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Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 4, Informative) 144

Sorry but Spybot Anti-Beacon is frankly magic beans, as a big part of their "security" is using HOSTS files which has already been proven to be completely ineffective because MSFT hardcoded the IP addresses into the spyware programs themselves.

Hmmm...I've seen that behavior before at the shop, where did I see that? Oh yeah....malware.

Comment Re:Wireless is like Cable? (Score 1) 402

So you're saying wireless isn't as fast as wired and is like cable. Thanks for being honest Verizon. Now let's stop pushing this wireless crap down peoples throats and roll out some more fiber.

Agreed. Here in Finland, the cradle of cellular data, people generally opt for cell dongles for their stationary home computers, rather than wired options. It makes sense the way it's priced, but then they complain when their streaming video starts buffering... buffering.... buffering. Obviously, cell data is one of those things that's nice to have in a pinch, but you shouldn't rely on it for your bulk usage.

Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 3, Insightful) 156

I am because those "flash Exploits" are damned near all executing JavaScript which is the REAL threat here, you get rid of that stinking pile of offal that is JavaScript? I seriously doubt flash or any other plugin would be a problem.

Oh and lets not kid ourselves about Flash being dropped, mmkay? It didn't have shit to do with security it had to do with Apple not wanting games running outside the iStore and because all the content creators kiss the iAss for fear of not getting a shot at the iMoney they went along with it.

And what did we get to replace it, A proprietary as fuck DRM filled mess that is HTML V5 which is practically a love letter to Apple and MSFT...yeah because THAT is progress. say what you want about Adobe but 1.- they let anyone bundle flash into any OS, be it FOSS or proprietary, 2.- They even allowed FOSS alternatives like gnash to be think MPEG-LA is gonna tolerate that shit with H.265?

Lets face it the whole thing is a giant clusterfuck right now, with the corps racing to see who can make HTML V5 the most nasty and content creators cheering all the way because God forbid they offend the great and mighty Apple. Mark my words in 5 years you'll be BEGGING for something like Flash because all we will have is paywalled DRM content with unskippable malware ridden ads and none of it will play unless you are on the latest corporate approved OS.

Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 1) 156

Not to mention Flash is NOT the danger...its JavaScript.

I can surf all day long with Flash on a JavaScript disabled browser without a care in the world because even the flash exploits are using JavaScript but if you surf without Flash but allowing JavaScript without Adblock or even better NoScript then guess what? Its gonna get pwned.

So until we deal with the stinking rotting elephant in the room that is JavaScript and kill it deader than the blink tag? Then all this shit is for naught, its just a waste of time. If FF wanted to protect their users it would come with adblocking and JavaScript disabled by default, this? This is security theater, nothing more.

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 86

But in these times, you can't have anything different. Even with LCD monitors, there's more choice lately but you can't get a monitor that's 16/10 and high refresh, or 16/10 and big, or all three at once. (nor even a 27" 1080p at 144Hz)

It's silly that the HD video/movie craze forced computer users to the same widescreen format, as if computers were all about watching movies. I recently got a couple of 1280x1024s for next to nothing, as my math exhibitions work best in near-square formats. OTOH, 16:9 is nice for a stage backdrop projection.

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 86

And for all this time, I have been hoping for a split, where the display card is decoupled from the acceleration card, and talking with an open bus standard.

I'm not sure if this is economically feasible, but it sure is a nice idea. A lot of my GPU usage is spent on rendering and computing, not just direct display, and I hate the idea of paying extra for components I never use. OTOH, every mechanical connector comes with a lot of overhead, not to mention potential for wear and damage. The first integrated circuits were conceived to avoid solder/connector issues, not so much miniaturization.

And I also like to see a return to analog video output. No pixels - that's the property of the software and not the rendering medium. Higher quality analog can display higher fidelity.

It's a somewhat interesting idea, especially considering the audio analogy (pun intended) -- pixels would be just samples of the underlying "real" picture. The problem is finding a real, working, decent analog display; even CRTs have their phosphors arranged in pixels, and they come with a bunch of problems of their own.

However, if you want to continue with the audio analogy, it's much better to keep the digital pixel format for as long as possible. A modern analog display should have its own converter, much like the current displays with their electronics. Maybe you can consider DP/DVI/HDMI as the portable interface between accelerators and displays.

As a mathematical graphic artist, though, I'd like to see a vector display. Let me define the coordinates of points to an arbitrary precision, but don't give me any of that ugly analog blur (unless I ask for it, as a special effect).

Comment Re:48 frames per scond would help (Score 1) 300

I wish more film makers would use 48 frames per second. When I saw the Hobbit in the IMAX I was awestruck. I felt like I was watching a stage production. The fast pace action of modern CGI is just too blurry at old school rates. (And forget the haters who panned it. That's just the tired refrain that always comes out against anything new.)

If the anti-CGI crowd were really about realism, then they should embrace higher framerates in their live-shot movies. The insistence on flickery 24 FPS just proves that it's not actually realism they want, it's basically a certain kind of visual effect in itself.

OTOH, the art of cinema grew out of early animation experiments, and it could be argued that realism is just one stage/genre in its development. Real artists are always interested in new ways of expressing their ideas, rather than churning out photorealistic copies of kitchen-sink drama. I'm sure guys like Bunuel or Dali would have loved to have modern CGI tech at their disposal.

Comment Re:Irrational fear of numbers again (Score 1) 1124

You presume that everyone will spend the income responsibly. I can assure you right now that not everyone will. What do you do with the guy who blows his entire check on drugs and alcohol and still ends up on the street?

In Finnish BI talks, the idea is to pare down social care programs so they only target real problems. Currently, everyone who applies for unemployment benefits, for example, needs to go through some pretty humiliating and needless bureaucracy.

Comment Re: What could possibly go wrong? (Score 3, Informative) 126

Well when you can't get the OS to stop calling home despite flipping every switch, disabling multiple programs AND using reg hacks I'd say it really doesn't matter WHAT information they are collecting, the simple fact that I have zero control over what my OS is doing is enough to consider it malware.

Comment This ignores the rotting elephant in the room.. (Score 1, Insightful) 167

Which is that JavaScript is toxic and MUST be replaced. You remove JavaScript from the equation? Suddenly all the nasties just disappear.

So I really don't care what language they write their video player or whatever in because until we deal with the rotting elephant carcass that is JavaScript I just don't see this change doing jack squat in the long run.

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