I fear. is worth a read - despite the Guardian writing it off as right-wing the Exec Summary basically says Muslims in the UK are mainly differentiated from other British people by their higher willingness to participate in society.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 2) 588

a proudly racist campaign

I keep hearing this, but no real evidence to support it. A lack of diplomacy, sure, but that doesn't make him objectively wrong.

This is why it's fucking hiliarious that he won. All these people bleating on about racism, not realising that their misuse of the word has caused half the population to start ignoring it.

Trump may or may not be racist. I personally think he probably is, but that's a gut feel and not based on evidence. Unfortunately the media didn't bother to look for that evidence, they just started throwing the accusations around. Feels to me that you are too.

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