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Comment Re:Dr. Who (Score 2) 122

Some of the Dr. Who were already lost, and reconstructed by fans from audio and photographs, though I believe some were found recorded in Nigeria.

I believe that was mostly older material from the 60s where the original source was intentionally purged and reused. In this case it seems the issue is the original material exists but won't live forever.

Comment Re:Big government helping the people (Score 2) 204

The key element that you're missing is that you need smart people acting in the best interests of the whole people. Any time we've granted any elite power they've inevitably used it for personal gain or the elite's interest instead of the public good, it doesn't matter what they're capable of providing a better government if they're not willing. That's why we're weary of people seeking power, they usually want it for all the wrong reasons. And even those who try with the best of intentions find that to rise in the system you must work the system. And then you get caught in the same web of lies and deceptions, friends and foes, favors and kickbacks as every other politician.

That's why people say "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others", because it's the only one where everyone's interests get represented even if their capability in recognizing those interests and selecting those most capable to act on it is lacking to say the least. That is really the unlikely side of the utopia we're clamoring for, some of the people we have in office are clearly skilled manipulators if nothing else but extremely few seem to rise above the party lines and really act in everyone's best interests. In that sense I guess (R) and (D) and (CPC) are pretty much all alike.

Comment Re:Calculated values can always be hacked. (Score 1) 204

I am sure for all of you who work in an organization with some sort of performance monitoring method can tell. It is rather easy to hack the system.

It's a lot harder to hack a system that wants to keep people from saying or doing things than to make people do things. Do something they don't like, lose "goodwill" points. Then you must perform something they like to get "goodwill" points back. It's a soft way to suppress dissent and subversive behavior, China will be fine one way or the other. It's to get you caught up in a game where you have to appease the government or find the whole system tilted against you, like a real world freemium game.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 253

Sure walk-in centers exist in the US if you have spare no expense attitude. Just getting in to my doctor for any appointment can take 6-8 weeks and arguing it requires getting in faster often means being directed to an ER. You can't "walk-in" to get an MRI without a doctor referral if you want there to be any chance of it being covered by your insurance and even so using that clinic will likely leave you with a series of bills amounting to $1000+ when all is said and done. Remember when a doctor or hospital visit resulted in a single bill from a single entity? Unless of course you haven't met your several thousand dollar deductible in which case it will be much much more.

That is of course assuming you are allowed to get an MRI in the first place. 99% of the time a doctor is ordering an x-ray or a CT an MRI would have been a better test but your insurance refuses or he knows it won't cover an MRI.

Comment Re:Wasn't CHAdeMO first? (Score 1) 72

* Large freight truck, ~30 tonne load (2 kWh/mi): 2.9 miles of range added per minute charging (60mph = 15 minutes charging per hour on the road)

I think your estimate is on the low side, Tesla X + big boat = ~4.7 ton = 575 Wh/mi average so I think 30 ton load + 5 ton car would be closer to 4 kWh/mi. On the other hand, if you just put say 8 of their 85 kWh battery packs in there and hooked them up separately you wouldn't need such exotic connectors. Sure it'll add a little extra inconvenience for the truck driver to hook up and unhook but if we say 10% -> 80% fast charge = 85*8*0.7/4 = 120 miles = 2 hours driving. Each battery needs to charge 60 kWh, with Tesla's current superchargers at 120 kWh that's 30 minutes or 80% uptime. It's not great, but also not terrible. Make that 4 hours and 90% uptime if 2 kWh/mi is correct and it actually sounds quite good. And you could put in more batteries for longer drives at higher cost and lower efficiency. If this is a regular route maybe you can have some sort of swap meet or car in rotation or something to make it work. Of course once you have self-driving cars stop-and-go driving wouldn't really be an issue at all, though that might be a bit off still. OTOH the costs of an electric truck are also pretty prohibitive right now. And big trucks have actually managed to reduce NOx and PM emissions way more than cars, it's pretty much pure CO2 now in Euro VI class trucks. It would make more sense to replace personal vehicles first.

Comment Re: Long range space probes? (Score 1) 153

"The nuclear diamond battery is based on the fact that when a man-made diamond is exposed to radiation, it produces a small electric current."

A diamond is needed to convert the radiation into current, there is no clear indication the radiation source itself needs to be a diamond vs lining a shielded rtg with vapor deposited diamond.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 253

I wouldn't dispute that at all you need all three. Like I said in another thread, keep that hamburger, drop the bun and the ketchup, but keep the thin slice of tomato.

You also never want to combine high carb and high fat in an 8 hour period. Go ahead, have that pasta, just don't have butter/cream/meatballs/cheese. Have your sausage and bacon, do not eat toast or jelly or a muffin alongside it... you could always have whole grain toast tomorrow.

Unfortunately cuisine is pretty much universally designed around combining these elements. As hunter gathers this was easy, you kill a boar you ate boar that night, you forage berries you ate berries that night, food was too scarce to render those berries into a nice glaze carbing up a ham.

Comment Re:"Science" (Score 1) 253

Eating dietary fat is not eating badly, we've known this for decades but there are even some doctors telling you to eat skinless chicken, turkey, and complex carbs. Dietary fat is important, is a better source of calories than carbs for many reasons, and it should not be excluded from your diet! Some plant based oils lead to heart disease so moderate your intake of those... amusingly most people consume them because they were taught the healthy fats cause heart disease.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 253

Watching TV and spending time on the computer are actually both more productive than spending time at the gym. They both engage the mind to a greater degree and potentially contain new information. There are even things to be learned from fiction. Building the brain at least carries the potential for improving how you do something useful.

I will agree that spending a few minutes heavy lifting a few times a week improves even mental function. Increasing the activity level beyond this actually just causes your brain to waste more and more of it's limited capacity on sensing/controlling increasingly large and fast nervous system required to have that level of physical function while that level of physical function has no practical use.

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